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EA reported a loss in their fiscal year 2014 results, despite being the number one selling publisher on next-gen consoles.

Despite the loss, EA saw their mobile games division experience rapid growth -- with 130 million active monthly users of their gaming products on mobile platforms. Ultimate team modes generated $380 million in revenue over the past year, with Madden Ultimate Team seeing a 90% yearly rise in revenue generated for the company.

The bad news for EA is that they saw their traditional packaged games sales fall 15% year-over-year. Weakness in current-gen sales and the yet to be established next-gen platforms are likely the major culprits -- as sports titles themselves saw fewer overall sales this year vs. last year.

In other EA related news, it appears they are ready to partner with Comcast to deliver EA games via Comcast set-top boxes to consumers. The deal would effectively give EA an in to living rooms without the need of traditional consoles of 22 million Comcast subscribers. Comcast would make the games available on X1, and they would be streamed to consumers after being purchased. Reportedly, tablets would be used as controllers.

The goal of the deal would be to make buying games as easy as ordering a pay-per-view movie.

Would you pay to stream EA games via your cable company?

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# 1 boxboy99 @ 05/06/14 07:13 PM
# 2 ajaxab @ 05/06/14 07:19 PM
There's nothing that could go wrong in a deal between two of the most beloved companies in North America.
# 3 HenryClay1844 @ 05/06/14 07:46 PM
People not buying your games? Well make sure you don't concentrate on making the game better, just try and find ways to trick people into buying them or paying more for them once you do buy.
# 4 misterkrabz @ 05/06/14 08:36 PM
Streaming games is not a platform that is conducive to A-List titles Like Battlefield or Madden. If you want to call them A-List games. And EA see's their sports games decrease in sales because quite honestly it's the same crap every year. People are getting wise to it. I used to buy their sports games every year. But after ten years of realizing this years game isn't all that different than last years I've stopped. EA has broken me down into accepting glaring bugs and just play the game for what it is.
# 5 ericromain @ 05/06/14 09:18 PM
I wonder if game sales always take a dip around this time during the conversion to next gen, or is this some larger trend on the entire industry?

I get annoyed every time I hear stats about mobile games in the same article as mobile games. That's akin to comparing an NES game to a tiger handheld game 25 years ago, they aren't even in the same league
# 6 mestevo @ 05/07/14 03:27 AM
Originally Posted by ericromain
I wonder if game sales always take a dip around this time during the conversion to next gen, or is this some larger trend on the entire industry?
It's typical. Also depends on the volume and profile of releases. Consumers are currently spending $600-$1000+ on new consoles, naturally they're going to be buying fewer games.
# 7 khaliib @ 05/07/14 01:48 PM
Comcast service is horrible at best and their service is overpriced.
Thus why so many are/have left them.

Also, with so many folks on the move, I often see many folks not watching as much tv as when I grew up.
With more of the major networks allowing their shows to be watched on mobile devices for "Free" and Wi-Fi increase, the need for Cable subscriptions is becoming less needed.

Sports games on mobile devices just do not produce the experience desired.
# 8 Scribe1980 @ 05/08/14 02:52 PM
Absolutely not, ever. Comcast is Satan.

EA would be its devil spawn.

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