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Somewhere beneath the Johnny Manziel hype and general manager word games hides one of the deepest NFL draft classes in recent memory.

The NFL draft is only two days away -- and yeah, it seems like it should have already happened, but Roger Gooddell couldn't let the NBA have the month of May all to itself.

The NFL is a league of short careers, uncertain contracts, and instant expectations. Considering the supposed depth of this year's class, first and second-round talent may be enough to vault a lower-tier team into playoff contention.

Among the worst: the Texans, Buccaneers, Jaguars, Redskins, Raiders, Browns, Falcons, and Vikings -- to name a few. Some of which were one year removed from the playoffs. But will any of them be able to pull the double-switcheroo in 2014 -- going back to the playoffs after a losing record?

Sound Off: Which NFL team with a losing record in 2013 is one key draft pick from a playoff appearance in '14?

Sports Headlines for May 6, 2014

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