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I took a brief moment to take a look through the online franchise mode in MLB 14 The Show. In case you had no idea what the mode offers players, I ran through the first setup menu to show the options within the franchise mode.

The thing that sticks out to me most is how flexible the Online Franchises are within the limits of the current MLB establishment. You can set up season length, games per series, max teams, series per opponent, and so much more.

On the surface, the mode looks like a winner on the PS4 as well -- but we'll need to get some online games in to see how the servers are holding up. Look for more on Online Franchise in our full review coming up in a few days!

Have you tried to set up an online franchise on the PS4 version? How has your luck been?

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# 1 Joey Sauce @ 05/06/14 08:39 PM
I did today and was able to upload the OSFM rosters easily. I played a user vs user game and the lag was not bad at all. The issue that arose was that the game results did not register...
# 2 johnlnames @ 05/06/14 09:35 PM
It says online entry and then freezes for me
# 3 Skyboxer @ 05/06/14 09:36 PM
Originally Posted by johnlnames
It says online entry and then freezes for me
You just have to wait. It isn't frozen..just very slow at this time and more times than not loses connection.
# 4 thescuro @ 05/07/14 09:03 AM
i tried this morning...and at the entry portal, i received a "connection lost" error. awesome.
# 5 jmaj315 @ 05/07/14 10:22 AM
finally installed my copy, my buddy hasnt had any problems really with lag...

Are all of you hard wired or are some on wifi? just wondering how big of an impact that has. Im hard wired myself.
# 6 thescuro @ 05/07/14 11:11 AM
i'm connected through wifi...signal strength is excellent.
# 7 Coolade @ 05/07/14 10:08 PM
just played 50 minutes of diamond dynasty and the game froze after the game was over.
# 8 rioami @ 05/08/14 08:43 AM
no bueno. duplicate players on my online franchise. couldnt start the first game because error message about cpu lineup

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