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The NFL probably doesn't need to purposely force its brand into our face.

Football is America's favorite sport and none moreso than the professional iteration -- but is there such thing as too much of a good thing with the NFL? Are we becoming over-saturated and over-served as consumers of football?

Part of the lure of the human psyche in relation to desire has to do with the concept of scarcity. The "season" of football leaves us with a gap where there is no football -- thus, making us long for the start of another season. But the NFL has made it a point to be in our ears and in our face with the combine and now a month-of-May draft.

In a mere two months we'll be firing up preseason games, and in some ways I feel as if the 2013 season never ended.

Sound Off: Compared to past years, how excited are you for tonight's NFL Draft?

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