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The NFL Draft still has us on a football high, the NBA and NHL playoffs are heating up, Major League Baseball is creeping towards the dog days of summer -- so lets talk about soccer.

"Soccer?! What an un-American thing to say!" But according to recent trends, that may not be as true as once thought. The World's sport isn't going to supplant any of our favorites like football, baseball or basketball; but it is earning its way into our conversations.

Television viewership is starting to creep up among Americans as soccer becomes a part of their sports-viewing buffet. And behind basketball, soccer is tops among American youth in terms of participation in organized athletics.

Sound Off: Where does soccer rank among your favorite sports right now?

Sports Headlines for May 12, 2014

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# 1 ps3veron @ 05/12/14 03:02 PM
Soccer has always been popular for me and I don't see it declining in our society any time soon. In fact, if you look at this whole generation of kids all growing up playing the game, I see it in the top 4 soon enough (if its not already there).

All the kids these days are part of soccer camp and melting pots like NY are only adding fuel to the fire. Out in the city, we got "Premier League Pubs", there's a Liverpool one that I go to and if you're not there by 7 AM, you're not getting in, its packed! I already feel that its replaced the NHL in certain parts of the country.

You have to understand that everyone in the world plays soccer. Its harder to afford say baseball/football equipment but if you get out to even the worst of the 3rd world (and I do work out there), you got kids and adults kicking a ball. Now everyone from all over comes to America and they're bringing soccer

Now after that very powerful post (if I do say so myself), lets just pray we get out of the group phase in Brazil because if we do, Soccer is getting even comfier on that lazy boy with a cold one.
# 2 statum71 @ 05/12/14 04:05 PM
For me its moved up to 4th. Behind football, baseball, and basketball. Years ago it wasn't even on my radar.

I like hockey, Nascar, golf, tennis, boxing, and UFC. But I'd rather watch an EPL game instead. I credit alot of that to playing FIFA. That's when I became interested in soccer.
# 3 asu666 @ 05/12/14 04:24 PM
Over the past few years, football (let's face it, calling soccer football makes more sense) went from being a curiosity I knew little about to by far my favorite sport. I enjoy the global aspects of the game, playoffs/cup battles during the regular season, the club/national team splits that shuffle the deck for different competitions, and the quality of MLS rising, including the best streaming app on Apple tv.

MLS produces shows that help viewers really get to know the player, which is very important for the league and there's no annoying hip hop beat during commercials, the MLS app actually runs KICK tv and other mini shows during the commercial breaks. Plus, the thing I love most about football, I know the match is only going to run about 90 minutes and the coverage isn't stopping every two minutes for another commerical break.
# 4 Turbojugend @ 05/12/14 05:00 PM
Never thought I'd hear myself saying this, but soccer is probably my #1 sport right now. Caught the bug playing FIFA 08 and haven't looked back since. This coming from someone who couldn't have cared less a decade ago.

I support our local MLS team, LA Galaxy, but my real passion is the English leagues. Not just the Prem but everything below it as well, there's so much drama and excitement. My team is Nottingham Forest and I hope they make the jump next year (what an epic collapse this season).

P.S. If you don't have an MLS team in your area, check out NASL. Plenty of good teams there as well.
# 5 telstarranger @ 05/12/14 05:05 PM
Nothing like connecting to a sport that reflects a local to global passion. Everything in our wider culture, great and terrible, is reflected in the global culture of world football/soccer. My teams are Paris SG, Philadelphia Union. The decades-long patience that was required to see Paris finally win something (albeit with Qatari investment the likes of which skews the sport in ways I'm concerned about) informs my being a Founding Member of the Union and, long with my family, a SofB. Its all good, all fun, all passion and all connected to everything local and everything worldwide. Nothing like it.
# 6 HenryClay1844 @ 05/12/14 09:16 PM
It was after about the tenth or so former NFLer that I watched as a kid killed themselves that soccer became my favorite sport. I do love soccer's positives from the mind-bloggling variety of teams, the passion of the fans, the simplicity of its rules and its accessibility, and the lack of commercial interruption. But my decline of interest in American football has also played a large role.
# 7 Val_1990 @ 05/13/14 08:38 AM
Soccer is not a sport out of USA its our life, no timeout or complicated rules just pure passion.

# 8 BigTone1970 @ 05/13/14 10:20 AM
It's so popular that in a whole day, only 10 people have commented on it..... Sure it's the world's most popular sport, but that's because it only requires a ball, therefore there isn't any need for expensive equipment. Watching matches that end in 1-0 or 2-1 after 90 minutes just isn't enough for me. Sure, everyone including myself will watch the World Cup, but on a daily basis I'll pass.
# 9 Val_1990 @ 05/13/14 10:54 AM
You dont know what you miss man. In europe sports is not a school thing, in europe you play for your city your country your heart. You the americans you can't understand the real sport passion with your closed pro leagues. The relegation system is the big difference, there is no real passion if your team can not fall.
im sorry for my english.
# 10 Grand-Al @ 05/16/14 08:07 AM
i life in europe and the soccer thing here is really on top. i still dont like it. i more love all the us-sports (where real man plays and not whiny kickers who fall down everytime they got touched .. pu****) hope the usa will hold on to the nfl as number 1. but with this high priced tickets (last season alot of empty seats in the stadions) they just destroy themself.
# 11 Grand-Al @ 05/16/14 08:14 AM
@ val_1990

they dont miss alot when they are not really into soccer. I mean with this system where every team could fall out of the league, cmon man this is just not closed professional sport. and this is totaly the aspect. look at all this soccer clubs. they are all big big time in financial troubles. i mean look at Lionel (idiot) Messi he is the best payed soccer player (39.5million salary) lol cmon man. then compare it to the nfl players and nhl stars, they have a really low salary compared to this soccer star, and you know what they really really play harder as this jogging kickers who fall down like sisys when they get tackled. also the competition, i prefeer the sports system the us has, look at college football games they have over 100'000 crowd in some games, and here, going down 2 leagues, 200 people watch the game .... and its a absolut joke they play for their heart, how many soccer player do you know who is loyal to his team and went through tuff times ? me i dont know any player ... in my eyes a relegation system and a missed salary cap is really not professional. the leagues are just steered by the richest teams ... bayern munich, man city, barca or madrid ... wow really interesting.... cmon they need to close those leagues, make it professional and build a salary level that every team could win the championship at the end of the season.
# 12 Val_1990 @ 05/16/14 12:30 PM
I mean in Europe the sports is much more important for peoples, supporting a team mean something.
In USA peoples go to the stadiums for eat a burger or watch the halftime show.
In Europe there is a real drama with the system of relegation, the joy of a climb or descent is equivalent to any titles. In Europe sports is not just a show.
(sry for my english again)

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