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The 2014 NFL Draft concluded this weekend with many of the usual twists and turns you'd come to expect from draft weekend. There was Johnny Manziel falling to 22nd, Michael Sams becoming a Ram, and there was the Bengals selecting AJ McCarron with Andy Dalton still on the roster.

For college football fans, the ACC and SEC saw the most players taken as a conference, with Texas seeing 0 draft picks for the first time since FDR was president.

So how was your team's NFL Draft? Did you approve of the picks, disapprove?

Vote in the poll to your right and leave a comment with your grade for your team's draft.

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# 1 Donny514 @ 05/12/14 04:57 PM
Horrible. Lions fan and while I like Ebron, there were other players we could have selected who can contribute on defense. Also taking a backup center in the third round, very Lion-esque.
# 2 orphadox @ 05/12/14 05:36 PM
Mute - Colts fan and they failed to address the need at safety - we will see but I feel nothing which is better than feeling bad I guess.
# 3 slowpokemcgee @ 05/12/14 06:12 PM
Would have rather seen the Bills trade up to 6 and take Evans, and keep next years first instead of Watkins at 4. Not my butt on the line now, Whaley better be right about Manuel or he's out the door.
# 4 RD_Rabin @ 05/12/14 06:15 PM
Miami's only real problem last season was the lack of an effective offensive line. We had a couple of picks to address that, but I'd rather have seen 5 good OL turn up at training camp so we'd have more breadth to choose from.

Tannehill can do the job if the OL will give him more time, and actually stop LBs hitting him.

WRs and RBs will be two-a-penny once the rosters are cut for the season - no need to waste draft picks on them.
# 5 thesportsguru11 @ 05/12/14 06:27 PM
Where do I start with New England...

It's a mixed bag for me. I'm uneasy about Easley in the first round with his 2 torn ACL's, but that scenario reminds me of when they drafted Devin McCourty. Like Garoppolo. They needed a backup and can hopefully groom him into the starter in a few years' time.

Really liked James White. He can start immediately, or at the least contribute with Vereen in a split back scenario.

Still feel like the Pats needed a receiver of some kind.. wideout, tight end, anyone. All they got was a bunch of undrafted guys...

The best part of the draft though was listening to Michael Holley on the radio today picking on Garoppolo's conference and the Concordia kid they took. Also talked about the ideal draft. A bunch of fat guys and a quarterback.

Also, sorry for my OCD, but it's Michael Sam, not Sams. Sorry.
# 6 UMich97 @ 05/12/14 11:04 PM
Originally Posted by thesportsguru11
Still feel like the Pats needed a receiver of some kind.. wideout, tight end, anyone. All they got was a bunch of undrafted guys...
Gallon might surprise people. I'm a littler biased as a UMich fan, but he continually exceeded expectations at UMich, cuz he worked his tail off. Plays much bigger than he is too.
# 7 drewst18 @ 05/12/14 11:22 PM
Originally Posted by Donny514
Horrible. Lions fan and while I like Ebron, there were other players we could have selected who can contribute on defense. Also taking a backup center in the third round, very Lion-esque.

The Lions didn't try to smoke screen who they wanted. They wanted Sammy Watkins, if the price was too high they were going to get a pass catching playmaker. Ebron made it known he was highly coveted by the Lions - http://profootballtalk.nbcsports.com/2014/04/21/eric-ebron-believes-the-lions-and-bills-are-interested-in-drafting-him/

I had no interest in Denard and feel he will likely be a bust (I said my opinion don't flame me). Had Gilbert been on the board and they still took Ebron I might be upset but of realistic targets Ebron was probably 3rd or 4th on my list so I'm excited. I was in the car during 2nd round and girlfriend was refreshing phone while I was saying Kyle Van Noy so I was thrilled with that pick.

I would have liked to have seen us take Gaines instead but we have already 4 young mid round CB's I'm alright by drafting Raiola 2.0. Also picked up a starting kicker in round 7 which is nice. Some projects with high upside in 4 & 6 so should be fun to see.

From a Madden note, I suspect Ebron will have Superstar dev and Lions are going to be a fun as hell team to play with. Possibly the cheese team of the year.
# 8 jfinger2013 @ 05/13/14 01:52 AM
I Feel great about all of Phil Emery's pick for the Chicago Bears except his 2nd round pick of LSU DT EGO FERGUSON.

i dont really know too much about the kid but i feel there were better DT o. the board at that point but hopefully EGO proves everyone wrong and is a Beast in the NFL for many years to come
# 9 Lilgoosy @ 05/13/14 04:03 AM
as a Patriots fan i feel .. i'd say "good".
as you always feel as a Pats fan after the draft.
there is always a sense of " meh.." when u see patriots draft; but is really a matter of time, expecially with the kind of picks we made this year.

our OL struggled last year, most in the middle with Wendell really having a bad year. we drafted Stork from FSU which is maybe the best center of this year's draft , very agile, mobile and very smart, i love it.

Garoppolo is the new Brady like Mallett was couple years ago...so i don't read too much into it. let's develop the guy and see. i am happy tho that we are drafting qb's with Belichick still here, which could mean he will stay after Brady's departure and coach the new guy under center.

Easly could be, if healthy, what we missed last year; a strong distruptive force in the DL with some upside.

i'd give the Patriots a C+ , that could easily turn into an A in a few years , or into a D as well
# 10 TLizChosen @ 05/13/14 07:15 AM
Originally Posted by slowpokemcgee
Would have rather seen the Bills trade up to 6 and take Evans, and keep next years first instead of Watkins at 4. Not my butt on the line now, Whaley better be right about Manuel or he's out the door.
I wil still give my Bills a B, but if we make the playoffs and A.
# 11 Ueauvan @ 05/13/14 08:27 AM
im happy with the 9ers. not sure about the S Ward however i trust Balke. like the C, like the redshirt G, the HB. the lbers in fact the whole. we will see if the redshirt idea works this year, with Carradine, Lattimore and Akoye back after a year off. i think LaMicheal will be dropped first followed by Anthony Dixon. i really like the fact that we got a FB !!! i think he and the G and one LBer will be PUP.
i watched every pick of every round. yes i am a very sad Brit and finishing 04:45 a couple of time did my head in.

here's a question though. The whole draft value chart is out of date, but the rookie salaries are defined by pick so could you derive a new value chart comparing old vs new. the whole gamble of cap cost has gone away in real terms.
# 12 Jeff8275 @ 05/13/14 09:03 AM
As a Jets fan im very pleased with our draft. We are building the foundation of our team through the draft and not through free agency. I love the slow, safe deliberate nature of Idzik. Pryor is going to be great for Rex. Amaro will be a beast. Macdougle will help out in the secondary. I think of the 3 receivers we took Quincy Enunwa and Shaq Evans are going to end up being good for us. Id love to see in 2015 Evans Enunwa Amaro and Decker as our starting receivers and TE. We are moving in a good direction with our roster. I think everyone knows that in the long run we are not going to compete for SB title this coming season. So lets build for 2015 and beyond.
# 13 GaStatePride @ 05/13/14 10:03 AM
Im iffy about the Falcons. I really like the Jake Matthews in the first round. And I like how we kinda overhauled on defense but I don't like the personnel we drafted. I don't see many of these players really developing into a A1 player. I do like the Hagemen, I'm glad he fell down into the second round, he was supposed to be gone in the first. I also like Devonta Freeman at RB, he is very versatile and can be a potential starter coming out of the 4th round. That is a huge value pick. Stephen Jackson just can't do it like he used to.
# 14 Bat @ 05/13/14 04:44 PM
Paul Richardson looks like a pimp. Go Hawks.
# 15 Weapon_20_X @ 05/13/14 06:07 PM
I have no idea what the Eagles were thinking in the draft this year. We should have drafted Benjamin or Lee in the first. Instead we reach in a deep draft...in the first round. We did get some WR's but not the ones we needed. We needed a WR1 or WR2 to be on the other side of Maclin.
# 16 ThunderStrikes @ 05/13/14 06:07 PM
As a Bucs fan, I am extremely happy with our draft class. I'm fine that they didn't pick up anybody for defense. The defense is extremely talented and was only brought down by terrible coaching last year. Mike Evans is going to be a great fit in our system, as well as the TE we picked up. Sims was an odd pick, but probably will be used as a crucial role player. O-Line was our greatest need, and the Bucs got a few players that will evolve into that role. For the first time in a while, I'm a happy Bucs fan.
# 17 RecordBreakerCF @ 05/13/14 07:34 PM
As a Giants fan, I was really happy about their draft, I satisfied with all their picks, with the Odell Beckham Jr. pick being my favorite one, even though I would've preferred to have a lineman like Aaron Donald or Taylor Lewan. I thought it was interesting that all of their picks were team captains for the team that they played for in college. The Andre Williams pick was a good one too. I'm giving their draft an A.
# 18 Step2001 @ 05/14/14 11:18 AM
Liked the selection of OG, Zach Martin

Did not like Trading our 3rd rd pick to to move up and select DE, Demarcus Lawrence. I like Lawrence, but trading our 3rd rd pick was just a dumb move. Lawrence will have to play lights out, Start/Everydown player & get 10 plus sacks for me to chill on the trade up.

Drafting MLB, Anthony Hitchens in the 4th rd. I heard rated as a 7th rd/Undrafted Free Agent. Can play Special Teams. Will back-up Sean Lee. I was just P.o'd at this & shut the draft off & listened to the Tigers game.
You don't reach for players. You don't draft for back-up players who you hope can play special teams. We've had whole drafts devoted to selecting these type of players ('95 & '09). Credibility in the balance with Will McClay & the Scouts as it's been stated Cowboys had Hitchens rated as a 4th rd. pick. We'll see.........

Liked the selection of WR, Devin Street in the 5th rd.

Liked what we did in the 7th rd & our Undrafted Free Agent Signings.

2012 we traded our 2nd pick to move up and draft Claiborne

2013 we traded down, received less value in the move. should have received a 2nd and a 4th rd. pick.

2014 we traded up, using our 3rd rd pick to do so to select Lawrence.

That's 3 players we traded away by moving up or getting fleeced in a move down. Stings when we need players & you trade the pick away.
# 19 wolfpack23 @ 05/14/14 01:44 PM
I am a 49ers fan and was really happy with our draft. Addressed our pass coverage needs and drafted one of the top running backs in Hyde as well as drafting a potential starter at center. I also liked the approach of drafting several players coming off injuries who were rated highly prior to getting hurt to essentially redshirt them this season.

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