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In Take Two's recent earnings report -- which was a record year for the company -- a small nugget was hidden inside with WWE 2K15 being mentioned as a fiscal year 2015 release with no further information given on the title. This is especially vague since the game is typically a Fall release title. The reason for this vagueness is that the company may have another release window in mind.

With WrestleMania scheduled for March 29, 2015 -- and with the fiscal year ending on March 31, 2015 next year -- its not impossible that WWE 2K could be pushed back to an early Spring or Winter release to coincide with the company's WrestleMania push.

It does make sense to push the game back a bit to give Visual Concepts and Yukes some time to develop the next-gen product -- but we'll know soon enough what is actually the case with the game's release date.

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# 1 mcmax3000 @ 05/13/14 04:10 PM
I think it would definitely be a smart idea. Would give them extra time to work on it, especially given that they're doing four versions this year, and there's a lot more interest in WWE in the January - March time frame.

I think releasing it after Wrestlemania would be a dumb idea though. Late February is probably best.
# 2 CM Hooe @ 05/13/14 04:31 PM
Between this supposed delay (which I'd be cool with) and my extreme disappointment with today's news about the XBOX One, I'm probably gonna end up booting up WWE 2K14 and getting back into that.

It definitely has to release the Tuesday before Wrestlemania at the latest, however.
# 3 Majingir @ 05/13/14 04:52 PM
I wouldn't mind game being pushed back abit if it means it'll be much better. Only problem might be though that the game could be real out of date almost instantly, because I'm sure everyone knows how many superstars debut right after WM season(look at this year alone,we already had Paige,Rose,Dallas and I'm sure some other NXT people coming up in the summer), so hopefully it doesn't lead to game being out of date by then.

I skipped 2K14 but if there's no 2K14 until like March or something...I might have to pick up 2K14 one day,especially since I'm sure there's people who'll prob sell it for like $20 or so.
# 4 victorkingchamp @ 05/13/14 07:56 PM
2K can have all the time they need. The gameplay needs a major overhaul. It's just not fun anymore. I'm saying this as a dedicated fan of the series.

Hopefully 2K's design team will make some big changes to the PS4/Xbone version. Sidenote: how will they do custom theme music on the PS4?
# 5 CaptainZombie @ 05/13/14 08:04 PM
If they wait till next Mania to release 2K15, I'd hope they at least would give us some DLC (even if we have to pay) this fall to tide us over but I highly doubt it. I'd even be happy if 2K14 was ported to the PS4/X1 for this Fall to tide us over till 2K15 next yr.
# 6 AirJordanFan93 @ 05/14/14 07:18 AM
This could be a good thing. Id rather them actually take the extra time to develop a better engine for the next gen systems so we get a much better product than what THQ/Yukes had given us for years on the last generation of consoles.
# 7 Reed1417 @ 05/14/14 09:13 AM
As many have said this could be a good thing if true. If 2k has more time to take this game and make it a 2k product rather than what we got with 2k14 then hey, look out everyone ha ha!

Reed is comin' atcha!!
# 8 eaterofworlds888 @ 05/14/14 12:27 PM
Yea, I'm all for it if it means the game will be more polished.
# 9 PVarck31 @ 05/14/14 02:47 PM
I saw a tweet last night from, I believe it was Owen Good, who said 2K stated that they couldn't get into specifics, but that 2K15 was still slated for a fall release.
# 10 Ermolli @ 05/14/14 07:43 PM
As most people said, I don't mind waiting a few more months as long as 2K builds a new engine and do things themselves staying far away from Yukes.
# 11 J_Posse @ 05/15/14 11:57 AM
It would suck having to wait longer, but if it meant a better, more polished title then I'm all for it. We need a more fluid, realistic, open and expansive gameplay experience.

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# 12 Shadojoker @ 05/15/14 12:16 PM
Delays are also hidden excuses for laziness unless they have clearly the same bugs as nba2k14 next gen then I would say wait. Sadly but waiting for a great game then settling for a decent game depends of if the wait is worth it.

Why not release two versions?
# 13 SmashMan @ 05/15/14 01:43 PM
Originally Posted by victorkingchamp
Sidenote: how will they do custom theme music on the PS4?
Easy answer: we won't have it until Sony implements it. Hopefully it's early enough that they still have time to include it in the game, or at least build it onto the backend of the game so they could easily patch it in when Sony allows.
# 14 woody2goody @ 05/17/14 10:37 AM
As long as it gives them time to reinvent the series then I'm all for it. If they can do it by November, then great.

There is nothing wrong with 2K14 but I haven't played it a massive amount purely because most matches feel similar. Not because it isn't a good game.

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# 15 kisstopher5 @ 05/21/14 12:02 AM
I'm thinking we may get WWE 2K15 for PS3 and 360 in October/November as usual and they delay the Next Gen until early 2015 kinda like other sports titles have done recently.
# 16 Gronk4M13 @ 05/21/14 05:11 AM

​"In an update on the release of WWE 2K15, Amazon.com has listed WWE 2K15 for PS3, PS4, Xbox One, and Xbox 360 as available on October 28, 2014. Amazon has spoiled WWE games release dates the last few years so I take this as legit. Best Buy, Gamestop, and EB Games (Canada) have all told callers that the date they have is also October 28, with EB Games Canada taking pre orders for the game starting May 21."
# 17 Majingir @ 05/21/14 11:50 AM
I hope the October release doesn't mean quality won't be as good as it should be. Hopefully 2K14 is the game they basically just rushed and put 2K stuff on it and 2K15 is the game they've been spending much more time and effort in to.
# 18 WTF @ 05/21/14 08:11 PM
I actually wouldn't mind if they have been collaborating on 2k15 with Yukes, and they release another separate game at Wrestlemania, or in that timeframe that has been built from the ground up, or with minimal Yukes involvement. Legends of Wrestling/Wrestlemania type of game. Judging on the feedback from that game, they could decide to continue the tweaks of the current game, or continue with their new engine/game.

Wishful thinking.
# 19 Oakland86 @ 06/23/14 05:51 PM
Psh. I don't know why you guys think the WWE games will improve. It's been years since the games were anywhere near perfect. You guys should just play Fire Pro Wrestling. Better wrestling system, and it doesn't have all the crap that Yukes and WWE disappoint us with year after year. Don't get me wrong, if there was an actual wrestling game that didn't keep taking what works and placing in it that doesn't work I would buy it but it drives me crazy how all these games try to microtransaction you death. I believe companies should be forced to make they're games complete instead of only partially.
# 20 CM Hooe @ 06/23/14 06:52 PM
Closed, unnecessary thread bump.

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