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One of the least talked about new features in this year's MLB The Show is the ability to take your saves into future editions and continue your Road to the Show or Franchise mode where you left off in this year's game.

In essence, the decisions you are making now within a franchise mode could be felt for years to come.

Do you plan on taking your saves with you to MLB 15 The Show? Sound off in our poll!

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# 1 Johnson0311 @ 05/14/14 10:41 PM
They need to make it so you can have your character start on the new updated rosters. I hate finally making it to the big leagues and most of the good players are retired.
# 2 CujoMatty @ 05/15/14 01:09 AM
No doubt in my mind that im gonna. It feels like its my team for the first time. I love that desicions I make will have consequences down the road. Great addition.
# 3 solofx7 @ 05/15/14 09:06 AM
yes I do plan
# 4 japsubie @ 05/15/14 09:13 AM
absolutely! probably more so for RTTS, but i might carry over my franchise as well since the seasons are so long. im just not sure because i do always enjoy having the up to date rosters every year, and i know they will change in '15. but the option of being able to carry over my franchise is really awesome, allows me to take my time and really build a team how i want, and be able to focus on the management side of things as well as playing every game. definitely a great feature to have added and i hope they never take it away!

just add some more emotion to the game! team chemistry!!! media headlines! oh... and more than 10-15 songs on the soundtrack :-)
# 5 jaredsmith83 @ 05/15/14 09:17 AM
Absolutely! I always felt like I wasn't able to play the full game because I didn't have enough time to invest into everything before the next year came out. Not that I was forced to buy the new game. But this will allow for really furthering my RTTS career and getting significantly further in my franchise for once.
# 6 Batistaj15 @ 05/15/14 10:15 AM
I wonder how roster changes are going to work with this feature...
# 7 elgreazy1 @ 05/15/14 10:55 AM
Great idea and it poses the question why other sports games haven't implemented this feature already.

If anything, it actually incentivizes gamers to purchase the next iteration of a game since all their hard work and tutelage with their team can now be carried over. Nothing worse than putting in hours (more like days) worth of time into a franchise/dynasty/career only to have to start from a clean slate when the next version of a game rolls out.
# 8 ghettofocker @ 05/15/14 11:03 AM
Originally Posted by Johnson0311
They need to make it so you can have your character start on the new updated rosters. I hate finally making it to the big leagues and most of the good players are retired.
Totally agree! I will probably stick with starting new each year in hope to make it to The Show quick enough to play with all the right players.
# 9 willz1985 @ 05/15/14 01:40 PM
yes without question.

I usually end up being about 5/6 years into Rtts and just finding my groove when the next year's game comes out so to be able to carry this forward is brilliant
# 10 LowerWolf @ 05/15/14 02:11 PM
It's a great feature and I'm glad they implemented it. But, to be honest, I probably won't use it. I'm a franchise guy, and I like to start fresh each year.
# 11 @legendm0de @ 05/15/14 02:14 PM
Yes, I assume OSFM rosters will be carried over to your next game and your franchise season in 2015 will play parallel to the real MLB season, just with the new updated game features and stadiums.

So for example, if you play into '15 and somehow Matt Kemp is the new RF for the Yankees that next season. You'll have Matt Kemp in NYY, and any OSFM players that move to other franchises.

However, you won't have Matt Kemp on his real life organization in 2015, (be it Dodgers or somewhere else) and the newest batch of OSFM roster updates won't be in your franchise.

Your franchise started from 2014 will just continue. The question is will players want to setup a brand new franchise to take part in the real life franchise developments and play from there. It'll be interesting to see what people do, but for me I handpicked the Astros this year, (I normally randomize my franchise). I will love to see the landscape of the league and progression of rosters side by side to it's progression in reality.
# 12 StillFunkyB @ 05/15/14 02:49 PM
One of the best features they have ever added to a Sports game.

# 13 nuckles2k2 @ 05/15/14 04:20 PM
I've yet to 'sim' a single game, so...hell yea.

Having all the results actually be mine, and knowing that I can play every single game of every single season, and not skip a beat...

Yes. I'm using this feature.
# 14 aukevin @ 05/15/14 04:51 PM
Definitely will with my RTTS save. I doubt I do with my franchise. I like to play just one season and keep my team's roster pretty close to that of real life.
# 15 Skyboxer @ 05/15/14 05:18 PM
Heck yeah. Been wanting this in the game for a while!

Did it a lot back in the PC days and very happy it's not in The Show
# 16 CaseIH @ 05/15/14 10:14 PM
I dont know just yet, I like the ability to be able to continue my franchise though. I likely will as long as their are no bugs involved by doing that. Thats my biggest worry with this is it could lead to issues, but if it works as intended then I will definitely keep my franchise going.

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