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The Madden NFL 15 cover vote has advanced to the quarterfinals with no real surprises. The only lower seed that advanced was the 6th seed Luke Kuechly (who happens to be featured in the first official Madden NFL 15 trailer), edging out Demaryius Thomas by 2 percentage points. Cam Newton blew past Antonio Brown 80% to 20%.

Round 2 voting ends on May 22nd.

For those of you that are into this sort of thing, who are you pulling for?

Read the full press release below.

Field Trimmed to Eight as the Competition Heats Up

The first round of the Madden NFL 15 Cover Vote is now in the books, with top seeds Cam Newton and Richard Sherman earning the most votes in the first round. The second round has begun, and fans are encouraged to head over to ESPN.com/maddenvote every day to continue supporting their favored candidates. Furthermore, supporters can make their voices heard on social media using the hashtag #MaddenCover. Second round results will be announced next Thursday, May 22, at 4:00pm ET on NFL Live on ESPN.

In addition to Newton and Sherman, Andrew Luck also had a strong showing, rounding out the top three vote-getters of round one. The higher seeds proved nearly unbeatable, with Luke Kuechly scoring the lone upset, toppling Denver Broncos wide receiver Demaryius Thomas. With Kuechly’s win the Carolina Panthers grow their chances of landing a player on the cover, and potentially creating an offense vs. defense showdown with Newton and Kuechly facing one another in the finals.

Here are the second-round matchups:

(1) Richard Sherman (CB, Seattle Seahawks) vs.
(4) Jimmy Graham (TE, New Orleans Saints)

(1) Cam Newton (QB, Carolina Panthers) vs.
(4) Jamaal Charles (RB, Kansas City Chiefs)

(2) Colin Kaepernick (QB, San Francisco 49ers) vs.
(6) Luke Kuechly (LB, Carolina Panthers)

(2) Andrew Luck (QB, Indianapolis Colts) vs.
(3) LeSean McCoy (RB, Philadelphia Eagles)

Madden NFL 15 delivers everything fans need to own their rivals on both sides of the field, including the most immersive defensive gameplay control in franchise history. Like the Super Bowl XLVIII champion Seattle Seahawks, you can win championships and bask in the glory of success by building a great defense fit to challenge the best offenses in the game. Fans will also experience an entirely new broadcast presentation that delivers Madden NFL game day like never before with dramatic all-new camera angles, as well as dynamic pre-game and halftime features. It’s not just football, it’s Madden Season.

Madden NFL 15 is developed in Orlando, Florida by EA Tiburon and will be available on August 26 in North America and on August 29 in the EU for Xbox One, the all-in-one entertainment system from Microsoft, the PlayStation®4 computer entertainment system, Xbox 360® video game and entertainment system and the PlayStation®3 entertainment system. To learn more about Madden NFL 15, visit http://www.easports.com/madden-nfl.

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Platform: PS3 / PS4 / Xbox 360 / Xbox OneVotes for game: 42 - View All
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Member Comments
# 1 The_Balm @ 05/15/14 06:00 PM
While I doubt the votes are rigged, this bracket is so lopsidedly rigged to have Sherman win it's unbelievable. Where's Russell Wilson, Peyton Manning or Tom Brady? There's almost no other big names that people will vote a lot for, Tebow would be huge against this bracket.
# 2 AshamanCarnage @ 05/15/14 06:20 PM
I'm pulling for Luke or JG. Although, with as much attention Sherman has had it wouldn't surprise me if he wins.
# 3 XXstormmXX @ 05/16/14 09:20 AM
It's rigged for Luke since they put him in a trailer.
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 05/16/14 09:53 AM
Definitely not a list of elite players. Although, i'd love to see Cam win it.
# 5 ERA @ 05/16/14 11:10 AM
In the finals I have Sherman and Cam. I really hope Cam wins it.

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# 6 Aggies7 @ 05/16/14 12:07 PM
The details discuss the Seahawks so why not just put Sherman on the cover and be done with it instead of this whole voting stuff.

Just my opinion. Or if you going to do this how about give us some information with the results of each round.
# 7 BlackBetty15 @ 05/16/14 07:48 PM
Originally Posted by TheSaints7
No surprise Sherman made it through, or Luke. It is rigged that one of those wins. Of course I am rooting for JG as a Saints fan but I seriously doubt he will make it through against Sherman. Would not mind seeing McCoy win either though.
Don't think it is rigged, I for one WANT sherman to win this vote. He deserves it...the swagger and confidence he displayed on literally the biggest stage was very attractive and needed. I am also hoping by him winning this, that means DB interactions and pass interferance gets put in this game like it needs to be. I am pulling for Sherman.
# 8 BlackBetty15 @ 05/16/14 08:06 PM
Originally Posted by elgreazy1
Definitely not a list of elite players. Although, i'd love to see Cam win it.
I don't understand how the above players aren't elite...

Jimmy Graham - despite being a crybaby about his money, he is the top rated TE in the league. Dude is literally the best at his position therefore elite.

Sherman - regarded as the best CB in the game right now and has been that way for the past two years min...at least top three (I like Pat Peterson more myself) therefore again...elite

Lesean McCoy - only the top rusher in one of the most electric offenses in the NFL. Won the rushing title and has been one of the best HB in the league the past two years...elite

Kuechly - THE anchor for the NFL's most lethal defenses (not to mention the worst to first award) He is one of the best MLB int he game...watch your film. fresh face too...elite

Jamaal Charles - A very dynamic and elite rusher that when healthy is the most productive HB in the league right behind McCoy...to say he isn't elite is ridiculous.

Kap and Luck - great young faces these would be the only ones that I would say are kind of MEH entries. I like them both, but I think some other faces should of been here...Dez Bryant, JJ Watt, Robert Quinn, Earl Thomas (this would have been an awesome move on EA's part as this would decide who is more important in the legion of boom), russel wilson, kiko alonzo, and even alshon jeffery would be some better options
# 9 josefrees @ 05/16/14 08:06 PM
It's gonna be Kaep v Sherman and McCoy vs newton

Then sherm v idk
Then sherm
# 10 awesomemj23 @ 05/19/14 05:05 PM
Sherman or Newton.

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# 11 mestevo @ 05/19/14 06:27 PM
Must be rigged, one of the most popular and / or most talked about players in the last 6 months is winning votes!!!!!111.


For those that didn't look, previous round has the vote percentages, Luke barely got by, he probably won't make it past this round but he's in a relatively weak part of the bracket IMO.

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