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The 84th edition of the Press Row Podcast is dedicated to our official Review Roundtable. We’ve actually split the show into two segments; up first, several of our regular panelists Bryan Wiedey, Samit Sarkar, and T.J. Lauerman and host Rich Grisham are joined by friend of the show Pete Dodd to dive deeply into each of the key aspects of the game. After that, Rich is joined one-on-one by regular show panelist Chris Sanner of Operation Sports to continue the discussion from his perspective as well as that of the OS community.

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Enjoy the show!

Run Time: 2 Hours, 13 Minutes

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Game: Operation SportsReader Score: 9/10 - Vote Now
Platform: PC / PS3 / Xbox 360Votes for game: 20 - View All
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# 1 underdog13 @ 05/16/14 11:27 PM
Wish you guys knew more about the game
# 2 CharmaineCravenomu @ 05/18/14 04:29 AM
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