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A limited edition Nike LeBron 11 will be sent out to 2,014 diehard NBA 2K14 gamers, which makes it the first physical basketball shoe earned through game play.

NBA 2K14 players had to reach certain milestones (including winning 60 games and creating a signature shoe) in order to unlock the shoe, taking approximately 80 hours to complete.

Winners will be notified tonight with shoes arriving weeks later.

Source - Nike

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# 1 infam0us @ 05/16/14 02:47 PM
So these are the shoes people spent money buying and selling codes to get...some ugly sneakers imo.
# 2 ZoneSix @ 05/16/14 03:00 PM
pretty dope. would've tried to get them but i can't stand myplayer.
# 3 turty11 @ 05/16/14 03:00 PM
not worth 80 hours of gameplay...them ....s ugly
# 4 The 24th Letter @ 05/16/14 03:07 PM
Not a fan of the look...but Brons are easily my favorite shoes to ball in right now...
# 5 eaglepoint @ 05/16/14 04:45 PM
Um where are the shoe updates #5 for ps4 and xbox one they said back on april 22nd? Its been 3 weeks already.
# 6 rsxguy @ 05/16/14 04:47 PM
Originally Posted by XxJustAguessxX
Imagine what the re-seller will sell this for lol
exactly what i was thinking haha...people probably gonna ask around 400-500 for these haha, but there not all that haha!
# 7 ZoneSix @ 05/16/14 07:58 PM
only 2014 pairs best believe these going for the high...
# 8 King Jones XX @ 05/16/14 09:42 PM
How will we be notified if we won
# 9 King Jones XX @ 05/16/14 09:43 PM
I played well over 80 hours I wonder if ill get a pair
# 10 Phreezy P @ 05/17/14 08:36 AM
Certified T.R.A.S.H

# 11 ShogunTake @ 05/17/14 08:04 PM
I'd prefer these. The newly revealed Lebron 11's can almost be recreated anyway, obviously without the patterns but these have a different design and are very hard to recreate.
# 12 DJ_Solis @ 05/18/14 01:56 AM
Maybe the shoe update will come with those(shogun's post). I only now noticed that the design is different when trying to make them in 2k.

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# 13 sarlndr @ 05/18/14 09:06 AM
Glad I grew up in simpler times with shoes that looked good.
# 14 ERA @ 05/18/14 02:13 PM
Why is everyone hating on these? I think they look dope!

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# 15 Daddy123 @ 05/18/14 09:38 PM
Lol they look terrible. I was suppose to get the code though but the game glitched and they never gave me a code. Could have sold the code for 500 dollars too
# 16 thegut @ 05/19/14 01:46 AM
LOL! It just shows you what attaching a name to a shoe can do. If these didn't have Lebron's endorsement you would find these at Payless for 20 bucks on the clearance aisle. Absolutely hideous.
# 17 KingTocco @ 05/19/14 08:20 AM
Originally Posted by thegut
LOL! It just shows you what attaching a name to a shoe can do. If these didn't have Lebron's endorsement you would find these at Payless for 20 bucks on the clearance aisle. Absolutely hideous.
Disagree, have you seen some of the shoes Nike and Jordan have come out with?

Not saying I like them, but they are different.
# 18 KingTocco @ 05/22/14 03:35 PM
Originally Posted by Harden26
I created the nike shoe months ago and i am like five seasons into the game. 2k always bull****s you. I know i meet the requirements, but they tease their customers like always.

It is the same witht the locker codes. Either theyre unable to verify, leak, or flat out dont work. Thats messed up considering you have customers who have every other card and some cards can only be acquired through twitter.

Back on topic. Same ole bull**** from 2k.
It was only a select number of people that got the code, so you probably didn't do it in time.

These shoes are a limited number release so it's really nothing 2K did to you on purpose, nor did they tease you. It was made very clear in the instructions on how to get these.

# 19 KingTocco @ 05/22/14 03:49 PM
Originally Posted by Harden26
Quit assuming ****. I have been over 5 seasons in months ago. I created the shoe months ago. I want to know why i didnt get it. How did they select them? 2014 is a lot of shoes. I have over 200 hours....so it cant be because of my hours. What is it then? Is it too much to ask what they based the selection off of?

It was the first 2014 or however many it was that met the criteria to get the shoes.
# 20 KingTocco @ 05/22/14 07:57 PM
Originally Posted by Harden26
Ok. First 2014. It doesnt state that in the article. I would have done it much sooner, but my save glitched. I wonder what number i was....at least post how many people accomplished it before the date.
Yeah it sucks, would've been cool to get the shoes. Although I think they are ugly IMO. Probably would re-sell

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