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Yesterday, we looked at all of the various advanced offensive statistics included in MLB 14 The Show for the inner Sabermetrician inside of you. Today, we cover the pitching advanced statistics. There are far fewer stats than for offensive players, but the statistics included within the game are the big ones, from DIPS to strikeouts per nine innings:

ERC (Component ERA):
This stat attempts to forecast a pitcher’s Earned Run Average from the number of hits and walks allowed rather than the traditional average number of earned runs per nine innings. You can use this to determine if a pitcher’s performance fits what you are seeing or not within his other statistics.

DIPS (Defense Independent Pitching Statistics): This involves calculating the statistics of a pitcher independent action which involves other fielders (except the catcher of course). These types of plays include home runs allowed, strikeouts, walks, hit batters as well as a pitchers fly-ball percentage and ground ball percentage. When used correctly and formulated in a correct manner, DIPS can provide a clear picture of a pitcher’s true throwing ability.

PFR (Power Finesse Ratio): Strikeouts + Walks / Innings Pitched. This statistic is important in finding when a pitcher determines the outcome of an bat-bat and not the fielders around him.

BIPA (Balls in Play Average): How many balls hit in play are hits vs. outs. This is a good way to measure if players are driving the ball on your pitcher into the gaps or not.

K/9: Stirkeouts per nine innings. Helpful to measure what it sounds like it measures.

Have you ever used Sabermetrics to build a team in MLB 14 The Show?

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# 1 AC @ 05/16/14 05:51 PM
I don't understand why DIPS is used and not FIP. xFIP is harder cause you'd have to track batted ball data, as you would with SIERA, but FIP is literally just a one line equation, while DIPS is much longer and more complicated (and worse).

Not pitching, but hopefully they get wRC+, UZR, wOBA and a proper baserunning metric in.
# 2 piffbernd @ 05/16/14 08:17 PM
Would be nice if we had a pitching strategy guide

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