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Assuming you are doing both pitching and hitting through the entire nine innings, what have your game lengths been like in MLB 14 The Show on average?

Be sure to leave a comment on your exact length and the settings you are using after you vote in the poll!

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# 1 Majingir @ 05/16/14 03:58 PM
Don't have MLB14, but MLB13 and all past baseball games I've played, usually takes around 40-50 minutes. Which for me is a good time because NHL games I play with 10 min periods(which totals 30 mins, + the additional time for cutscenes,play stoppages and stuff) and NBA games 10 min quarters(which totals 40 mins + time for play stoppages,free throws and so on)
# 2 LowerWolf @ 05/16/14 04:03 PM
Even with fast play on, it takes me about an hour, give or take five minutes. But I take a lot of pitches and throw a lot of pitches.
# 3 redsrulenc @ 05/16/14 04:05 PM
MLB 13:

2- 2.5 hours a game on average for me. I watch full cut scenes, all walk-ups, every single bit of presentation, I watch pre-game presentation, play every pitch, etc.
# 4 BA2929 @ 05/16/14 04:07 PM
It's about an hour. I watch the occasional cut scene, but mostly I just skip them.
# 5 @legendm0de @ 05/16/14 04:19 PM
What kind of question is this?

Over 2 hrs long is my answer. I don't even time them at all, I think an average game for me is close to 3 hrs long, they certainly feel even longer than that most times.

That's why I feel so unjustified to have No slow play mode or at least have the option of slower gameplay pace back as they coldly stripped it from the game for whatever reason.... That is why I am fighting for this to be addressed in a patch.
# 6 BeatArmy @ 05/16/14 04:55 PM
It's baseball: half of the attraction is the speed of the game. I have something (usually live baseball) on in the background and play at the same time.

No quick counts, usually about an hour. Like the above commenter: I take and throw a lot of pitches.
# 7 rkocjay @ 05/16/14 05:40 PM
i say 40 to 50 minutes i even play one that was at least 30
# 8 edwing @ 05/16/14 05:45 PM
In previous years it used to be over an hour; thanks to quick counts, it's now around 30-40 minutes.
# 9 Dwenny @ 05/16/14 09:50 PM
What he said above, play the whole game, no quick count.
# 10 jseward92 @ 05/16/14 09:57 PM
With quick counts about 30 minutes. With just regular gameplay about 45-55 minutes.
# 11 chisox23 @ 05/16/14 11:55 PM
about 50 mins I watch some walk ups and cut scenes
# 12 msdm27 @ 05/17/14 12:30 AM
around an hour and fifteen minutes, give or take.
# 13 Dazraz @ 05/17/14 12:40 AM
A couple of hours on average. I enjoy the whole game experience. Cut-Scenes & all presentations. If I get called away from the game for a bit I sometimes switch to CPU v CPU & let the game continue until I get back to it.
# 14 CaseIH @ 05/17/14 02:58 AM
With QC this year a normal game takes 1 1/2 hrs to complete, I never X thru anything. Typically in previous yrs games would take a good 2 1/2 hrs to play, and sometimes longer if there were a lot of long innings.

Im probably in the minority but I dont ever X thru anything and I always warm my pitchers up without cutting thru any of it. Before QC's I would on occassion X thru somethings, but even then I didnt do it often. I just enjoy the cutscenes for the most part, some of the things get annoying hearing those 2 idiots Karros and Lyons talk where in the past I would get pissed and starting Xing thru things to get a game over with, but I would also find myself hurrying my at bats when I did that which in turn hurt me. I do much better when I just relax and let things play out.
# 15 Bobhead @ 05/17/14 10:15 AM
90 minutes is my average game time.

Facebook is certainly open while I play, which slows me down, but I also take a lot of pitches, don't skip/sim anything and take my time and enjoy the full game of baseball.
# 16 jcmreds @ 05/17/14 11:13 AM
Quick counts is the best innovation for a baseball game in years. I've played 12 games in 2 sittings using quick counts and player lock. In years past I'd lucky to get through 3 games in that time.
# 17 bgdg824 @ 05/17/14 11:36 AM
Mines about an hour no quick counts play on hall of fame I do skip some cut scenes though
# 18 LingeringRegime @ 05/17/14 12:47 PM
How do people play less than 30 minutes? No cut scenes? I play quick counts and never have played less than an hour. With full counts my games are over two hours. I never skip a cut scene.
# 19 porkys8077 @ 05/17/14 03:02 PM
Over an hour.
# 20 bcruise @ 05/17/14 03:04 PM
For a full, unskipped game, well over an hour. Closer to 2, actually.

Other modes are, of course, shorter.

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