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Cheating in sports is already bad enough with steroids, HGH, ephedrine and other stimulants -- but now this?! Nasal strips!?

Of all the things that could be banned from an athletic competition -- or horse race in this instance -- nasal strips wasn't at the top of anyone's PED list. Sure, the preemptive hype built up in the media was all for naught (Chrome's bid for the Triple Crown will continue with snout fully stripped).

The short-lived controversy was one of the most ridiculous things I've heard in a while, but maybe it was exactly the publicity push that horse racing needed. Using a giant bandage to flex your nostrils open doesn't make you into more than you naturally are -- it just allows you to perform at your maximum. It's no worse than loading up on carbs before a game to make sure you are at peak performance, something the other guy, girl, or horse has the natural opportunity to do as well.

Sound Off: Where do we draw the line between performance enhancers in sports?

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# 1 elgreazy1 @ 05/20/14 11:31 AM
The line is drawn after the 1st place winner by the 2nd+ place loser(s).

But in all honesty, there is no line. Anything can be considered a sports enhancer, case in point, apparel. Imagine an NFL team in the 50's taking field in polyester uniforms compared to a 2k+ team taking the field in water wicking, ultra light weight, quad-flex materials - not even an contest as to which team has an opportunity to perform at their peak.

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