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PES Manager is the global version of the casual soccer simulation game app “World Soccer Collection S”, which has been the top grossing soccer game app in Japan. The game is a full-scale soccer/football game application, featuring realistic matches presented in 3D, more than 1,500 star player badges with real player pictures from various EU leagues, and intuitive and easy controls.

Game Flow
App users collect player badges, and then combine them to create a unique team with Europe’s top players. Teams evolve and improve as they compete in Challenge Matches, Skill Matches or League Matches. Players drive their team to the top by managing the badges, harnessing the individual skills of each player, and earning in-game points you can use to improve the players and team.

More than 1,500 player badges with real pictures
The badges that represent athletes in the game use real pictures of the European soccer players. The badges also feature the athlete’s play style with the skill sets that have been assigned. Special skills can be activated at certain points during matches and the abilities are represented through featured movements. The base player badges can be trained with partner badges to improve personal and team skills throughout the season, further enhancing the strength of the team.

Real matches presented in 3D
While designed for mobile platforms, PES MANAGER displays matches in a realistic 3D format. This allows the app users to enjoy the matches their unique teams play similar to watching a real game. In addition, players can change who is on the field, formations and other instructions while matches are happening in real-time.

Collect new player badges
The game also features a unique system of acquiring new badges using a special “Prize Draw” system. There are two ways to receive new player badges: 1) “Normal Prize Draw” and 2) “Premium Prize Draw”. “Normal Prize Draw” are drawn using Friendship Points which can be acquired as a reward for playing a match with other app users or as a gift from game administration. . “Premium Prize Draw” are drawn one time using five (5) “Energy Balls”. Energy Balls are obtained by paying for them, as a reward for clearing matches or as a gift from game administration.

Regularly held campaigns and events
After the app launches, there will be in game campaigns and events that will be held from time to time. Details on these campaigns and events will be available through the app website, Facebook page, and/or in-game information page.

You can download PES Manager from the App Store and on Google Play.

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Member Comments
# 1 BL8001 @ 05/21/14 07:45 AM
It isn't horrible but it is sort of tedious. And unlike the mlb dream nine app they made which had very quick nine inning games, matches are fairly long for an app, maybe 8 or 9 minutes? You do have the option to skip (ffwd) the gameplay during the match which makes it about 5 minutes long.

From what I could tell you have zero influence over the match. You just set your lineup, choose your boosts and watch.

It's all about collecting. The ptp element is not strong so that is good. After each match you win points that go in the box up near the top left corner. Get enough of those points and you can take a "cinematic" PK, colored soccer balls go by in a line and you tap the screen when you want to shoot, what ball you kick determines your prize.

There is a box near the top right, I have 18090 of something. Funds? I can't figure out what I am supposed to do with it.

Player cards flow at a decent enough rate although at my early level they are all scrubs. Think reserve left back for Livorno. Or who are ya? MF for ADO Den Haag. You can take the players you like and combine scrub cards you acquire in the training area and level up your starters.

The match engine is serviceable, it's no pes or fifa. I just feel with the length of the matches they should have something you can interact with to boost your chances of winning.

I played it for about 90 minutes, did everything I could in the app and would rate the game 5/10.

Zero integration with PES/WE
# 2 BL8001 @ 05/23/14 01:33 PM
Ok played this for the last couple of days. It's not bad, kind of fun, but it's like all games now. Games used to say here is the game, enjoy. Now they start you off so basic and at a minimum level. So until you climb up from there and get lucky with how the game rewards you or pay, the game is lackluster.

So to continue, now that I have better player cards the game is much more fun.

In the beginning they give you one good player. But the key is to have many good players as they combine to reward you more pts and show off more of the gameplay engine. Konami should have given TWO good players to start off with and have them linked, like Cmf and st, or LM and LW so you could see what happens and why you want to level your team.

Also there is a giant bug,flaw, whatever. I started keeping track of this after my 3rd PK won. The PK scoring rate is horrific. As in I have won somewhere between 13-16 and scored once. You either miss or the keeper saves it. And I have a good player taking pk's.

Second wonky thing is offsides. If the CPU plays a higher line you can't do anything about it. I have had a few matches recently (after collecting faster players) where my players just run right offside a dozen times a match. Have they coded this like fifa?

I spent $5 in the app to unlock the chance for better cards and got two nice cards. When your team is full of 2 star and above cards the game is much more fun to play.

Rating this 6.5/10 with better cards.

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