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We are officially just at 100 days from the first Saturday of college football. Unfortunately, we are still entering the first year without an NCAA Football video game in many years.

With what should have been the period when we began to really hear about the game upon us, how are you dealing with the absence of NCAA this year? Are you going to download updated rosters and keep playing on current gen or do you plan to just not play the game altogether?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment with any alternatives to NCAA you've found you'll be trying out!

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# 1 Mgbleu1986 @ 05/22/14 02:00 PM
By playing the Show, that's how I will deal with it. I haven't purchased an NCAA football game or Madden in a couple years since they just keep getting worse so I probably wouldn't have bought it this year anyways.
# 2 SVCbearcat10 @ 05/22/14 02:14 PM
The Show as well, especially since I switched to PS. Although I have to admit, the last NCAA game that came out was by far the most fun I had playing any football game in a long time. Gameplay was great, recruiting simplified so I only had to spend minutes outside of actually playing the game. It was a much much better game than Madden, plus the variety of offenses in the NCAA is refreshing. Makes playing different teams feel different.
# 3 wallofhate @ 05/22/14 02:17 PM
Like a boss lol. Nah its was kind of a staple in my process first college and then trade it in for Madden to get my football fix it's gonna be strange with it gone
# 4 Cowboy008 @ 05/22/14 02:18 PM
The Show has been keeping me busy. I don't know if I would have bought NCAA this year if they were still making it.
# 5 DJ @ 05/22/14 02:25 PM
I'll just keep going with my FSU Dynasty. I won the NC in Year 1 (very realistic!) and am a few games into Year 2. I found NCAA 14 to be very enjoyable, so have no issues playing the game for several more years. I won't bother with updating rosters, though. I'll just use the ones I have saved and will either start up a new Dynasty, or just change jobs in the current one.
# 6 thesportsguru11 @ 05/22/14 02:27 PM
Don't have the interest or extra cash to pick up a ps4 right now, so I'm stuck with my ps3 for the time being.

Anyway, college football is my favorite sport. I can't just give up playing the games. Yeah I know the last few versions sucked, but I'm willing to overlook that. Hell, I'll even fire up my old ps2 if it means getting what I want because the ps2 was the glory days of the NCAA Franchise without a doubt.

I'll be in a huge rut without NCAA to play.
# 7 Dazraz @ 05/22/14 02:34 PM
Once I've finished my current season I'll be putting the game away for good. A shame about the loss of College Football video games. Sadly I don't think we'll see another anytime soon.
# 8 GR5Noles @ 05/22/14 02:35 PM
since I already traded in my 360 and PS3 for a PS4, I'm hoping that NCAA 14 is one of the games released this summer in the PS Store
# 9 LucianoJJ @ 05/22/14 02:50 PM

My first reaction is to update rosters and play NCAA Football 14. But then again, it's not that simple. I've always said the July release was plain wrong. Baseball is in mid-season, the college players haven't even started training camp, there are no students on campus, and football is a fall sport. Will I resume NCAA in September once the season starts, or will I get the urge once July rolls around and the game normally was released? I'm guessing September, but I may just give up on the game altogether.

I predict there will be fan support for the game, more than any other discontinued series. More than NFL2K5, more than MVP Baseball, more than any college hoops franchise. For all its flaws, NCAA Football was a mainstay of the forum regulars. It could go on.

# 10 Cardot @ 05/22/14 03:23 PM
As an off-line player who has often bypassed a version of NCAA and just kept playing the prior years edition, this year will be no problem for me. Even better is that I won't have to invest 50 hours of tedious testing & tweaking to finding the right sliders. I can just pickup and play where I left off last year.

In fact I expect to be playing for two more years. Although by the fall of 2016 it will probably have run it's course me.
# 11 Benz87 @ 05/22/14 03:27 PM
I want to say it would be entertaining to get a set of updated rosters and restart my Wisconsin dynasty, but not being able to do this on a next gen console will most likely lean me away from it. I haven't touched my Xbox 360 since I purchased my PS4, with as much of an itch I will have for college football when that time comes, I don't think it will push me to dust off the ol' 360.
# 12 porkys8077 @ 05/22/14 04:35 PM
I will be playing MLB and some Madden for my fix.
# 13 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 05/22/14 04:45 PM
NCAA 14 was a good game but I just can't bring myself to go back to playing a last gen game anymore. It does kind of feel weird not having a college football game coming out considering it's been about 10 years since I went a summer without one. That said, thankfully we have the Show & soon to be UFC to keep us busy til Madden 15.
# 14 kingsofthevalley @ 05/22/14 05:47 PM
Awwwww man, why did you have to go bringing up NCAA lmao?!!! I was just coming to grips with it being gone, now you've opened the wound back up!!! Its hard for me to deal with because every time I play next gen Madden I can't help thinking about what NCAA would've been like. Damn. They need to get on top of their game and figure out some kind of way to bring it back most expediently.
# 15 crob8822 @ 05/22/14 05:48 PM
I'll keep playing the game, just like I keep playing college hoops 2k8 both still holds entertainment value.
# 16 champ1997 @ 05/22/14 07:09 PM
I'm from Tuscaloosa Alabama so July want feel the same for me without my early college football fix I had such I hopes for this game when I found out about Next-Gen
# 17 mdiggitydawg @ 05/22/14 08:57 PM
sucks! no show not many xbox one games are worth playing…my console hasn't seen much action in a while
# 18 DirtyJerz32 @ 05/22/14 11:20 PM
Picked up a 360 and re-installed NCAA 14. Win!
# 19 elgreazy1 @ 05/23/14 10:17 AM
As a 2K footballer, I've dealt with loss for years now. **PoursSomeGatorade**

Fortunately, NCAA has a lot of things working for it to keep the longevity. Being able to use Team Builder and those full array of team options is a massive boost. Roster sharing also keeps the game fresh for college ball purists - and I tend to believe the gaming community does a much better job than EA at replicating rosters. The game also offers 100+ teams with countless uniform options to keep the visuals fresh. Dynasty mode offers you all kinds of flexibility with bringing in custom teams and the ability to realign Conferences to essentially give you the freedom to create "mini-leagues".

The best part, IMO, is not having to cycle over to the next iteration. I can't tell you how many times across all sports games where I've invested so much time into a team/dynasty/franchise only to have to scrap it for the newest release. Now, essentially, all those dynasties both offline and online can continue. That should be exciting for a lot of hard-core dynasty guys who are fortunate enough to be a in a legit online league.
# 20 canesfins @ 05/23/14 12:34 PM
I'm just going to continue going deep in a dynasty. Anyone know the maximum years in a dynasty that you can play?

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