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It wasn't supposed to be this easy for the Miami Heat.

This is Indiana's year, right? Miami can't coast through a regular season and just turn it on in the playoffs with aging stars and mediocre role players -- can they?

Granted, the West still has something to say about the outcome of the NBA Finals, but playoffs are as much about hot streaks as anything. There's nothing stopping the Pacers from returning the favor and putting away Miami (who may likely begin to coast now they have a two-game cushion) but it looks like we're headed for a potential Miami 3-peat.

Sound Off: Will the Miami Heat ride their current momentum to an easy NBA Championship?

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Member Comments
# 1 MattUM @ 05/27/14 12:04 PM
Won't be an easy finals for sure, but I think they will come out with a victory.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 05/27/14 12:07 PM
I think if the Spurs can beat out the Thunder, then the Spurs could put up a pretty good fight against the heat. This series with the Pacers is over though. Heat are officially headed to the Finals as far as I am concerned and If the Thunder beat out the Spurs I think it will be a repeat of the 2012 finals with the Heat beating the Thunder in 5. If the Spurs beat the Thunder and it's Heat vs Spurs I got Spurs in 7.
# 3 The 24th Letter @ 05/27/14 12:21 PM
Not sure how I feel about OKC w\ a weary Ibaka against this MIA team..dude is still limping out there

but the Spurs have great chance for revenge if they make it.
# 4 ojandpizza @ 05/27/14 12:26 PM
Originally Posted by The 24th Letter
Not sure how I feel about OKC w\ a weary Ibaka against this MIA team..dude is still limping out there

but the Spurs have great chance for revenge if they make it.

Agree, Spurs have been the largest concern for me every year since the "Big 3" happened.

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# 5 Sportsbuck @ 05/27/14 12:30 PM
Honestly, I'd favor the Spurs over the Heat... I think they've been the best team in the NBA all year and they match up so well with them.
# 6 BringTheHeat @ 05/27/14 02:30 PM
Still going with Heat in 5 and Spurs in 6..

Probably will have another classic Finals but Danny Green isn't going to be that hot again, so I think we might see a 6 game series.

Spurs are definitely the most likely team to beat Miami though. And if we were going to lose to anyone, that'd be who I want to see win.
# 7 JODYE @ 05/27/14 02:32 PM

Should be repeating, but we know how that story goes.
# 8 Jamesmaster @ 05/27/14 02:33 PM
It all depends on Parker's and Ginobili's health imo. The Spurs should close out their series asap and get as much rest as possible. To me the Spurs look better than last year and I seriously doubt the Heat have been tested so far. Should be a great finals as long as the Spurs defeat the Thunder.
I like the Thunder but no way are they able to win the title with an injured Ibaka (he can't be 100% if they'd reach the finals), a "human" Durant and the inevitable crazy bricks of Westbrook.
# 9 MrBill @ 05/27/14 02:57 PM
Los Spurs over the Thunder in 6 and the Heat in 5.
# 10 spidertour02 @ 05/27/14 03:15 PM
# 11 elgreazy1 @ 05/27/14 03:52 PM
Might as well crown them already **rolls eyes**
# 12 VDusen04 @ 05/27/14 09:08 PM
Yes, it has all felt inevitable for me since 2010, which is why I have never been in favor of the rightful and legal decisions made by Dwyane Wade, LeBron James, Chris Bosh (and eventually a slew of excellent role players such as Shane Battier, Mike Miller, and Ray Allen). I felt the Heat were just a bunch of disjointed Dream Teamers in '11, not understanding how to play with any extended sort of togetherness or flow, yet they still came a legendary game 2 comeback away from winning the whole thing anyhow. Once they even kind of discovered they couldn't all average 28 per game, winning has been a foregone conclusion for me ever since.

As someone who is not a Miami Heat fan, it's been kind of tough to see how easy it was for the second greatest player of the past 30 years to team up with two fellow Dream Teamers and come about as close as one can to making a bevy of NBA championships a foregone conclusion. As someone who is a fan of competition and the idea that winning shouldn't just be as easy as the greatest players deciding to join up together in a random city, it's been a bummer.

It always reminds me of those times on the playground where there's three players who are clearly the best on the court (sometimes four or five) and they only agree to play on eachother's team. No captains, picking for squads, shooting 'em up - just always the same top talent together, who then proceed to predictably trounce everyone, yapping it up the whole way. It's good they've all developed their games to be so great, but what's the point? You're winning, but only after one has stacked the odds incredibly in their own favor. What does winning even mean at that point? You took the best players, piled them up, and largely defeated many teams who are likely weaker in part because you've taken their talent.

All that said, I still understand it was their right to make those decisions. I just do not favor it from a single fan's perspective.
# 13 The 24th Letter @ 05/28/14 04:21 PM
All I ever cared about is the competitive side of it...if MIA had steamrolled their way to the last two ships ('00 Laker style) then maybe I would feel different...the way people talk about last year, we should have half a trophy....it was a heck of a series that pushed them to the max...that's all I can ask for...and I don't see this year being an easy chip either...I don't think they'll win it TBH
# 14 OkayC @ 05/29/14 12:54 AM
If the heat and spurs face, spurs in 6. And i say that only cuz i think a game 5 win for miami would be a "keep our season alive type thing". If okc and miami, who knows. When okc plays to their potential, theyve been the better team this season, but the finals are a different story. I dont buy a repeat of 2012, simply because both teams are much different now than they were then. I think that series comes down to okc's defense. Are they going to play that top 5 defense that they boasted for a large portion of the regular season, that also helps fuel their offense. or are they going to play defense like they have in the playoffs, which is schitzophrenic. Sometimes they lock teams up completely on the defensive end, and other times they look as though they couldn't guard charles barkley( the inside the nba version, not the pheonix mvp version)

As far as the talk about the big three forming. Meh, these teams happen throughout history. Some love em, some dont. I dont mind them as long as their dominance is limited to just a couple of seasons at best before someone new rises up. I dislike miami, but for completely different reasons than the forming of the big three. I think they lose this year though, either indy mans up and realizes they should be up 3-2 instead of down, san antonio more or less steam roles 'em, or okc does what they've done all playoffs long and pulls out the series victory from there butt.

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