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With the barrage of EA Sports UFC info recently, potential buyers have had plenty of information to digest in order to perhaps come up with a buying decision.

At this point, are you planning on buying EA Sports UFC? If you aren't planning on it yet or are on the fence, what will it take to get you into the buying camp?

Sound off with a vote on our poll and leave a comment on where you stand at this point!

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# 1 Majingir @ 05/28/14 02:59 PM
I WANT to buy it, but I can't because I don't have next gen console! Keeping my current generation until 2015-2016.
# 2 mdiggitydawg @ 05/28/14 03:09 PM
It sounds great, but I will NOT buy EA Sports on release day anymore…too many past bugs, disappointments etc. I hope after the real gamers break it down, it holds up…but the track record for everything EA in the past 3 years has been horrible in my opinion.
# 3 MAGboyswifT27 @ 05/28/14 03:27 PM
Whether it was going to be a good or bad title I'd still get it because I'm a big UFC fan. Although I had my worries from the first video, watching more videos, and reading more reviews give me hope that the game will be good.
# 4 NUH_UHHHHHHHHHHH @ 05/28/14 03:37 PM
i have it pre ordered... sigh. i love the ufc and love my ps4, but looking at the gameplay has me quite unimpressed so far.
fingers crossed!
# 5 ghettofocker @ 05/28/14 03:41 PM
oh day one for sure. was skeptical for awhile, but after this week....... Sign Me UP!
# 6 davis420 @ 05/28/14 03:53 PM
I'm getting this day one! I need my UFC fix.
# 7 CM Hooe @ 05/28/14 04:58 PM
On the fence leaning no, but that's because I'm not a big fan of MMA. From a technical standpoint this game looks really impressive.
# 8 AgaliareptX @ 05/28/14 05:06 PM
Preordered and Day One pickup for me. This is coming from a huge UFC fan. I'm aware that the game is likely to have it's flaws... bugs/glitches, server problems, etc., but it's been 2 years since Undisputed 3 came out and it's going to be at least another 2 years until we see another release. I know I'm going to get it eventually. With every passing UFC card I watch, I'm craving a UFC video game once again.
# 9 XXstormmXX @ 05/28/14 05:12 PM
I really want this game but I don't have PS4 yet so I probably won't get it.
# 10 porkys8077 @ 05/28/14 06:09 PM
I will be getting it on the first week.
# 11 tmoney51691 @ 05/28/14 07:14 PM
Not a UFC fan, so definitely not.

Don't get wrong! It looks like a great game, but I have absolutely no interest in UFC or its games.
# 12 onac22 @ 05/28/14 07:28 PM
I am in the boat with not trusting EA and the hype trains they drive around town. Not buying any more EA sports releases pre-order.
# 13 2_headedmonster @ 05/28/14 10:36 PM
Honestly its a day one purchase because I trust the fight night foundation its built upon.
# 14 CaliDude916 @ 05/29/14 02:12 AM
Day 1 purchase.
# 15 JoeMimic @ 05/29/14 04:01 AM
Buying it day one because I love MMA and it seems like it's been forever since a new MMA game came out.
# 16 CurlyMurph @ 05/29/14 05:30 AM
I've ordered the game and will pick it up launch day. As others have alluded, as a UFC fan you pretty much have to get this game. It's been quite some time since the last UFC release. I agree with 2_headedmonster regarding having the Fight Night team working on the game. I always enjoyed the Fight Night series and I hope I will get to see a Fight Night iteration on the PS4 one day.

The detail in the game is truly incredible. I have always intended to get a PS4, but have been able to talk myself out of it all spring as there hasn't been a game I just had to have on the PS4. This is that game. I bought my PS4 last Friday in anticipation of this release.
# 17 indcolts18288 @ 05/29/14 09:02 AM
I'll probably get it just because it looks like a pretty good game and it's hard to rent good PS4 games. It'll keep me busy along with MLB The Show until NHL 15 and NBA 2K 15 comes out. Plus I'm sure Madden is gonna suck as usual so....
# 18 Coolade @ 05/29/14 09:07 AM
If you're on the fence watch this video. Tons of new footage.
# 19 LOEAnubis @ 05/29/14 09:45 AM
Preordered the day that I could. I love the UFC, but I was skeptical on EA's approach after EA MMA. However, this was all thrown out the door once I saw the gameplay. I'm sure there will be some bugs, but it looks nice and my MMA fan friends and I will hopefully get as much out of this as we did Undisputed 3.
# 20 GlennN @ 05/29/14 10:49 AM
No interest whatsoever in the sport, either as a game or in real life.

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