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# 1 aholbert32 @ 06/03/14 02:44 PM
Glad to see the cruicifix, side saddle and rubber guard in the game.
# 2 sticks323 @ 06/03/14 02:49 PM
Some good stuff
# 3 2k10Fonzarelli @ 06/03/14 04:50 PM
Im a bit confused here.
In the video it instructs one to push RT/R2 and UP on the Rstick to defend a sub.
In the controller map it instructs one to push RB/R1 and match the direction of the opponents move to defend a sub
EDIT : Just noticed that on the XBone controller map it instructs one to push RS AWAY from opponent to defend a takedown ala undisputed. WTH is going on ?!?!?!?!?! (FYI Its RT/R2 + RS DOWN)
Its almost as if EA is just as confused about their control scheme as some of us are.

After ~8 hours with the demo, i feel as if their are just too many buttons. Im more than willing to learn but i feel as if most will be put off by all the defensive commands from the ground.

Imagine your playing a friend and as your fighting, passing guard scoring takedowns ect. your explaining how to defend each move. How is it conducive that with all these moves and explainations one can simply pick up and play this game?

While the Complexity might seem like a godsend to some it will be a nightmare to most. This is IMO off the top of my head the most complex and least user friendly game EA has published in (forever?). Its is miles more complex controlwise than UFC 3 or EA MMA.

Retrospectively, after ~8 hours with Undisputed I was doing anything I wanted to the AI on EASY(and a bit above). After ~8 hours with this im still learning to recognize which side to defend while on the ground, my takedown defense is Abysmal and offensive ground control nearly non-existant.

For someone who had incredible success with Undisputed I find this game very hard(almost needlessly so).

This game is about as hard to learn as Tekken, Soul Calibur or Virtual Fighter and is less accessible to newbies.
# 4 MAGboyswifT27 @ 06/04/14 01:59 AM
This control list actually helped and have made my gameplay experience a lot better tonight (PS4 though..)

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