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After several interviews, the most impressive man in the room was the part-owner himself -- newly appointed head coach of the T'Wolves -- Flip Saunders.

The bigger question in the Twin Cities, however; may be surrounding the apparent impossibility of resigning Kevin Love who has opted for free agency. Love is a prime example of an All-Star caliber player who has "paid his dues" and now wants to find a team where he can plug in to fill a void for a deep playoff run.

The major question now though is "What team?". Kevin Love has spent time in Boston entertaining the possibilities of being a Celtic, but some feel that teams such as Golden State, Houston or the Lakers would be the optimal spot for all parties involved.

Sound Off: Which NBA team would be the best fit for Kevin Love?

Sports Headlines for June 5, 2014

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Member Comments
# 1 TripleCrown9 @ 06/05/14 08:01 PM
I hope the Celtics, but I don't want Boston to give up what they have to give up.
# 2 eaterofworlds888 @ 06/05/14 08:22 PM
I'm hoping the Celtics too
# 3 Mikesthyme @ 06/06/14 08:14 AM
Chicago bulls would be a perfect fit after they get rid of boozer... and Melo should come on over as well

Rose , Melo , Love.. wow
# 4 da ThRONe @ 06/06/14 11:39 AM
I would put Boston as the front runners. Something like Green/Sullinger(who plays like Love anyways)/2014 6th pick.
# 5 turty11 @ 06/06/14 01:21 PM
if the world is right boston, if the world is a bunch of crap houston
# 6 ojandpizza @ 06/06/14 01:40 PM
Originally Posted by turty11
if the world is right boston, if the world is a bunch of crap houston

Is Houston in the running for Love???

They did try all season to acquire a stretch 4, might as well go for the best one in the league lol.

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# 7 turty11 @ 06/06/14 03:25 PM
they are, but i believe melo is by far their first choice.
# 8 ojandpizza @ 06/06/14 03:55 PM
I think he fits best in Boston. Good luck to the C's in getting him.

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# 9 ProfessaPackMan @ 06/06/14 04:34 PM
Good luck Boston my ***.

Let them continue to stink going forward. They had their little run already so let others eat. Keep him out West and trade him to Golden St.
# 10 TUSS11 @ 06/06/14 04:45 PM
Sign and trade for Nene, Otto and a 1st. Thank you very much.
# 11 BleacherBum2310 @ 06/06/14 04:50 PM
Kevin Love/Rondo oh please. That would be awesome. I think C's have the best to offer in terms of DPs but I could see Minn not wanting to deal with them again.
# 12 turty11 @ 06/06/14 06:01 PM
packman be hatin over there,

cant wait till the nets fall back into a 30-40 win team so we get some more lotto picks
# 13 vtcha @ 06/06/14 10:11 PM
I think Denver could be a dark horse. Maybe a package including Faried, Gallinari and the Knicks' 1st rd pick? Rubio and Faried's game seemed to have complimented each other nicely during last years' Rookie/Sophomore game so perhaps there's a chance that could translate into a real game.
# 14 TripleCrown9 @ 06/06/14 10:31 PM
The problem is, whoever gets him is going to have to give up important pieces.
# 15 optimi5t @ 06/07/14 12:40 AM
...lakers, nuff said.
# 16 Sportsbuck @ 06/07/14 06:52 AM
I dream of a Big Al/Love reunion in Charlotte. But that won't be happening.
# 17 turty11 @ 06/07/14 08:14 AM
yikes, i dont see minny taking a guy who hasnt played for 2 years in gallo
# 18 OSUFan_88 @ 06/07/14 09:18 AM
Originally Posted by TUSS11
Sign and trade for Nene, Otto and a 1st. Thank you very much.

He's going to the West Coast. Lakers, Clippers, Golden State...one of those teams.
# 19 Yeah...THAT Guy @ 06/07/14 09:23 AM
In terms of what they have to offer, I think the top 3 would be Chicago, Golden State, and Cleveland (but not sure Cleveland is interested).

Boston could potentially make a good offer as well, but I don't think Minnesota will want Sullinger. They already realize Pekovic and Love don't really work together. Going to a homeless man's version of Kevin Love would only make things even worse. They should try to turn it into a 3 team trade and send Sullinger somewhere else and get a different prospect in return.
# 20 TUSS11 @ 06/08/14 12:44 AM
Originally Posted by OSUFan_88

He's going to the West Coast. Lakers, Clippers, Golden State...one of those teams.
I'm sorry but Wall, Beal and Love were made to play together.

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