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Now that you've been able to play the UFC Demo for a few days, what do you think about the game's control scheme? Our staff's biggest concern seemed to center on the control scheme, which is quite complex -- but perhaps necessarily so.

What do you think? Are EA Sports UFC's controls good enough? Do they need even more detail? Do you need a more simplified option?

Sound off by voting in our poll and then sound off with your thoughts on what could be better about the controls (if anything)!

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# 1 BEARYChi @ 06/06/14 11:26 AM
Its gonna take me a while to get the controls down packed.. But the controls are just as complicated then the THQ's UFC. Im a Advanced controls type of guy when it comes to sports games, But these are on another level.... Not sure of a game like this can have simple controls.
# 2 MAGboyswifT27 @ 06/06/14 11:27 AM
At first I wasn't feeling the controls but as you play more you get used to it and it isn't so bad. There were also times I'd use the old undisputed controls! Lol The only concern I think may be the ground and submission game. All of us whether playing the CPU or online against someone may just spam to get out of a bad spot. If there was an option for simplified play that'd help as well for those that are new or a casual fan to the UFC genre.
# 3 mestevo @ 06/06/14 11:37 AM
I didn't mind them in the demo (being able to snap the controls to the side of the screen as I learned was awesome on X1), and I'm one of those guys who's still shooting with a button press in NBA2k.
# 4 godylla @ 06/06/14 11:43 AM
Could be just a lack of time with the controls so far, but there are a few controls I don't really like. I don't like the holding R2/RT and flicking down to stuff a takedown, and I liked the blocking system of the THQ versions better so far (R2 block low, R1 block high). I find the game moves too fast to be able to say R2 + triangle to completely block a strike. But again, it could just be my lack of time that I have been able to spend with the game.
# 5 sO100 @ 06/06/14 11:52 AM
Well. We have a demo two weeks early to LEARN the controls.
# 6 Bowinkle08 @ 06/06/14 11:53 AM
controls are crazy especially against a cpu that has the mastered and does the precise combos and blocks and takedowns at the precise time. and that was on easy lmao
# 7 bxphenom7 @ 06/06/14 12:31 PM
I was intimidated by the tutorial but once I started fighting over and over, the controls were quickly becoming second nature. I think the controls are just fine how they are because there's so much depth in the fight imo. However, a simplified control scheme should regardless when the game releases because it's always good to give people options. I've really enjoyed the demo so far.
# 8 jaredsmith83 @ 06/06/14 12:56 PM
I've been using the Undisputed controls myself more often than I realize! But once I got the feel for it, it wasn't TOO bad. Sure, there's a lot going on, but they aren't so bad to the point that if you miss one move in a string of button presses then everything breaks down. I got my butt handed to me the first two fights. Third fight, I was able to at least make it past a minute HAHA as I wrapped up my first run with the demo, I was able to win and lose regularly with both Jones and Gus.
# 9 kingsofthevalley @ 06/06/14 04:16 PM
The controls are ok. The only thing that I'm having a problem with is the sway mechanic. Not understanding why they would map that to the left trigger directly up under the movement stick which pretty much stops you from moving when you're ready to use the sway/lean feature. I would've liked to have been able to use the sway at the same time I'm moving. With that being said, I use sway, but very rarely. I'm compensating for that by using the "hop to the side" to weave out of the way in most instances.
# 10 woody2goody @ 06/06/14 04:38 PM
The controls themselves aren't much more complicated than in THQ's offerings, but to me the results of some of the controls, especially on the ground are frustrating.

With any luck they will be a bit better come release day.
# 11 ps3veron @ 06/06/14 04:58 PM
A little insane! Despite my new found affection for the demo after a few days, I still don't know half the moves.

Hold R1 and rotate the joystick 1/4 ways clockwise just to iniate a submission?!

The previous UFC had amateur controls and this needs that.
# 12 ram4x4marc @ 06/06/14 08:39 PM
Sometimes I'm on the ground and feel defenseless even though I'm hitting the Right Trigger. I'm actually disappointed in some of the other stuff as far as controls go, like how inconsistent it is when on the ground how opponent just rolls over on top of the guy who was just on top! This never happens, not to mention the frequent WWE suplexes they consider takedowns. parrying punches in standup is weird too...its not fight night Rd 3, this was strange. Im buying this regardless because I'm a huge fan and love playing...it is a very fun game and standup is just awesome
# 13 jfinger2013 @ 06/07/14 02:35 AM
I love the depth in the controls but a simpler option would be a lot better for casual and average players, but if you are willing to put in the time to learn these controls I think they would be really great and give u a real variety of different ways to use your fighter
# 14 ratedmoney @ 06/07/14 12:33 PM
I just wish the striking was done with the right stick like Fight Night.
# 15 OhMrHanky @ 06/08/14 11:50 AM
biggest gripe - ANY control scheme that wants you to press LT AND LB at the same time. This is near impossible for the avg human hand. I'm not sure how most people grip their controllers, but I use my index fingers for Triggers or Bumpers, therefore I can press either the LT OR the LB, NOT both at the same time. This requires me to change my grip, and suddenly switch to using my middle finger for the trigger and index for the bumper. So, for me, that has got to go, and NO game should offer a control scheme like that. LT + RB is fine. RT + LB is fine, but NEVER LT+LB and RT+RB. Just too difficult. As a sidenote, I would have liked to have seen more interesting moves using the Right stick by itself similar to Fight Night. The Right Stick in general could have better been used by itself for "squirming" out of submissions. Moving the right stick in the opposite direction of a hold while on the ground or something. The whole idea of pressing the stick in one direction and then having a graphical cue as to where else to press the stick is not very fluid, imo. For a game like this, you want to be able to instinctively press a stick in a direction that makes sense against whatever hold is going on.
And, for striking as well. The right stick could have been used well for punches and kicks. Right stick in the upper half could've been for different punches and in the lower half for different kicks. I don't like the button scheme in general, not very fluid, imo.
# 16 ocat @ 06/08/14 04:35 PM
Looking at it from a sports gamers view, it's not to bad, the more time you put into it, the more you learn and the better experience you I'll get. I'm really enjoying the demo now that I've got my head around the controls.

Conversely, the average joe UFC fan who will pick up this game, they have NO hope. Way to complicated for casual players.

Surely there is some middle ground there, where it's not a 2 button mash fest or a button layout where I need a 6x6 schematic diagram layed out in front of me.
# 17 TLizChosen @ 06/09/14 01:56 AM
If you play the game, you are gonna have to practice
# 18 aguero90 @ 06/09/14 11:31 AM
Looking forward to this game! How exactly do you block though? Is it like fightnight, where you use r2 and right stick to determine low or high? Or do you just hold r2.
# 19 thagrandson @ 06/10/14 09:28 PM
Just played the demo..the game is smooth, and looks amazing...I like the controls the game feels great...Cannot wait for this release...
# 20 turty11 @ 06/10/14 10:24 PM
like the controls because its almost exactly like undisputed aside from submissions which i actually much rather have this new control scheme for.

My only issue is the ground game controls, reversals, O and D transitions, and posturing up just elude my grasp through about 40 matches

im just glad the controls arent the same as EA's last MMA game, that was horrible

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