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Everything matters.

When it comes down to it, thatís what MLB 14 The Show makes clear above all other things when it comes to the much under-appreciated but still just as revolutionary game feature which allows you to take your saves with you to next yearís game.

Everything matters. The moves I make today in my franchise mode could be felt years down the line as I advance in years through the mode. The decisions I make to build my franchise could be felt well into the future, if I miss out on a key free agent signing ó I could feel that mistake for years to come in many future editions of The Show.

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# 1 garyjr33 @ 06/07/14 03:30 PM
Good article! I really hope they add this to NHL this year. This truly is a revolutionary addition and I am definitely changing my approach to my franchise. The last few years I would play about a year and a half of a franchise and then start simming games just to see how my prospects pan out. But now I can play every game and see how they pan out with my controlling them completely with call ups and playing with them once they get to the majors.
# 2 CujoMatty @ 06/07/14 05:20 PM
I couldnt agree more. Great great feature.

The ability to transfer saves has made the OSFM rosters so much more important to me.
all those players in the minors that never saw the big leagues because I only played one season now matter. Not to mention that now next year I wont have to wait a month for the OSFM rosters next year to start my franchise.

All they need now is the ability to import draft classes in to existing franchises and id be set.
# 3 garyjr33 @ 06/07/14 06:15 PM
Yeah the OSFM rosters are absolutely key!
# 4 Caius101 @ 06/08/14 12:47 AM
Originally Posted by BizDevConglomerate
I'm advocating paid DLC. PEOPLE, tell me I'm wrong, but if we have paid DLC and bi-year disk releases that would held better releases on discs. Supposedly developers are under tremendous pressure by the money hungry producers, so to meet in the middle would be to release DLC content such as roster upgrades, accessories, stadiums, uniforms etc. But disks would bring something totally new.
Completely agree with this statement.
# 5 Mrmagoo @ 06/08/14 04:32 AM
All we need now is a franchise that doesn't get all borked up years into the future...

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I know much easier said than done. But I'm sure now that we can carry saves over year to year they will work that much harder on the franchise aspects of the game too!!
# 6 bxphenom7 @ 06/08/14 10:59 AM
I feel like I'm going to take one career mode for all of this gen lol
# 7 gwshark9 @ 06/08/14 03:12 PM
My one concern about this feature is missing out on future All-Stars that will be drafted this year and next year. If you start a franchise going this year you will never see the prospects from future real life drafts make it into your franchise. So potentially in 3 or 4 years you may not have the real life AL MVP even in your virtual franchise. Be nice if there was a way to update the rosters somehow.
# 8 Johnson0311 @ 06/09/14 03:00 AM
I wish we could start a minor league career prior to the current season. Once called up to the major leagues you could play with the current MLB or insert any game rosters. I hate getting called up to the show only to have a bunch of the current starts retired.

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