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Join us live at 11 p.m. ET for a special live edition of the Press Row Podcast (@PressRowPodcast) as we talk about day zero of E3 2014 and all of the news that has hit about each of the major sports games. Join host Rich Grisham (@RichGrisham) as he talks with our superstar panel of guests about what today meant for sports gamers!

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# 1 spidertour02 @ 06/10/14 01:47 PM
The games Chris are looking for are found pretty easily on PS4 and PS Vita -- they're the little indie titles that most people seem to like complaining about.
# 2 ocat @ 06/11/14 06:07 AM
Love love love the Pressrow hangout and podcast, and I think Rich does an amazing job hosting, he's such I nice guy who clearly loves sports games.................but.........the show starting to come across as very pro Sony/playstation 4. Fair enough MLB The Show is a PS only title so naturally the focus shifts that way, but the way the Xbox One is almost laughed at between Rich and TJ, its a little grating. I own both systems so I have no bias either way but please don't make Xbox one owners feel as though they have made a dumb decision, there is enough of that 'console wars' crap around the internet as it is.

I totally agree with Rich about the E3 press conferences, horrible horrible for both companies. Embarrassing to be a gamer. Thank god for sports games
# 3 dlawar @ 06/12/14 04:13 AM
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