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ESG has posted this new Madden NFL 15 video featuring the Seattle Seahawks vs. San Francisco 49ers. This is a direct feed video, not a shaky cam taken off screen.

Make sure you check it out and leave your thoughts. Subscribe to the YouTube channel here.

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# 1 SIR924 @ 06/12/14 11:06 AM
The sound of the game sounds much better than 25. Still would like to see better running animations, and WR/DB tuggle. Didn't like how the DB just watch the receiver on a TD catch, but I do see some new things that I like.
# 2 Brandwin @ 06/12/14 11:08 AM
With all these Niners/Seahawks videos, I am guessing that's the matchup we will have in the demo?
# 3 TheBleedingRed21 @ 06/12/14 11:18 AM
Maybe I'm easy to impress but this looks a good fun version of football. Yes the animations are dated and some eyesores, but it really does look improved and I'm excited.

Also, you can tell this is on a lower difficulty for sure.
# 4 ImmovableObject @ 06/12/14 11:23 AM
PROS: The post-play player celebrations/interactions are nice. I like that they are on-field and not cut-scenes. I much prefer that the camera never leaves the field and the players simply act and move as they normally would, right where they are after the play ends. As opposed to magically appearing on some other part of the field in a cut-scene that doesn't really pick up where the last play left off.

CONS: The players still have that madden "robotic" look to them. They don't look "loose" or "natural" like other players in other sports games do. I don't know if it's a lack of frames per animation or shoddy motion capture or what... but these players don't move like real NFL players move. They continue to look stiff and it continues to bother me, year after year. It kills a lot of the immersion.
# 5 kgbrolic @ 06/12/14 11:28 AM
I liked a lot of the vid but still hated about 25% of the animations. I also didn't like how the defender stood and watched a TD being scored instead of contesting the pass. Also hope I don't see those helmets on the ground every game after a qtr of play. MUCH improved game but you still have a ways to go EA. I don't like you as a company but I gotta give props when they are due.
# 6 vision @ 06/12/14 11:38 AM
Is it just me, or are their no gang tackles in this game? I see some "consecutive hit tackles"' but I don't think there was even one two man gang tackle in this whole clip.
# 7 therealsmallville @ 06/12/14 11:40 AM
I love the presentation at the end of that quarter. Just like in a real game, they show the biggest plays and the score before the "commercial break". Tons to like, tons to hate...looking forward to August though.
# 8 stiffarmleft @ 06/12/14 11:40 AM
What does it take to trigger a multi-hit tackle, I've seen them sporadically in other videos but most of the time when a player is engaged the other potential tacklers do a weird jump back animation. Also I see no sense of acceleration in the running game, they look to get to full sprint as soon as they get the ball, it does not look organic at all. Graphics and player models look good.
# 9 johnnyg713 @ 06/12/14 11:44 AM
On run plays there is way too much east west going on. When a running back is running straight ahead, his momentum should carry him forward, the turning needs to be eliminated to more of a side step.

Also to make things more natural looking, there needs to be much more lean, kind of like player sense. When kaepernick is about to get sacked you should see him lean away from the incoming defender. Almost like and automatic escape/avoid animation. Stick out a hand or something. Lineman also need more lean in their midsections when blocking. Only gripe about ol/dl interaction is that torso's are way too stiff
# 10 NicVirtue @ 06/12/14 11:49 AM
I was praising how Percy went and attacked that ball at it's highest point, and how the DB tried to swat it but couldn't. But then I realized it was a user catch. Hopefully the CPU receivers do the same. Too many times in the past they would just wait for the ball to come to them, when there is clearly a defender between them and the ball.
# 11 Malcd9583 @ 06/12/14 11:50 AM
My first thought watching this was, man what happened to the defense they spoke so highly of? I love madden i really do been playing it for years since the ambulance use to come out. With that being said i had the next gen madden and i thought it was a step up from last gens version. After a few videos i have watched the games plays the same as 25 just smoother i can see it now the same routes look like they work as i was watching every pass play and the corners reaction. I see all the same tackle animations not only that lower difficulty or not the corners did not play on the ball against the bomb to harvin or the td to rice. I hope thats not the case when the games drops in august.
# 12 tmac747 @ 06/12/14 11:53 AM
EA is still putting small band-aids on large open wounds. Until the engine is over haul this is what the community will continue to get. Year of the running backs, year of the offense, year of the defense...when will it be year of the consumer? The game gives you 'eye candy' while EA picks your pockets.LOL.....this game has been around for 25 yrs.My goodness, what does it take to get it right.
# 13 Malcd9583 @ 06/12/14 11:58 AM
What happened to true step?
# 14 capa @ 06/12/14 12:00 PM
What happened to the 49er CB on that Seahawk TD? He just stood around and didn't even contest the pass at all. Ugh....that stood out like a sore thumb.

Game looks great, but these sorts of things just make you scratch your head...
# 15 JKSportsGamer1984 @ 06/12/14 12:03 PM
That Zoom cam makes all the difference in the world! It really gives you the feeling of being on the field which I love. It makes the game look so much better than the far away "God" view lol.

-Russell Wilson is too dark
-Why is every player on the sidelines wearing HIGH SOCKS? There aren't that many players in the league who wear high socks & it really looks awkward when you see most players on the field wearing medium or low socks. At least make the sideline players wear medium socks so they'll blend in better. EA please fix this!
# 16 truzoe @ 06/12/14 12:18 PM
Man it's just the same ole madden with fresh coat of paint on a dirty surface. How the running backs just go straight up after they get the ball no lean or natural movement. Still see sliding. Lineman let his guy pass rigjt by him and didn't even try to protect on the play. The cb run the route before the receiver even break his route but still didn't challenge the ball in the air. I thought they fixed that smh. It's like this dudes don't even know football at ea. THE PLAYERS STE STILL UP BUT EVERYBODY JUST STOP WITJ THE SAME SINCRONIZE MOTION. Kam chancellor or earl Thomas are head hunters and would never just stop. The fact the game look better makes everything looks 20* worse. Please EA I beg of you to let 2k make sports game cause you guts been sucking eggs since y'all got the nfl rights. Will not support this thrash this year
# 17 bad_philanthropy @ 06/12/14 12:19 PM
Pretty horrifying how far back gang tackling has gone since the days of pro-tak. It seems as soon as one player engages in a tackle animation other defenders simply stand aside and wait for the tackle to either be completed or tackle after the runner breaks free. Essentially there appears to be no gang tackling, which is just unacceptable. Maybe I'm mistaken, but it seems pretty obvious in this video.

EDIT: This is a pic of what I mean. It is just terrible. The tackling animation engaged here is a long one in which the ballcarrier is struggling to break free, and three 49er defenders just stand by unwilling to help clean things up and maybe even rip the ball out. Totally passive defending.

# 18 Brooke2011 @ 06/12/14 12:28 PM
Attachment 78139. Def an improvement in player model and graphics
# 19 Gotmadskillzson @ 06/12/14 12:32 PM
So.......did they take out True Step ? Because I see a hell of a lot of turning on a dime like nobody on the field have any weight to them what so ever.
# 20 DirkDiggler12 @ 06/12/14 12:37 PM
They can continue to "pretty" this game up all they want with new player models, lighting, and scorebugs but until they address fundamental issues with tackling and overall movements that just feel unhuman it will continue to be a non-buy for me.

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