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Sometimes you see something cross your Twitter feed which you don't realize is truly special. But then there was the simple gesture EA Sports made to George Gring, a young man battling Burkitt's lymphoma, a rapidly growing cancer.

Thanks to aggressive treatments, George's cancer is currently in remission.

Gring became the Panthers' No. 1 Make-A-Wish draft choice thanks to the Make-A-Wish foundation. Wade Gring, George's younger brother and his acting agent negotiated a sweet deal for George which included a large bowl of candy.

During his time with the Panthers, Gring got to experience a practice with the team as well as answering questions in the post-game press conference. And now, thanks to one small gesture from EA, George gets to see himself in Madden NFL 15 complete with his 99 toughness rating.

There is no word on if George will actually be in the game in any form, but it's certainly an awesome gesture by the Panthers, the NFL, and EA Sports.

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# 1 Blue12 @ 06/17/14 06:43 PM
I wonder if he's going to become Cam Newton's mom's favorite player?

Very cool btw!
# 2 lolfalconsbeatu @ 06/17/14 06:45 PM
Originally Posted by Blue12
I wonder if he's going to become Cam Newton's mom's favorite player?

Very cool btw!

Lmao good one

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# 3 jmurphy31 @ 06/17/14 06:45 PM
I love this stuff. It never gets old seeing these teams take in kids battling health issues. Unfortunately not everyone does. I remember some people were actually upset when 2 make a wish kids made it into madden.

As a father of a son (just turned 5) who was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia 2 years ago, I really admire athletes, teams, video game companies, whoever that do something like this.

Kudos to EA and the Panthers.
# 4 Steve_OS @ 06/17/14 06:48 PM
Truly fantastic.
# 5 Mauer4MVP @ 06/17/14 07:13 PM
Everybody complains about their life or at least something in their life no matter how lucky they are (myself included). It's stories like this that really remind you that some people actually have a reason to complain, but they never do.

Bravo to George on his incredible attitude and spirit!
# 6 Cam Fan @ 06/17/14 08:47 PM
Panthers one of the classiest franchises in football. The owner is a no non-sense gentleman. He'd rather go 0-16 with classy players than 16-0 with players who embarrass the team.
# 7 mellamoaaron @ 06/17/14 09:19 PM
Bravo, EA & the Carolina Panthers.
# 8 Aggies7 @ 06/17/14 09:20 PM
Awesome gesture. Very classy.
# 9 Rams_3 @ 06/17/14 09:39 PM
# 10 wildinkc @ 06/17/14 10:03 PM
This is very cool. These stories never get old.
# 11 darknmild @ 06/18/14 07:13 AM
Very touching way to go EA, NFL and Carolina Panthers this is excellent
# 12 DubTrey1 @ 06/18/14 03:17 PM
This is awesome. Props to him, his brother, EA, the Panthers & the NFL for that. Very nice.
# 13 Cowboy008 @ 06/18/14 03:50 PM
Great story
# 14 SageInfinite @ 06/18/14 04:33 PM
That's awesome
# 15 scottyo60 @ 06/19/14 05:36 PM
Originally Posted by FaceMask
Nice story. Would be cool if they made him a player in MUT, and donated the proceeds to cancer research in his honor.
This, I know we have a few madden guys on here or game changers at least. Great idea facemask as I think many would want to help out. Probably be one of the only things I'd try to get on MUT

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