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Yesterday, developer RedLynx released a version 1.04 title update across all editions of Trials Fusion. The patch fixes a few glitches, improves the game's stability and brings back the single-player tournament mode from 2012's Trials Evolution.

The complete change log includes:

All Platforms
  • Removed the "FMX speed boost exploit," where riders could gain an unintended speed boost by performing certain freestyle tricks
  • Fixed additional issues regarding the PlayStation 4 Season Pass.
  • Resolved some issues regarding Uplay connectivity
  • Added a number of stability fixes to the track editor
  • Several improvements to texture and graphics issues
  • A number of fixes and improvements to Track Central
  • Some of the best user-made tracks have been spotlighted in Track Central
Xbox One
  • Demo added to Xbox One marketplace.
  • PC-specific stability improvements and optimizations
  • New options for users to tweak the graphic settings (foliage, particles)
  • Mouse cursor now disappears when using the gamepad
A RedLynx Community Manager states that the team is "putting together a plan to address leaderboard issues after the launch of this feature pack," which could affect top times that benefited from the "FMX speed boost exploit."

Wednesday's patch marks Trials Fusion's first significant content update since its mid-April release on PlayStation 4, PC, Xbox One and Xbox 360.

Single-player tournaments, a feature familiar to fans of Trials HD and Trials Evolution, will challenge players to complete a set number of courses in a row. These tournaments recycle existing career mode tracks, though the events themselves are scheduled to rotate every day.

Online multiplayer, which is still being advertised on the back of Trials Fusion's box art, remains absent from the game.

Gamers who paid an extra $20 for Trials Fusion's Season Pass also have nothing to show for it at the moment, aside from the "hazmat suit" rider outfit that was available on release day.

The Season Pass, which promises "six content packs before May 2015," plans to include "unique tracks and editor objects." No further details have been revealed, aside from a "summer" start time.

For a complete analysis of the Trials series' next-gen debut, check out Operation Sports' full written review.

Are you still playing Trials Fusion? If not, has yesterday's update revived your interest in diving back in? Share your interest level in the comment section below.

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Member Comments
# 1 jyoung @ 07/02/14 02:03 PM
The first DLC pack, "Riders of the Rustlands," now has a firm release date of July 29.

It will include "10 new tracks, 18 new challenges, 5 new trophies and several new Track Editor objects."

Still no word from RedLynx or Ubisoft on when the promised online multiplayer mode will arrive.

# 2 Pappy Knuckles @ 07/30/14 07:36 PM
Has anyone been able to download the Riders of the Rustlands pack? It's not working for me.
# 3 jyoung @ 07/30/14 08:06 PM
I have the Season Pass courtesy of the retail disc version, and the new tracks wouldn't download from inside the game. But I went through the PS Store and the download worked from there.

It is a pretty underwhelming DLC pack. The one expert course is too hard to be fun, and the other courses are pretty ho-hum.
# 4 Pappy Knuckles @ 08/20/14 07:53 PM
Looks like they've dropped a new DLC pack. I still haven't tried any of the other ones yet. I guess it's nice to have something waiting for me whenever I get back to this game. Once I got to some of the difficult tracks, I got kind of annoyed and stopped playing.
# 5 jyoung @ 08/20/14 09:34 PM
The new tracks are definitely better than the first DLC pack, but again, there just aren't very many of them. The "Extreme" courses are basically unplayable for everyone but maybe 5% of this game's population.

So for $5, you're basically getting 5 playable tracks per DLC pack, which is a pretty bad deal compared to the Xbox 360 DLC:

Trials HD Big Pack = 23 race tracks for $5
Trials HD Big Thrills = 40 race tracks for $5
Trials Evolution Riders of Doom = 20 race tracks for $5
Trials Evolution Origin of Pain = 24 race tracks for $5

We're getting shortchanged with Trials Fusion in just about every possible way.

At least they finally put in Supercross parts to the track editor, but with no way to play Supercross online, it's still not something I will use.

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