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In what is most definitely a strange twist of fate, NCAA Football fans must now root for the legal team behind Ed O'Bannon to win against the NCAA for the legal structures required for college football video games to return to actually exist quicker than they might otherwise exist.

EA Executive Joel Linzner admitted on the stand last week in the O'Bannon vs. NCAA trial that EA would love to bring the college football titles back, but only if all of the licenses could be acquired.

To do that will mean having all schools and conferences on board with the title in an environment free from potential litigation -- in short the college landscape will have to allow for players to get compensation for their licensed likenesses.

If the NCAA were to win the case against O'Bannon, there is a very low chance schools will feel compelled to pressure the NCAA into giving players a much bigger slice of the pie -- but even then the legal structures could still come around, as college athletics is definitely heading in that general direction anyways. However, what will force the NCAA's hand (as well as schools and conferences), into much quicker action will be if the O'Bannon team wins their case against the NCAA.

EA has made it clear that the loss of the support of the NCAA, conferences, and schools was the tipping point which drove the NCAA out of business. EA was initially quick to deny the ongoing lawsuits was a cause, but Lisner did blame the O'Bannon suit as being the reason for the game's cancellation, despite it earning $80 million a year in revenue.

The monetary reasons, all $80 million of them, are there for the series return in the future. What isn't clear is when the legal structures will exist within the NCAA to allow for player likenesses to be compensated so college football games can return. It is a near certainty that when those structures are in place, we will see the return of NCAA Football in all its glory.

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# 1 elgreazy1 @ 06/25/14 09:48 AM
I'm only for NCAA returning if exclusivity is not part of the result from the suit. It's got to stop at some point.
# 2 Cusefan @ 06/25/14 10:22 AM
Originally Posted by elgreazy1
I'm only for NCAA returning if exclusivity is not part of the result from the suit. It's got to stop at some point.

Beggars can't be choosers. Give me anything and I'll take it.
# 3 khaliib @ 06/25/14 10:29 AM
The football genre and gaming community did our part and provided EA with millions of profits while their yearly builds consistently lacked the improvement jumps that other games provided.
"We couldn't include this year or We're looking into including..." became the yearly empty reasons.

It was never EA sports game vs other sports games in the genre, so the slight improvements and past re-adds became justifiable.

**Agree 10000% with Elgreazy1 and the fact is that "Exclusivity" in the hands of EA have forced those sport games to eventually fall by the wayside.

College Basketball, then football.
Debates about decreases sales etc... can be talked about until the pig jumps over the moon, the fact is, College Basketball and Football went away while EA had exclusive rights to these games.

**No developer should have exclusivity to any college or pro sports game.

To be honest, give me a non-licensed college football/basketball game with full customization and get out of the way!!!

The gaming community has proven we're more than capable of applying uni's, logo's etc... to the game (see community created teams for Backbreaker).

GENERIC with full customization and we wouldn't be dealing with this issue.

Also, the developer would save $$$ spent to obtain the license as well as any restrictions/rules that often come along with the license.

One could also argue, that the gaming community have simply grown tired of EA version of football and just want to see what some other developer might bring to the table that's consistent with simulating what we see during the College Football season.
# 4 khaliib @ 06/25/14 10:56 AM
Originally Posted by Cusefan
Beggars can't be choosers. Give me anything and I'll take it.
To be honest Cusefan, this is exactly what the college football community got over the life of the 360/PS3 compared to the improvements made by other games in the genre.

With Xan's Editor giving us access to under the hood stuff, I just put in a copy of NCAA 11 in and I'm scratching my head because they had it with this release then scrapped it and started releasing "anything" again.

EA can make another college football game, we just don't need EA being the "Only" developer making a college football game.

But I feel ya bro, i'm dying here in Cali for a new college football game.
In some ways, I even miss the discussions that lead up to the release (talk about weird!!!)
# 5 wolverinemaniac @ 06/25/14 03:00 PM
Never...id rather smash obannon in his greedy face than have a game faster...
# 6 barsoffury @ 06/25/14 06:00 PM
Well if you've been paying attention to this case, everyone will agree that O'Bannon's side is destroying the NCAA.
# 7 MacDiiddy @ 06/25/14 08:39 PM
It is still a long road until NCAA can possibly come back. I just hope it comes back within the next 5 years.

There is a glaring pessimistic voice that keeps telling me its gone forever. Too many hoops to jump through, to big of a problem. I hope that is not the case.
# 8 prowler @ 06/25/14 10:46 PM
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.
# 9 DorianDonP @ 06/27/14 09:17 PM
Go Blood sucking lawyers!
# 10 justinjones.us @ 06/28/14 09:08 PM
We need college games plain and simple. NCAA Football was the one game that I would go buy at mid night which I know has a lot to do with being a huge football fan and EA being the only developer.

With websites like Kickstater running, I feel like it would be a huge marketing opportunity where EA could raise additional revenue by having loyal gamers pay extra to "adopt a player" or upload yourself as a fan in the game. This would take very minimal effort on their side, and would provide financial value to jumpstarting a game that a majority of sports gamers want to see.

Either way, I'm struggling without my annual college football game to look forward to before the regular season begins.
# 11 Cam Fan @ 07/19/14 10:03 PM
Quote from ESPN Analyst Lester Munson:

Based on a review of the testimony and many of the more important exhibits presented at the O'Bannon trial, it appears probable that Wilken will tell the NCAA that it must allow athletes to use their NIL for their personal profit. It is less likely that she will give the players what they want on live television broadcasts of their games, but it is well within the realm of possibility.
# 12 SpartyParty11 @ 07/19/14 10:42 PM
Players want compensation for their likeness in the game? Give them a free copy of the game. I'm sure they'd like that
# 13 Cam Fan @ 07/22/14 03:12 PM
Maybe it's just me but it seems the O'Bannon team is using the old "ask for more than we want and 'settle' for what for we wanted all along" strategy. Meaning, they included the television$ into the bargaining to ensure that they would receive the NIL rights.

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