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HAWK23 has updated his NBA 2K14 roster with all 60 of the draft pick selections. More details can be seen below. These rosters are for PC users only.
  • Added updated version of the Ultimate Base Roster (UBR)
  • Added all 60 new draftees to their correct teams
  • Added correct draft information for all 60 players (round/position/team drafted)
  • 50+ new draftees have their real portrait (many have cyberfaces)
  • Added V1 of the new 1968-1969 Roster
  • Added a few cyberface updates (better quality)
  • Rosters accurate as of 6/27/2014 (post-draft)
*Note: Due to limited roster space Vasilje Micic (76ers) & Louis Labeyrie (Knicks) had to be placed into the free agents list

More details and the download can be found at NLSC.

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Member Comments
# 1 Dr. Banner @ 06/27/14 03:34 PM
Is a roster update like this gonna be on ps4/xboxone? Is it possible.
# 2 M..E..T..S @ 06/27/14 03:58 PM
Is there a way to get updated roster like so for PS3? Or could you send me your ratings on the drafted players ill upload one for PS3.
# 3 Mparas1432 @ 06/27/14 04:53 PM
The PC version is on sale for 14.99 right now for those interested.
# 4 BBallcoach @ 06/29/14 01:40 AM
Bought NBA 2k14 on the steam sale for $7.49 this mod and a couple others and it's way better than the Next Gen version. Practically looks like it and plays better. But this mod is fantastic. So is the Graphics one (which boosted my performance) and IamLillard's 30 overhauled courts too.
# 5 johnw009 @ 07/01/14 08:38 AM
Awesome! just got it. Question, how is the ratings for the 2014 draft class determined? Just curious.
# 6 akobedoi @ 07/18/14 11:16 AM
how to download guys???
# 7 sean07 @ 07/26/14 07:28 AM
how to download and install....help me plz!
# 8 ps2king @ 07/27/14 06:51 AM
Originally Posted by akobedoi
how to download guys???

Originally Posted by sean07
how to download and install....help me plz!

If you scroll all the way to the bottom of the page (bottom right) it says download.

Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JW1-3m3Jo1E

Anyway, this mod is amazing.

Be sure to use the settings it comes with or you'll miss out on the custom soundtrack. It's like watching old NBA broadcast on NBC, truly amazing stuff.
# 9 biboy15 @ 07/04/15 12:08 AM
how to re-install ? my nba2k14 didnt work

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