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If things had gone according to plan, College Football 15 would be releasing in just a couple of weeks. We would be seeing the first next-gen version of college football, with the better visuals and gameplay leaps we've come to know from other sports titles.

Instead, thanks to the O'Bannon case settlement, NCAA Football is not represented as a video game for now. While there is still hope for a revival of the series in the future, this year is going to be the first without an NCAA Football video-game in a very long time.

How disappointed are you that there won't be college football on new-generation video game consoles this year?

Vote in our poll and sound off on what you plan to do to fill the void this July!

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# 1 CM Hooe @ 06/30/14 12:05 PM
Somewhat disappointed. I would have bought it had it released this year, most likely, but there are so many other good games to play to fill the gap.
# 2 Dannyld @ 06/30/14 12:07 PM
I had completely forgotten about this game. If this post didn't exist I would've went the rest of the year not even thinking about it.
# 3 huntt26 @ 06/30/14 12:08 PM
I'm crushed - I bought it on day one every year.

Would have been nice to at least get one NCAA game on Xbox One and PS4.

For now, I'll be satisfied with NCAA 14 - as long as they keep the online dynasty, teambuilder and roster share servers up!!
# 4 shanest88 @ 06/30/14 12:20 PM
hugely disappointed! Every year this game held me over till September for the season to start.
No i have to live in constant anticipation and keeps building with each passing day
# 5 DirtyJerz32 @ 06/30/14 12:23 PM
Veery disappointed. I felt NCAA 14 was the best of the series and was looking forward to the jump to next gen.

Missed it so much I went out and purchased a 360 again just to play NCAA 14.
# 6 vegasplaya @ 06/30/14 12:25 PM
Very I also used to get it day one to play with my Ga Bulldogs

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# 7 mestevo @ 06/30/14 12:30 PM
I chose not disappointed. It is certainly disappointing in general, but I'm over it and not dwelling on the loss of my favorite football game.

If circumstances were different i'd absolutely be bitterly disappointed.
# 8 malky @ 06/30/14 12:31 PM
Just when they were making that leap of being a excellent football game to mix right in with the new playoff system in college football, its freakin GONE.
# 9 cusefan74 @ 06/30/14 12:40 PM
It doesn't bother me at all because I only buy the game every other year anyways. I think 14 is a great game and I will have no problem playing it again this year.
# 10 TY05 @ 06/30/14 12:57 PM
Yeah im a lil upset. i have not bought a game in a long time..but if NCAA Football 15 was coming out i would pre order that as soon as i could.

NCAA sports games are not dead though. i have a feeling we will see another college sports game before we know it :]
# 11 sqush @ 06/30/14 12:58 PM
I have no problem using the updated rosters with ncaa14
# 12 13whitebread @ 06/30/14 01:06 PM
Whatever screw the NCAAF I will watch the pros I don't need college football. Bam nailed it😬
# 13 Cowboy008 @ 06/30/14 01:14 PM
I'm a little disappointed would have liked to have an NCAA football game on next gen consoles.
# 14 Jadakiss88 @ 06/30/14 01:14 PM
Actually didn't even think about it until I came here and saw the title and now I am all depressed....
# 15 fistofrage @ 06/30/14 01:16 PM
So many game ruining glitches in the last few years that I was actually glad to see the franchise take a hiatus.
# 16 DKHardee @ 06/30/14 01:18 PM
Originally Posted by Jadakiss88
Actually didn't even think about it until I came here and saw the title and now I am all depressed....
I agree 100% now I'm missing it.
# 17 bluesfan13 @ 06/30/14 01:21 PM
This wasn't an every year purchase for me, but I did enjoy the games more than Madden for the most part. The recruiting process was always fun and I sure would have liked to have a next generation dynasty for my Wyoming Cowboys.
# 18 bowld @ 06/30/14 01:22 PM
Very bummed. This was my go to game fore about 10 years and can only imagine how good this could be on my PS4. Bring it back!!
# 19 montesixpac @ 06/30/14 01:26 PM
Hate not having NCAA 15 coming out. Every year NCAA Football has been a must buy and my most played game. '14 was the best yet and now with my XB1, I cannot even play '14... I'm really getting the itch to get a 360 hooked back up with NCAA 14.
# 20 mestevo @ 06/30/14 01:55 PM
Originally Posted by fistofrage
So many game ruining glitches in the last few years that I was actually glad to see the franchise take a hiatus.
This doesn't really qualify as a hiatus...

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