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EA Sports has released a new FIFA 15 screenshot, this one featuring Lionel Messi.

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# 1 Dazraz @ 07/05/14 10:58 AM
Not a great likeness. To be honest though as long as a player is recognisable I'm happy. It's how they & the game plays that's more important.
# 2 XXstormmXX @ 07/05/14 04:22 PM
Looks good but Barca is supposed to have ads on their sleeves now. His sleeves are plain in that photo.
# 3 ocat @ 07/06/14 01:54 AM
Ugh, looks average at best. Why do they make all the players look so pasty, they aren't friggin zombies?! Give them some skin tone, and for Messi he needs a little bit of facial stubble, hes too clean in that pic
# 4 TexasFan2005 @ 07/06/14 08:59 AM
As crazy as it may seem, FIFA is really the only EA Sports title that actually looks better in motion than it does in screenshots. The screens always make the players look like pasty, tall, awkward, lanky, zombies with the thousand mile stare, while wearing kits that look like they've been painted on them.

On a side note, I think it may be time for game companies (especially sports games) to do away with releasing still screenshots and start releasing .gifs instead. For example, although someone made the gif from an official trailer, the James Harden gif had everyone going insane for next gen 2k ball.

In no way does looking at this screenshot scream absolute realism to me.
# 5 Murph @ 07/06/14 09:31 AM
And nobody plays this floe up, so these 'pretty screen shots' are really pointless when it comes to gameplay.
# 6 BezO @ 07/07/14 10:44 AM
Compared to NBA 2K, ehhh.
# 7 JODYE @ 07/07/14 11:16 AM
That is not an impressive screenshot, at all. This is their new lighting system? Guy still looks like a cartoon.
# 8 wisdom less13 @ 07/08/14 12:40 PM
Looks no different than 14 to me. I want gameplay videos to show the AI shooting the ball and having a bit better awareness of said ball. Probably going to still get it...
# 9 DBMcGee3 @ 07/08/14 02:52 PM
I'd say PES has at least won the battle of the screenshots.
# 10 reinaldocfilho @ 07/11/14 04:19 PM
I simply don't get why Fifa still have these cartoon graphics and why PES jumped on it too.

Take a look on PES 2010 to PC faces, it looks too much more realistic.


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