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Financial models in sports games are typically rather simplistic since many of us have little desire to play a true financial simulation of sports business. Plus, for those of us that do, we have text-management simulations which tend to tide us over.

However, if you were given a choice of a more realistic financial system in your favorite AAA gaming title, would you take it? Keep in mind such a move would likely make franchise mode that much more difficult to keep up with, obviously.

Sound off by voting in our poll and letting us know what some of your top wishes are for finances in sports games!

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# 1 SVCbearcat10 @ 07/08/14 09:32 AM
I'll pass on a full financial system. I buy the games to play them. I don't care to spend hours and hours in menus when I'm lucky to find the time to play a game or two a week.

It might be worth having it, but you can have the option to have the AI run it for you. Options tend to be great of the games, and having options for the options (like the Show).
# 2 Senator Palmer @ 07/08/14 09:43 AM
Heck, yeah. I understand that kinda thing ain't for everybody, that a huge swath of people just want to pick up and play, but I've always gotten into the minutiae of team building. It keeps me engaged and adds a layer of strategy.

Give me contracts with player options, club options, performance incentives; let a no-trade clause be a sticking point in a negotiation, etc. I want it all.

And I don't mind having to spend a little more time navigating a season. I've never been one to play a whole season over the course of a few days. Maybe it's because I've gotten a little older, this is how I decompress. I'm never in a rush when I'm playing a game I like after a long day -- even if I've only got an hour. I remember back in the day with Madden, I'd spent parts of two days getting through an off-season. 1 day for free agency and re-signing, the next for the draft.
# 3 Cod @ 07/08/14 09:44 AM
If done correct, hell yes! I could only imagine a day when I get Football Manager type depth with the gameplay mechanics of FIFA / PES. That'd be euphoric! In the same sense, imagine Out of the Park Baseball depth with The Show gameplay. It'd be amazing!

Back to reality, will it happen? Probably not anytime soon...especially with the yearly release cycles every sports game uses.
# 4 elgreazy1 @ 07/08/14 10:16 AM
I simply wish these parts of the game were made more engaging. One major problem is most team management in sports games is clicking over tickers. This is not engaging nor innovative, it's simply managing a spreadsheet.

Additionally, interfaces are clunky, hard to navigate, and slow thus making the process even more unenjoyable. I mean, we are in a user interface revolution right now with apps, point of sale, etc systems fully adapting to smart process flows and you're telling me million dollar sports games can not design a menu system that makes sense?
# 5 DeuceDouglas @ 07/08/14 10:39 AM
Depends on the nature of the financial decisions.

More intricate player contract negotiating? Definitely.

Ability to set hot dog and parking prices? Eh, not really.

I'd definitely like to see more attention to detail when it comes to player and coach contracts and anything that affects the cap. Year-to-Year guarantees, roster bonuses, workout bonuses, incentive laden contracts, back-loaded, front-loaded, all of it.

I've always felt like the off-season should be represented in sports games just as much as the regular season. It should be something that should be a big process and almost a 'second season'.
# 6 DiscountCleric @ 07/08/14 10:52 AM
It has to be quick, and it has to matter. If it matters but takes forever, it's too in-depth. If it's quick but irrelevant, what's the point?

Head Coach 09 nailed it. You had to work to sign someone, but it didn't take long, it was engaging and you knew who you were bidding against (vs. now where you have 5 team logos but no idea how many years or how much money, just that they're your competition).
# 7 RipCityAndy @ 07/08/14 12:21 PM
Implement the full set of CBA rules and regulations. Implement dynamic revenue streams. Implement advertisements. Implement nuanced player contracts. Put it all in. I would be curious how many casual gamers would actually understand and enjoy the experience. My guess is very very few.

Keep in mind, the average NBA fan doesn't really (and I mean fully) understand how salary caps work.

At the end of the day, these games still have to be fun to play.
# 8 quehouston @ 07/08/14 01:36 PM
They should be definitely be in there. The NBA's CBA definitely needs to be represented in the game. We still aren't able to amnesty players, sign and trades etc.

Plus it would be cool for players to actually decide to take pay cuts to bring in new talent.
# 9 spidertour02 @ 07/08/14 03:04 PM
I think the best way would be to have two options for this stuff right at the start of Franchise/GM mode: the hardcore true-to-life option and the simple option. That way, the people that want to micromanage and deal with every little aspect can get what they want, but the users that want to jump in and play can switch that off and just get the simple options to speed the off-seasons along.
# 10 asu666 @ 07/08/14 08:40 PM
Yes, I'm happy to see Madden re-integrating financial aspects and I still prefer MLB 12: The Show over the two newer version because there are a lot more Owner mode-like options.
# 11 CT Pittbull @ 07/08/14 09:26 PM
For me im not that crazy about getting into the off the field stuff so much. I would like to see people who are get a deeper finiancial responsibility. I guess it comes down to this. The game ON the field has to be worth diving into micro-managing a franchise on and off the field first.

Also the ability to manually edit contracts in offline franchise needs to be there or the ability to bypass finances all together
# 12 juduking @ 07/08/14 11:57 PM
Bring 'em on. I like having complete control as long as it is easy to grasp and makes the game more enjoyable. It was the main reason I would buy the Show every year. Now that they don't have it in there, I buy it every other year.
# 13 SuperBowlNachos @ 07/09/14 08:21 AM
It would be cool to have a simple and advanced version. Simple version just comes down to who wants to sign the guy for the most and make sure you are under the cap. Advanced you do everything that happens in real life and have to have some advanced knowledge of how it all works.
# 14 Caliparty Love @ 07/09/14 02:38 PM
Personally, I'd love a more complex financial system. For whatever reason, I've always had an interest in the business aspect of professional sports.
# 15 Manslaughterin9 @ 07/09/14 03:32 PM
Yes, I'm a business major at Hopkins. Love the business side of sports and I'm still waiting for a game to portray this correctly...
# 16 leroyp33 @ 07/09/14 05:47 PM
I dont see what the harm is... the fact that I cannot front or backload a contract is absurd. It would simply be a button push. I am gonna be that guy now... NFL 2k5 had it for crying out loud.
# 17 DrGravyBoat @ 07/09/14 10:30 PM
I'm enjoying how in Madden 25 you can set prices for food and the team merchandise but I'd also like to see No trade clauses, front loaded contracts and all that good stuff. I enjoyed in Madden NFL 11 how you could sign sponsorships with company, sometimes I'll sim seasons but still keep up with the business side. And like Caliparty Love said, I don't know why but I'm drawn to the financial aspects of sports.
# 18 Brayds @ 07/10/14 01:42 PM
For me the managing part of games is what I like, and adding this would be fun to try...
# 19 moose616 @ 07/10/14 05:31 PM
In addition to it being customized to your ability level, in order for a more time-consuming game to be successful, it must be able to carry over into next year's game.

I have been in no hurry to rush through my MLB RTTS because I know if I only get through one season, I won't have to start all over next year.
# 20 allhailben7 @ 07/13/14 04:56 AM
I wouldn't mind a Head Coach M15 companion DLC or even an app on my phone if that's what it takes to get that much depth...

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