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EA Sports has just released another Madden NFL 15 video. This one features the new Gauntlet mode. I had fun with it at E3, so I might be able to answer a few questions. Otherwise, ask away and I'll get some answers from the Producers.

The Gauntlet is available as part of Skills Trainer in Madden NFL 15, which has received a major upgrade of its own. This year Skills Trainer will feature 48 different tutorials, drills and challenges, encompassing not only tradition in-game skills, but football strategy as well. Players can learn basic concepts like what a Cover 2 defense actually is, as well as what kinds of plays are designed to beat it. This expansion of Skills Trainer provides something for almost everyone, from brand-new Madden NFL players to 25-year vets. Once youíve mastered Skills Trainer, put your newfound knowledge to the test in The Gauntlet!

Is this something you are interested in?

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# 1 The JareBear @ 07/10/14 05:02 PM
Interesting. Nothing in this video made me think "Oh wow, that's awesome," but I am all for additional modes/content for us gamers to enjoy. I did enjoy playing the mini-games, especially pass skeleton trying to go for high scores, in the old NCAA 06 days so maybe I will give this mode some love too.
# 2 DNMHIII @ 07/10/14 05:07 PM
Looks cool I guess, probably not something I'll spend time on but I'm sure some people might. The practice field looks great if anything and that's a step forward.

Gonna really be bummed if Offline/Online leagues didn't get any real attention and it's this that they incorporated into practice mode and that's it.
# 3 SageInfinite @ 07/10/14 05:09 PM
I hope that dude's voice isn't part of the mode. That **** was cheesy. Mini games are cool though. I enjoyed the skills trainer last year.
# 4 MajorSupreme @ 07/10/14 05:09 PM
Originally Posted by DNMHIII
Looks cool I guess, probably not something I'll spend time on but I'm sure some people might. The practice field looks great if anything and that's a step forward.

Gonna really be bummed if Offline/Online leagues didn't get any real attention and it's this that they incorporated into practice mode and that's it.
My thoughts exactly. It looks fun, though. I just wish there were practice uniforms.
# 5 TTD71 @ 07/10/14 05:12 PM
If it plays out more like the Old days of Madden NFL 2003/2004 where you could actually use the practice drills to hone your skills it would be a welcome addition...WTF was going on with that clip where there were a ton of reporters on the field? Was that supposed to be simulating the combine or Super Bowl Media day? (confused)

(EDIT) - OK, re-watched the clip....clearly neither Media Day or Combine...

The thing that jumped out at me was the number of identical player movements, animations and outcomes that carried over from M25 on PS4...in that 25 second clip I saw at least 6 things that were identical and disheartening.

The graphics looked better, the player models continue to impress and the overall concept is (hopefully) a good addition...but dammit EA, if you're making hype videos, is there really so few new animations to show that we have to see the same 1-handed grab and stumble reception (identical to M25)? the same RB juke move and defender confusion move? The same jumping INT animation and landing? the same arms raised while scoring TD celebration? the same kamikaze tackling and lifeless falling down of the player after being hit?

I have historically found these mini-games fun and a decent way to waste time with Madden without resorting to playing online or in a season or full game...I do hope that practice field (OUTDOORS again) is finally back in the game....the airplane hangar from M25 with a blank back wall is pathetic...at least this one looks to be a much improved practice field...
# 6 apollon42 @ 07/10/14 05:13 PM
This just doesn't look next -gen to me. Especially that tackle on Reggie Bush where he looks like he just ran into a brick wall.
# 7 DNMHIII @ 07/10/14 05:17 PM
Honestly if the legacy issues aren't completely fixed and the gameplay isn't a lot better than it's ever been I think I'll give up all hope that EA will ever produce a game that I'll be happy with.

Any new modes or features takes time and resources away from the actual gameplay development and at the end of the day it's what takes place on the field that matters most for a football game IMO. It seems like EA has no problem spending resources on things outside of the actual gameplay and it's very frustrating to me.
# 8 CM Hooe @ 07/10/14 05:17 PM
Not much here to really go off of, but this looks like an interesting diversion. I'm imagining something like the challenge tower in Mortal Kombat 2011, which was a lot of fun.
# 9 yardz23 @ 07/10/14 05:35 PM
That juke move by Gore...is ugly.

Everything else looked nice. It'll be great when they actually tweak the running style and animations to be specific to the real-life counter parts. AP runs different than Gore who runs different from McCoy, but madden makes them all run exactly the same.

Hate to say it, again, but you gotta believe 2k would have done this by 2k10 at least. The people who bemoan the death of 2k football don't just do it out of spite, nostalgia, or fanboyism, its mostly because of how well NBA 2K has evolved, and can't help but think that 2k would have done equally as well in the NFL.
# 10 Dmanning2 @ 07/10/14 06:08 PM
A new epic game mode and updated graphics physics animations(tacking celebrations). Woooo madden 15 is a must buy for me!!

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# 11 Rams_3 @ 07/10/14 06:08 PM
Dudes voice was really annoying. Other than that it's something new I'll probably try a couple of times. I'm all for new content for us users to enjoy.
# 12 Cowboy008 @ 07/10/14 06:21 PM
Those drills they were doing will that be used for practice in CFM?
# 13 bowld @ 07/10/14 06:23 PM
Awful video
# 14 dkp23 @ 07/10/14 06:30 PM
2 or 3 years this will be gone?
# 15 jaynral @ 07/10/14 06:30 PM
EA please stop showing videos!!!!...I did not see 1 new animation and that reggie bush tackle is the WORST tackle animation of all time and that tackle happens alot ......hate it!!
# 16 JayD @ 07/10/14 06:39 PM
I swear if they concentrated on mini modes like this and ignored CFM I'll be highly disappointed.
# 17 Yukon46 @ 07/10/14 06:39 PM
Originally Posted by Steve_OS
Is this something you are interested in?
No, not at all......Boss Level .... huh ? O V E R
# 18 hanzsomehanz @ 07/10/14 06:48 PM
As CM Hooe said, it looks like a fun diversion.

I had a lot of fun w mini camp drills in '05 and '06 and this tells me they are getting to those fundamental aspects that marketed well.

Its not meat and potatoes but it is what is: a nice liesure mode to have fun w while you polish your skills.

They are not marketing this game for the 30+ age demographic guys: we gotta adjust to this the older we get.

If it were not for the mature gamers I gamed w in my early twenties: my Madden growth would have been stunted - most of these kids & teens will grow-up continuing to love this marvel until they too shed their adolescence.

Im done expecting the game to mature and evolve to fit a grown mans needs: Madden was never published for that purpose.

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# 19 Jershy88 @ 07/10/14 06:51 PM
Looks like something I will play once with high expectations, then never play again. But I'll keep an open mind!
# 20 jmurphy31 @ 07/10/14 07:03 PM
I just don't get it. Not sure how this ties in with EA saying their trying to make this game more sim.

It reminds of the 360 version of NBA Jam that had different boss battles. But that was an arcade game.

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