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With the fall release season coming up, it seems prudent to ask OS'ers which of the four major sports games they are most excited about this fall.

Are you more excited about NBA 2K15? Madden NFL 15? NHL 15? FIFA 15?

Be sure to sound off in our poll and let us know which game not-mentioned you are also looking forward to most!

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# 1 Morry83 @ 07/14/14 11:13 AM
NHL15 by farrr
# 2 RoyalBoyle14 @ 07/14/14 11:14 AM
Originally Posted by Morry83
NHL15 by farrr
agreed 100%
# 3 Ghost Of The Year @ 07/14/14 11:15 AM
Normally would have said NCAA football, but oh well.
# 4 Majingir @ 07/14/14 11:16 AM
Seeing how I'm sticking with PS3 for at least 1 more sports gaming year, I'm saying NBA2K15. NBA,Madden and NHL the last game I got was in 2012(the 2013 titles) so each game is gonna have 2 years of improvements!

Looking forward to NBA the most because the Raptors are finally good again so it'd be nice to finally get to play a NBA game featuring a good Raptors team. Last time I bought a NBA game following a season the Raptors made the playoffs was NBA Live 2003!
# 5 grodbetatted @ 07/14/14 11:21 AM
none of the above
# 6 grodbetatted @ 07/14/14 11:23 AM
it would be 2k if they weren't trynna make myplayer an RPG
# 7 SVCbearcat10 @ 07/14/14 11:27 AM
NHL 15. I sorely missed it last year since it skipped next-gen. FIFA intrigues me with the emotional intelligence. I would like to see that make it's way into the NHL series, it would make a ton of sense. NHL is as much about emotion and intensity as soccer is (and the series has been known to borrow from other EA franchises).
# 8 pjburrage @ 07/14/14 11:31 AM
Out of those 4, NHL as it's the first of it's sport on the new consoles.

FIFA would probably be next as the jumps between versions seems bigger than what NBA2K and Madden are doing. Plus it has probably the better online modes.
# 9 Cowboy008 @ 07/14/14 11:32 AM
I don't play Fifa or NHL games and I haven't really heard anything about 2k yet. So I'm going with Madden.
# 10 aukevin @ 07/14/14 11:36 AM
Football and baseball are the only sports games I regularly play, so I guess it will have to be Madden...
# 11 49UNCFan @ 07/14/14 11:40 AM
2k easily

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# 12 ghettofocker @ 07/14/14 11:41 AM
Pretty much everything but FIFA. I'm not a soccer guy. NHL has sparked more intrest this year around since I know what im getting with Madden and NBA2K
# 13 Majingir @ 07/14/14 11:46 AM
Surprised how many people voted NHL seeing how NHL section isn't anywhere close to as active as NBA or NFL sections on this forum
# 14 garyjr33 @ 07/14/14 11:57 AM
NHL 15!!!!!!
# 15 Honome @ 07/14/14 11:59 AM
NHL 15 and PES 2015 (why itīs not in the list????)
# 16 oldman @ 07/14/14 12:07 PM
I'll be in the minority here but NHL followed in a close second to a game not listed in the poll, Live.

2k and Madden have gotten stale to me, I am just now really getting into Fifa and NHL. I liked some things Live tried last year and I am interested to see if they make any improvements.
# 17 13whitebread @ 07/14/14 12:12 PM
NHL 15 farewell Gary Thorne and Bill Clement and hello Doc and Eddie and Ray Ferraro. Thank goodness they left out Paul McGuire.
# 18 spidertour02 @ 07/14/14 12:20 PM
NHL 15 for sure. I may have some interest in Madden this time around, but not nearly to the level of NHL. (NBA 2K14 made me swear off of the series, and I don't like soccer.)
# 19 jayman504 @ 07/14/14 12:48 PM
NHL 15 for sure....NBA 2K has soured me on their product as of late and will wait for customer before/IF I make a purchase
# 20 DirtyJerz32 @ 07/14/14 01:06 PM
Is there a reason why NBA Live 15 isn't included as one of the options.

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