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EA Sports has just released the top 5 quarterbacks for Madden NFL 15.
  • #1 Peyton Manning - 98 Overall
  • #2 Aaron Rodgers - 98 Overall
  • #3 Drew Brees - 96 Overall
  • #4 Russell Wilson - 93 Overall
  • #5 Tom Brady - 93 Overall
Here is a look at the release date schedule for the remaining ratings.
  • Mon, July 21 – Top 10 Overall Rookies (Released)
  • Tues, July 22 – Top 5 Overall QBs (Released)
  • Wed, July 23 – Top 5 Overall RBs
  • Thurs, July 24 – Top 5 Overall WRs/Top 5 Overall TEs
  • Fri, July 25 – Top 5 Overall OL Players
  • Sat, July 26 – Top 5 Overall DEs
  • Sun, July 27 – Top 5 Overall DTs
  • Mon, July 28 – Top 5 Overall LBs
  • Tues, July 29 – Top 5 Overall CBs
  • Wed, July 30 – Top 5 Overall Safeties
  • Thurs, July 31 – Top 5 Overall Special Teams
  • Fri, Aug 1 – Top 10 Overall Players/Full AFC & NFC North Ratings
  • Sat, Aug 2 – Full AFC & NFC South Ratings
  • Sun, Aug 3 – Full AFC & NFC East Ratings
  • Mon, Aug 4 – Full AFC & NFC West Ratings
  • Tues, Aug 5 – Ratings Recap

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Member Comments
# 1 jhoff7324 @ 07/22/14 01:29 PM
^ Yeah Tom wears those loose short sleeves as well.

Love the QB screens minus the neglected short lose sleeves and Peyton's MASSIVE biceps... I had no idea he was working the preacher curls so hard.

Other than those small things, those screens look amazing.

I'm looking forward to this game more everyday...just waiting on equipment updates to make the players look even more life like
# 2 The JareBear @ 07/22/14 01:31 PM
The screens look fantastic.

I think people might have an issue with Wilson being fourth, but it's whatever. 93 seems a bit high but I don't use the EA rosters anyway.
# 3 dougdeuce @ 07/22/14 01:32 PM
I've been waiting to see Rodgers face in the game, and since they don't show it, I'm guessing he wasn't head scanned. I was (and still am) hoping his likeness is done right. It's always looked funny in Madden (to me).
# 4 CM Hooe @ 07/22/14 01:39 PM
This is me feigning outrage that there are four QBs better than Tom Brady.
# 5 totalpoop @ 07/22/14 01:48 PM
im not sure if it's just me but it irks me that madden continually puts an elbow band on aaron rodgers. never have i seen him ever wear one, sure he wears a forearm band occasionally but never something wrapped on his elbow.
# 6 m1ke_nyc @ 07/22/14 01:51 PM
I'm not one to complain about overalls because its the individual ratings that matter. However are they serious with Wilson ? He's not a top 5 QB let alone being better than Brady. He's not even close to any of those guys level in the top 5. Something has gotta change with how they calculate ratings. And I know a lot of it is because he won the Superbowl.
# 7 dsgbraves @ 07/22/14 01:52 PM
They should have given Peyton gloves. and the obvious is that Russel Wilson is overrated here.
# 8 grodbetatted @ 07/22/14 01:54 PM
Whoa Tom Brady could go down as the best quarterback in history, but he's a 93 #bruh
# 9 Spanky @ 07/22/14 01:56 PM
Screens look great. I was hoping for a video with each of these ratings releases, however.
# 10 grodbetatted @ 07/22/14 01:56 PM
# 11 totalpoop @ 07/22/14 01:57 PM
Originally Posted by JetLife6
bothers me to no end as well. I don't know why they have such difficulty with accessories and certain equipment. Some of the accessories have been in the game for a decade unchanged.
preaching to the choir brother, if they dont give more options equipment wise, especially after absorbing the NCAA staff (which always had a wide range selection ESPECIALLY SINGLE ARM SLEEVES FOR LIKE 2 YEARS) I'll certainly be disappointed.
# 12 MajorSupreme @ 07/22/14 01:58 PM
Brady gets to the AFC Championship 3x straight, this year with nothing but nickels and pennies and he's only a 93? Now I know Donny is crazy.

Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
# 13 The JareBear @ 07/22/14 02:00 PM
Originally Posted by grodbetatted
Whoa Tom Brady could go down as the best quarterback in history, but he's a 93 #bruh
I can't stand the Patriots but I have more respect for Brady than any other player in the NFL. Look at who he had to throw to last year with Gronk out so much. Edelman is a nice player but come on. Who did more with less? Brady makes more millionaires than the lotto. If you don't believe me just wait and see what happens when he retires. The whole "Patriot Way" crap is bogus. Tom Brady is the Patriots. Just my opinion though.

Again, it really doesn't matter though. Obviously awareness doesn't affect user controlled players (though I wish there was a way for it to be able to) so we just gots hope the accuracy overhaul they are touting is legit so QBs play like they should
# 14 MAGboyswifT27 @ 07/22/14 02:10 PM
Wilson and Brady at a 93? Interesting..
# 15 Darkwolf90 @ 07/22/14 02:15 PM
Wilson is definitely not a top 5 QB, and no way is he better than Tom Brady. I'm not a Rivers fan ether, but he is more deserving of being a Top 5 QB in Madden and the NFL then Russel Wilson. This just confirms what I'm sure a lot of people are thinking (except for the Bandwagoners of the Seahawks of course) that the Seahawks will be the most overrated team this year. At this point my money is on Richard Sherman being a 99 overall. This is one of the main reason I hate the rating system in Madden, always overrated.... Some might be accurate while others are over inflate or even underrated in the case of a lot of really good players.

I just hope CFM doesn't take players who should be rated really well in their Team's scheme and drop them from 80s and 90s down to 60s and 70s or worse.
# 16 MajorSupreme @ 07/22/14 02:17 PM
Moore on Brady's rating, PURELY based on stats.

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# 17 Rams_3 @ 07/22/14 02:19 PM
I see Peyton still has that Gatta go to the bathroom face lol.
# 18 The JareBear @ 07/22/14 02:23 PM
It says Wilson is 86 speed which is eighth best for QBs. I wonder if they made Kap slower or faster.
# 19 taylorwmj @ 07/22/14 02:23 PM
Originally Posted by JetLife6
It is very odd. I'll never understand it. Even RG3's arm sleeve isnt really an arm sleeve. They just use a long sleeve undershirt and make it appear only on one arm. I want to see an actual shooting sleeve. Some players use different lengths and some have the hex pad.

it must be something deeper.. like the accessories are tied to the coding or something. Only thing that makes sense. If I was nike/reebok.. id be mad that they have old gear in the game. Half the shoes/gloves in the game haven't been used since like 2009.
Accessories have bothered me for years with Madden. The whole "If it's in the game, it's in the game" mantra doesn't really exist anymore. One thing that is lacking is the variation in chinstraps. Everyone has the same padded chinstrap. What about the basic, thin, single snap fabric chinstrap Rodgers wears, or the thin, high-low strap Brady wears?
# 20 grodbetatted @ 07/22/14 02:24 PM
Originally Posted by MajorSupreme
Brady gets to the AFC Championship 3x straight, this year with nothing but nickels and pennies and he's only a 93? Now I know Donny is crazy.

Sent from my SM-G900V using Tapatalk
Exactly... EVEN WHEN HE WON THE SUPER BOWLS HE WON, he did not have an elite receiving core... He had Deion branch in one of them, but the other Super Bowls I couldn't even name his receivers

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