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EA Sports has dumped a ton of new information today on Madden NFL 15 ultimate team, including a new trailer. New features in the game this year include a simplified approach to team management and objectives to get your team started.

Be sure to read the features below and then hop on over to our exclusive interview with Madden Ultimate Team boss-man Joe Alread, to learn about the new features in-depth!

Getting started is better than ever

In addition to your base starter team, you’ll choose a Style Pack with players and a coach to help boost your team style selection. (Style is the new name for “chemistry.”) You’ll also purchase a Welcome Pack of additional items to upgrade your team.

Objectives introduce the mode

A new list of tasks called Objectives take you on a tour of the changes in MUT. This is great for new players, and veterans will appreciate the rewards for completing the objectives.

Item Binder does it all

The new Item Binder combines the functions of the old reserves, current roster, and pending collection. Every item that you own is here, and you can do anything you want with any of them.

Collecting is so much simpler

Sets is the new name for “collections,” and you can add items to sets from just about anywhere. You can even view a set and pull your items into it, or automatically search for them in the auction house. We changed the name because testers thought your “collection” was the group of all the items you own.

Managing style is simpler

Our testing showed that style is a better name for what we used to call “chemistry.” Team style is about how the coach wants to call plays, whether that’s West Coast (Short Pass) or Power Run (Ground and Pound). We’ve made style much easier to manage, and Best Lineup can stack your team by style instead of OVR for those special solo challenges.

Injuries are not so painful

Any injuries your players suffer during a game last for no more than that game only. Injury Recovery items won’t clutter up your packs any more.

Contracts are currency now

Contract Extension items are gone too, replaced by a secondary currency of contracts. You receive contracts when you buy a pack, or you can purchase more in the store. It’s easy to manage them with a function that raises the minimum number of contracts on your whole lineup.

Tiers have been simplified

There are only four tiers now, instead of ten or more. That’s bronze, silver, gold, and elite. Former tiers like Legends and Playoffs are now grouped into programs, which you can search for in your Item Binder and the Auction House.

One-stop shopping

The Store, Auction House, and Trade Block are all accessed from a new tab called the Marketplace. You’ll find a new, streamlined layout in the Store that highlights featured items.

Lineup includes depth chart

A new visual display manages your lineup and depth chart with the same view. Powerful player options and lineup tools make changes easy.

Actions are everywhere

No more moving an item to this place before you can do that task. A comprehensive list of actions for each item is available in new items, the lineup, the item binder, and everywhere else you need it.

More details coming soon

We’ll be doing deep dives on all of these features in the upcoming series of articles, so stay tuned!

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Member Comments
# 1 CM Hooe @ 07/28/14 02:54 PM
I'll say this, it looks like EA has put some thought into the UI this year in this mode. Looks much better than anything I remember seeing in MUT previously. Gives me some (potentially baseless?) hope for the CFM UI getting some redesign.

That said, it's still disappointing to me that (at the moment; appears there will be more news released for MUT later) I'm not going to be able to create my own uniforms and/or stadium this year still. This is my personal sticking point with the mode; if I'm going to basically play fantasy football, I want to be able to make the team 100% my own and not just a collection of NFL players in an existing team's threads. Until that's added I'm just fine sticking with Connected Franchise.
# 2 jpdavis82 @ 07/28/14 02:58 PM
Glad I can finally take my cards and send them directly to "sets"!

Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
# 3 fballturkey @ 07/28/14 04:26 PM
Thank god they made the collection UI workable finally. That was my biggest problem with UT previously.
# 4 hanzsomehanz @ 07/28/14 04:27 PM
Sounds like we can spend less time tied up sorting items and more time occupied playing the game!

Sent from my SGH-I727R using Tapatalk
# 5 rvrazorback @ 07/28/14 04:43 PM
Thank goodness they simplified the tiers. I would get lost with all of the different types of card for 1 player lol
# 6 Indyboy180 @ 07/28/14 04:45 PM
I'll give this a shot since I can actually save progress on PS+

Not paying for Gold when I had the 360 didn't help playing MUT lol.
# 7 MAGboyswifT27 @ 07/28/14 08:08 PM
I'm actually interested with MUT this year because of the changes. I've kind of played in the past but don't stick with it as time goes on. Maybe this year will be different?
# 8 Jarbeez @ 08/05/14 02:41 PM
Originally Posted by rtkiii
What is the point of this mode again...because I must have missed it. You start with a pack of cards and earn more cards by playing games which then gives you better players. Do you play a season or is this just Exhibition the whole time?
You can play in shortened head to head "seasons" and raise your rank. There are also varying difficulty levels of player vs CPU challenges that give rewards in either points or cards as well.

The seasons are not really like a typical football season where you know your schedule of opponents. Let's say it is an 8 game season, when you start each game you are randomly paired with another player at your similar skill level. You have a certain number of wins needed to make the playoffs. If you win the Superbowl you go up a tier in rank, and your next season should be a bit more difficult.

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