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Codemasters has released a patch for the PC version of GRID Autosport, no word on a console patch. All of the details are listed below.
  • Feature Addition – Time Trial mode implemented for GRID Autosport.
  • Feature Addition – Advanced controller options made available for all devices, not only devices that are officially supported.
  • Feature Addition – “Current race timer” added to multiplayer lobbies, allowing new entrants (who are waiting within the lobby for the current race to complete) to gauge the progress of the current event.
  • Online Fix - (DLC) – Fixes specifically to improve future DLC cross compatibility within online matches.
  • Career Fix - (Audio) – Fix to prevent music from cutting off entirely within the race results screens.
  • AI Fix - (Drift) – AI could potentially control player car after terminal damage in two-part drift events.
  • RaceNet Fix - Fixed instances of RaceNet profile switching leading to Club Tags & liveries being mismatched in game.
  • RaceNet Fix - Fixed issue which caused the RaceNet Challenge Medal objectives to be too easily attained.
  • AI Fix – Resolved sporadic instances of AI being given lap times before actually completing the lap.
  • AI Fix – Fixed an issue which could make AI players within Demolition Derby events impervious to receiving terminal damage from the player’s car.
  • RaceNet Fix – Removed instances where ghost entrants could appear within RaceNet Challenge Events.
  • Splitscreen Fix – Fixed issue in relation to being able to generate playlist events which contain DLC content.
  • Career Fix - Resolved irregular instances of “Previous Race Results” grid orders being incorrect for the first race within a championship.
  • Online Fix – (Playlists) -Added “number of laps” to the online track vote screen.
  • Online Fix – Fixed messaging issue to inform a player they have been promoted to Lobby Host.
  • Online Fix – (Customisation) – Resolved instances of customised wheels not appearing correctly for certain vehicle types.
  • Online Fix – (Results) – Resolved erratic instances of retired players not being labelled correctly in the live race results screen.
  • Online Fix – (Playlist) – Fixed sporadic instances of players transitioning from Endurance to a Race/Time Attack mode then receiving an incorrect UI menu on the voting screen.
  • Stability Improvement – Dallara Indycar – Fixed sporadic crashes when loading into events using the Indycar.
  • Online Fix – Amended incorrect reference to ‘downloadable content’ used on when purchasing DLC.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Text strings updated in event rules screen for all disciplines.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed instances of the game entering an unresponsive state after uplink removal whilst completing RaceNet Challenge events.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed stability issues when host disconnects during rolling start events.
  • Stability Improvement - Fixed issues when booting the game with 2 or more pads active, the game giving all control to the “highest numbered” pad.
  • RaceNet Fix - RaceNet Club names now use verified strings within the online newsfeed and loading screens.
  • Online Fix - Unavailable tracks are no longer searchable via the online custom search filters.
  • Online Fix - Fixed instances of total online winnings displaying incorrectly.
  • Stability Improvement – Fixed instances when title loses functionality when controller is disconnected during inviting a friend to join game play.
  • Online Fix - Fixed matchmaking issues when players are unable to find a session after initial host left by powering down their console.
  • Stability Improvement - Remedied instances where players are given a prolonged black screen when entering spectator mode.
  • Online Fix - Fixed sporadic instances of the “Cancel” button on the YouTube upload screen failing to function.
  • Splitscreen Fix - Updated drift event rules screen.
  • Career Fix – (GRID Series) – Remedied instances of the player not being given completed objective rewards.
  • AI Fix – (Drift) – Fixed several instances where the AI in your heat always earns a score much higher or lower than the AI in every other heat.
  • Career Fix – Fixed a tuning error when using the s2000 with certain teams in the first season of tuner.
  • AI Fix - (Spa) – Resolved issues with multiple cars across various classes crashing into RHS wall at Eau Rouge chicane (turn 3).
  • Art Fix – (Washington) – Fixed blank billboards/flags around track spillage areas where sponsors should have been displayed.
  • Splitscreen Fix – (OSD) – Fixed instances where the starting sequence countdown for drift is displayed on the wrong screen, with incorrect timing for one player.
  • Splitscreen Fix – Fixed issue in relation to there being no AI present when racing in splitscreen playlist events.
  • AI Fix – (Touring) – Resolved instances of AI cars not moving off the starting grid at Mount Panorama.
  • Online Fix – Buying a car immediately after purchasing a garage slot could cause the car names to be misaligned or missing.
  • Online Fix – Users were in certain instances unable to “View Vehicle” within vehicle store until first viewing an owned car in a custom livery.
  • Online Fix – (Eliminator) – Resolved issues related to players who terminally damage will be placed first on the results screen.
  • Online Fix – Fixed instances of players switching from party mode to another vehicle discipline then having upgrade stats removed from a player’s owned car.
  • Career Fix – Using a flashback whilst corner cutting could result in the lap counter not incrementing.
  • Online Fix – Resolved sporadic instances of upgrading an owned vehicle also upgrading the loan version.
  • Online Fix – Fixed some instances of vehicle models not correctly loading for party mode vehicle classes that have multiple vehicles.
  • Online Fix - Fixed select tooltip persisting on screen during online sessions if the user is on the confirm repair screen as the pre-race timer expires.
  • RaceNet Fix – Resolved issues related to the “best lap time” ghost car using a default livery rather than the player’s custom livery.
  • Online Fix – Fixed instances of viewing another players stats causing the user to receive the wrong race winnings.
  • RaceNet Fix – Players are told they are ‘Signing out of RaceNet’ when returning to the Press Start screen after purchasing DLC.
  • Career Fix – (Street) – Some players were not awarded the team target bonus for Cup objectives when driving for Ravenwest.
  • AI Fix – (Drift) – Very easy AI in quarter and semi final heats will always have medium level difficulty scores.
  • Career Fix – (Drift) – Fixed sporadic instances of “Drive X km in a Drift event” sponsor objective giving an impossibly high figure.
  • Feature Addition – Support implemented for additional DLC including a “Sprint” pack (with additional game mode) and a “Touring Car” pack.
  • Miscellaneous additional bug fixes

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Member Comments
# 1 Sausage @ 08/03/14 12:08 AM
I'm really leaning towards getting this game. Wonder if the console version will see any post release improvements.
# 2 Sausage @ 08/25/14 11:39 PM
Downloaded patch 36 mb on the PS3 this evening. Haven't read any noted yet.
# 3 inkcil @ 08/27/14 02:33 PM
Originally Posted by Sausage
Downloaded patch 36 mb on the PS3 this evening. Haven't read any noted yet.
I got the patch too and noticed 3 things without trying to look for it:

1. Time Attack added to main menu. YES!!!
2. Car Avatar load times are a tiny bit faster?
3. Track layouts have been revamped in the "track selection" screen.

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