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EA Sports has just posted another NHL 15 blog. This one showcases the new Vision A.I. feature in the game. Players now have an elevated level of player intelligence. Vision A.I. features evolved awareness with players reading and reacting to potential plays. Scoring area recognition, pass anticipation, and enhanced team breakouts all improve the flow of the game.
  • Utilizing Vision A.I., skaters respond to the puck's current and projected position as they anticipate plays before they happen. With over 2,500 points on the ice – players will always look to be in the correct position in all three zones based on their player specific roles.
  • In the offensive zone, players will react dynamically to their teammates’ position, looking to open up potential passing and shooting lanes. Goal scoring forwards will look for soft spots in the defense and get to open shooting lanes.
  • Using just the D-pad, you can change your team’s strategy on the fly. All-new strategies include Quick and Controlled Breakouts that give you dozens of options as you carry the puck up the ice resulting in more rush formations and diverse gameplay.
NHL 15 is scheduled to arrive on September 9th for PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

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Member Comments
# 1 Sparkles @ 07/31/14 03:08 PM
Bergy got a head scan i see
# 2 Kolbe31 @ 07/31/14 03:10 PM
In a hockey rink, there is nothing as shiny as EA is making it.
# 3 jayman504 @ 07/31/14 03:16 PM
Don't know about the rest of you guys but that first pic when I loaded up the screen made me do a double take. looks so lifelike
# 4 Sparkles @ 07/31/14 03:28 PM
Ugh I want a vid badly
# 5 canucksss @ 07/31/14 03:33 PM
Originally Posted by SpectralThundr
Here's where having a video showcasing it would have silenced a lot of negativity. Missed opportunity there EA.
So expect a lot of negativity based on this...why is it that EA is trying to convince the consumers with all these promises without visual proof? Talk is cheap especially if it comes from EA. They've been doing this for several years now.

Originally Posted by bigwill33
What sad attempt at providing info, EA.
Not surprising.

I would really wait for OS'ers who will have access to EA to give their honest opinion about NHL gameplay.
# 6 GrandMaster B @ 07/31/14 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by Segagendude
It'll probably be amazing until the online kiddies complain about it being too hard to score. Then it'll be patched out of existence.
Exactly. It happens every year.
# 7 adayinthelife @ 07/31/14 04:27 PM
Ehhh, I'll believe it when I see it.

Bergeron 2.0 however looks fantastic, glad they got on that and hopefully they did some others while they were at it.
# 8 murph17 @ 07/31/14 04:35 PM
ooooooooook. see ya next week i guess. worst dev diary ever.
# 9 TDKing @ 07/31/14 05:09 PM
Does this new great feature apply to defense too?
# 10 bwiggy33 @ 07/31/14 06:20 PM
Originally Posted by SpectralThundr
This ^^ a video showcasing it would have gone a long way. Now we'll just get another month of "EA is lying about the AI" posts instead. And they do mention all 3 zones, so there's zero excuse if there isn't neutral zone pressure this year with the proper strategy selected.
Agreed there are no more excuses for them with not having at least neutral zone pressure. I don't care how much someone loves the NHL series, nobody can say this was a good blog release. Honestly it's sad how bad that was and it deals with a very vital part to the game. The part of the game that most of the people on this forum wanted to hear about. If only they had done something like the Madden developers did a couple weeks ago by making a detailed video breaking down the bad parts of the game the past few years and talking about how they improved them or are looking to improve them in the future. That's the type of stuff that goes a long way with people. Hell even the NHL devs used to make videos showing the AI improvements in game. For some reason these types of things the devs used to do, just are no longer something they (or maybe it's the EA higher ups) care about.

I've said it on here so many times, people would not be so harsh on this game if the devs actually appeared to give a damn. Look at the Madden forum right now. It's filled with hope and a lot more positivity because the devs have come out and showed they care. I just don't see it with NHL and I haven't in a very very long time. It's probably been since Littman and Richards were still a vital part of the development.
# 11 actionhank @ 07/31/14 06:51 PM
A video would have been great here. It would do a lot to get people into the game, especially people like me who have been more than a little disappointed with what i've seen from the AI in terms of defense.
We've got two pictures of the same event, just from different angles, and those aren't too promising as there isn't anyone pressuring anybody on the Bolts, and then we have a picture of Iginla where he's hopefully not skating backwards, doing nothing to try and stop the puck, despite being in pretty solid positioning to do so.
EA missed a major opportunity, and that's a pretty big disappointment from them.
# 12 spidertour02 @ 07/31/14 07:18 PM
I'm going to guess that this was slapped together in twenty minutes to try to address the common complaints about AI, unlike the slickly-produced videos. (It didn't help, obviously.)
# 13 drog1602 @ 07/31/14 08:14 PM
Originally Posted by SpectralThundr
This ^^ a video showcasing it would have gone a long way. Now we'll just get another month of "EA is lying about the AI" posts instead. And they do mention all 3 zones, so there's zero excuse if there isn't neutral zone pressure this year with the proper strategy selected.

I did however like the sound of quick vs controlled breakouts. That sounds interesting.
All three zones for the offence to pick apart the defence. They said NOTHING about it helping the defence, only helping the OFFENCE.

There will be zero pressure of any kind from the defence. Heck, look at the pictures, the dmen are playing way soft.
# 14 gator3guy @ 07/31/14 08:39 PM
Was that a joke?
# 15 drog1602 @ 07/31/14 10:04 PM
Originally Posted by SpectralThundr
Well I hope they prove people wrong, because it's my biggest complaint about the game as well.
I really hope they do too. I will be looking for honest reviews with the early release, checking out the demo.
# 16 Sparkles @ 07/31/14 11:22 PM
They should consider taking interactive body animations from fifa. They really need tugging and player awareness/aggressiveness. That would really help the defensive side I believe
# 17 meep316 @ 07/31/14 11:33 PM
It's just comical at this point. Brutal.
# 18 gator3guy @ 08/01/14 12:49 AM
Originally Posted by SpectralThundr
Yep your agenda of yearly hating is quite comical. Folks like bigwill and Bwiggy are at least constructive and give valid reasons why they aren't completely happy with the game. You on the other hand are just a transparent troll who adds zero to the conversation.
Why do you run to defend the game in every thread? If you like the game the way it is, fine. Don't let other peoples opinions affect your own. Just move on. You don't need to respond to every negative post. It gets old.
# 19 TjJunior @ 08/01/14 01:01 AM
They took the OTF coaching from 2k8 and called it new? Or will this do something completely different, because it sounds identical.
# 20 Södy @ 08/01/14 01:02 AM
Doesn't we have this awesome AI improvement since NHL 12 every year?

I sold my PS4 because NHL is the only game till late 2015 I would play on it and I am very sceptical, NHL 15 is worth 400+ bucks. Maybe I'm back for 16.

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