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HB Studios has released another video from The Golf Club. This one shows how the pitch shot works, one of the most important shots in golf.

Generally played with one of the wedges, pitch shots have a steep trajectory and very little roll. Unlike chip shots, which spend minimum time in the air, maximum time on the ground, pitches spend maximum time in the air and minimum time on the ground. This video demonstrates how the pitch shot works in The Golf Club.

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# 1 tsbmolina @ 08/01/14 10:25 AM
This game looks great. I love the feel of the atmosphere with all the shadows and ambient sound. I can't wait to get my hands on this!
# 2 PAPERNUT @ 08/01/14 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by Hutton
My only concern is the fact that the game appears a touch easy. The person creating all of these tutorial vids hits 98-100% on every shot & has a damn near perfectly straight swing arc.

I mean look at his pitch shots, nearly everyone lands on the green with a <10' putt. He spins one nicely back to the hole, and a few other run <5' after impact.
I agree, but I also wonder if these are just some of the better shots edited for the videos.
# 3 Ryan97 @ 08/02/14 08:36 AM
A little nit pick here, but those wrists should be cocking a little earlier and the hips opening more at impact. Pitch shots in a lot of golf games look rigid and awkward. In real life its about rhythm and a consistent tempo. The hands just don't release through the ball like they should "appear to".
# 4 mebby @ 08/02/14 08:44 PM
Having played the early release on Steam I will say that it's probably too easy to hit perfect shots. This is one area that they'll have to continue to figure out over time.

Having said that though - the fact that custom courses can be built to suit the game kinda negate most of that anyway. I'd imagine playing real courses on this game could get a little boring - people would be firing some seriously low rounds all the time.
# 5 doyley @ 08/15/14 02:54 PM
Hopefully they tweak the penalty for mi****s - currently it's not severe enough in my opinion.

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