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It’s the middle of summer, and while there’s a bit of a lull in the release calendar before the fall blitz, plenty is still happening in the sports video game world. The 95th episode of the Press Row Podcast is a combination of several conversations. Up first, host Rich Grisham is joined by Owen Good, Chris Sanner, and Bryan Wiedey to discuss the implications of the just-announced EA Access subscription program. After that segment, Rich is joined by Bryan as well as T.J. Lauerman and Pete Dodd to analyze the sports game ‘patch culture’ as well as whether sports commentary matters. Finally, Madden 15 producer Joe Alread joins Rich to describe all the new changes and improvements coming to Ultimate Team in this year’s upcoming Madden.

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# 1 mestevo @ 08/01/14 02:29 PM
I'd do the $100 or whatever offer floated by Owen, biggest obstacle of that is I'd prefer to do that on PS4. Even buying Madden at retail for PS4 to play with friends I'd still consider that package for Xbox One if I'll get my money's worth from the other included titles.

I think the trade-in benefit is overstated, it was just released that something like 50%+ of Gamestop's own customers aren't aware they can trade games in there.

Nice picking apart the Sony doubletalk... no EA Access because they're protecting their customers from what they consider a bad value, but currently sell games at full price that are about to be relatively obsolete (FIFA, Madden). Also not mentioned re: the pricing on NOW, the pro-Sony gamers laud Sony's 'protecting us from a bad value' attitude with EA Access, and then go to 'publishers set the prices' when it comes to PS Now pricing. Sony's 'protection from a bad value' is merely protecting us from options, and protection of their bottom line.
# 2 KOYO78 @ 08/02/14 10:45 AM
great podcast as always
# 3 yardz23 @ 08/02/14 03:30 PM
The bottom line is EA access is great value. The fact that it is for XB1 only (as of now) is mainly why I feel the general opinion is negative towards it. 30 dollars to have the games in the vault now would cost users around $150-$200 ala carte.

Also, the used game market, at least in GameStop, is straight robbery for the gamer. Being able to flip my copy of M15 for 15 bucks towards M16 is something I won't miss at all.

If I feel patient enough, I could just wait for M15 to go in the vault around this time next year even. I'll get my free trial to decide if it's worth it.

EA cutting the middle man is great for gamers. As greedy as people like to portray EA, this is a good deal.

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