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It looks like we will see a huge FIFA 15 Premier League video announcement tomorrow. Any guess on what it could be?

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# 1 ZO @ 08/05/14 01:54 PM
I'm going to say its something stupid, like some sort of connection to the premiere league fantasy football. Like EA did with Madden and the NFL.
# 2 Ermolli @ 08/05/14 02:28 PM
Please don't be about renewing its exclusivity
# 3 bad_philanthropy @ 08/05/14 02:50 PM
All stadiums.
# 4 Murph @ 08/05/14 03:45 PM
Originally Posted by bad_philanthropy
All stadiums.
Some day, I hope the same for MLS.
# 5 Sports fanantic @ 08/05/14 05:06 PM
When will the UEFA Championship tournament come to FIFA?
# 6 ZO @ 08/05/14 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by Sports fanantic
When will the UEFA Championship tournament come to FIFA?
When ever Konami (PES/WES) stops paying for the exclusivity.
# 7 buckeyezombie @ 08/05/14 05:13 PM
All stadiums would be awesome

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# 8 mrd016 @ 08/05/14 07:12 PM
I would love all stadiums. I just don't know if this is feasible as what are the chances of West Brom, Leicester, QPR and the likes staying up? Don't know if EA will spend the effort on teams who might not even stay up and aren't going to appeal to large audiences.
# 9 ERA @ 08/05/14 07:29 PM
If you skip to 1:35 in the Emotion and Intensity trailer, you can see Man City and Spurs playing and it seems the BPL has its own presentation package. I think that could hint at the BPL becoming fully licensed, meaning all stadiums, etc.

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# 10 KennyJ1976 @ 08/05/14 09:41 PM
Probably some bitch move like exclusivity on BPL teams, players, and stadiums so no other game (PES) can use them.
# 11 supafly03 @ 08/06/14 03:33 AM
I think it will be either the Scoreboard or more stadiums and exclusive partnerships.

Though, if it's just stadiums I'd rather them adding some from other countries(Bundesliga, MLS etc.) instead of even more stadiums from England.

BTW: They'll have to do something cause even with fully licencing the Serie A, they lost the Brazilian league(PES still has it) and need to add something else.
# 12 AirJordanFan93 @ 08/06/14 04:42 AM
They have rights to use official EPL graphics and overlays this year. Its been seen in the trailers already but I guess this would be an official announcement of a deal. All stadiums would be nice as well.
# 13 McG @ 08/06/14 08:48 AM
EA FIFA has already posted on Twitter Villa Park.


I say the more stadiums the better, but I would love some MLS love.

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