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FIFA 15 will feature all 20 Barclays Premier League stadiums and over 200 new player head scans (see video here). The team has also posted a list of all FIFA 15 Barclays Premier League head scans here, including some from other leagues.

Make sure you check out the new screenshots of the stadiums and head scans here.

EA Sports and the FIFA 15 team captured cheers, chants and sounds from over 20 live Barclays Premier League matches. The game will feature realistic audio to goal reactions, misses, whistles and over two hours of crowd-specific songs. Click here to hear an example.

Press Release

Electronic Arts Inc. today announced that EA SPORTS™ and the Premier League have extended their existing agreement until the end of the 2018/19 season, which now incorporates the sponsorship of the League’s Goal Decision System.

As a longstanding partner of the Premier League, EA SPORTS has been connecting to real world football through a number of partnership initiatives with the Premier League, including the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index - an in-depth statistics matrix measuring player’s all round contribution – and the Fantasy Premier League game.

The new agreement will showcase the Barclays Premier League as the most authentic league in EA SPORTS FIFA 15, with an unprecedented level of detail in the players and all 20 stadiums, as well as the integration of broadcast quality graphics, audio and commentary that ensures FIFA 15 fans will feel the emotion and intensity of the most popular football league in the world. The deal has given EA SPORTS access to all 20 Barclays Premier League clubs to enable the FIFA 15 team to capture 3D head scans of over 200 players, build realistic stadiums for all 20 League clubs, and capture the emotion of the crowd by recording live match atmosphere during the 2013/14 season.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce the extension of our partnership with the Premier League, the most played league in EA SPORTS FIFA,” said Peter Moore, Chief Operating Officer, EA. “It brings our award-winning game to new levels of authenticity and realism, and enables fans to immerse themselves in the drama and emotion of the league. And as a life-long Liverpool FC fan, I know exactly how that feels!”

“EA SPORTS is a long term licensee of the Premier League and we are extremely pleased to extend our existing agreements with them, and to add new elements to our partnership including their sponsorship of the Goal Decision System,” commented Richard Scudamore, Chief Executive of the Premier League. “They have worked with our clubs to enhance the Premier League element of FIFA 15 like never before and, combined with their sponsorship of the EA SPORTS Player Performance Index and our Fantasy Premier League game, they continue to engage with football fans in a variety of innovative and exciting ways.”

The new agreement enables FIFA 15 to showcase the Barclays Premier League in the most authentic representation ever, by including the following features*:
  • Broadcast Graphics – Broadcast quality overlay graphics that are synonymous with the international TV broadcasts will communicate to fans all the important game information: team sheets, formations, score and clock, next fixture, player stats, and more.
  • Audio and Commentary – The ambience and cheers of over 20 Barclays Premier League matches were recorded and implemented into FIFA 15 to bring realistic audio to goals, misses, whistles, and crowd-specific chants. The Barclays Premier League Anthem will also play at the start of each League match up.
  • All 20 Stadiums – Every stadium in the Barclays Premier League is in the game and looks, feels, and sounds just as it does in real life, including authentic representation of animated LEDs and advertising boards.
  • Authentic Player Headscans – Using the latest 3D scanning technology, the FIFA 15 development team visited every Barclays Premier League club in the 2013/14 season to scan players and capture their likeness. Over 200 new player heads will be scanned into FIFA 15, giving them the most realistic player model possible.
  • Goal Decision System – Making its debut in FIFA 15, Goal Decision System will leave no question as to whether or not the ball crossed the line. Replay animations will emulate TV broadcasts playing after close calls and goal line clearances.

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Member Comments
# 1 Sparkles @ 08/06/14 10:37 AM
Wow. This is turning into a must buy for me now. Those scans look amazing
# 2 aholbert32 @ 08/06/14 10:42 AM
I am an admittedly casual soccer fan and the only leagues I regularly follow are La Liga and the BPL. So this is a pretty big deal for me. I usually run a BPL league and I'm happy that I wont have to play in generic stadiums anymore.

With that said, I hope they didnt eliminate any of the other stadiums to get all of the BPL stadiums in the game.
# 3 jyoung @ 08/06/14 10:43 AM
Also mentioned in today's blog:

Authentic Chants

We visited and captured cheers, chants and sounds from over 20 live Barclays Premier League matches. FIFA 15 will have realistic audio to goal reactions, misses, whistles and over two hours of crowd-specific songs.

Goal Line Decision System

For the first time in a FIFA title we’ve implemented goal-line technology. Replay animations will emulate TV broadcasts after close calls and goal line clearances leaving you in no doubt about whether the ball crossed the line.
Good news all around.

I'm sure more stadiums (La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga) and face scans will be added to future FIFAs. This is probably all they could get done in a year's time.
# 4 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 08/06/14 10:50 AM

Generic stadiums take so much out of the game for me. Loftus Road, here I come.
# 5 LionsFanNJ @ 08/06/14 10:54 AM
pleaseBeOnPS3, PleaseBeOnPS3, PleaseBeOnPS3

Don't have a dog in the fight for the EPL, but damn this is awesome. Hope Serie A gets the same treatment in an upcoming iteration. I just hop the stadiums are on PS3 at least since i haven't gone next gen yet.
# 6 rspencer86 @ 08/06/14 10:57 AM
Awesome stuff. I'm a new-ish soccer fan, and have only played one FIFA before, but this is a really exciting addition. I've been looking to start following EPL, and this will really help me get acquainted with the league.

My hope is that the MLS will eventually get the same kind of treatment. I know it does not have the prestige as some of the other leagues overseas, but because MLS so strongly wants to aspire to that kind of level, they need to be throwing piles of cash at EA to get this kind of authenticity represented in the game.
# 7 Steve_OS @ 08/06/14 11:13 AM
Some of the head scans.
# 8 flo182 @ 08/06/14 11:15 AM
Great news for all the PL Fans.

I just hope for me and all the other players who prefer to not only play with PL Teams that they also did a bit of work on Teams from Germany, Spain, France, Italy etc.

Of course its unrealistic to expect real stadiums & faces of all the Teams and Players and its a progress EA will have to take step by step but I really hope they did at least the big international teams.

I dont care if they scan Hazard, Aguero, Rooney for the 3rd time in the last 5 years. They already looked pretty good in FIFA 09...

But its a big disappointment if you play career mode and there are sooo many famous players who dont look anything like their real counterparts.

For the atmosphere and graphics of FIFA in general I think it would be a much bigger step to bring at least all the players of the big leagues (PL, La Liga, Bundesliga, Seria A) to the level of say FIFA 12. They dont have to look perfect but at least recognisable.
Instead it seems that EA concentrates on improving those Top 5% of the Players every year and make them look more realistic whereas the rest of the players still look exactly like in FIFA 09.
# 9 gerg1234 @ 08/06/14 11:17 AM
Awesome! Really looking forward to this!
# 10 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 08/06/14 11:22 AM
To me this is huge because no matter what league you played in it felt incomplete. You would see all the fantastic stadiums of the PL on TV week in and week out only to have to play in a generic stadium in most of your PL season. All that has changed now, we finally have a complete league.

I am really excited to hear about all the chants they have added. Career mode just got a huge boost.

Now I just need to decide between Fulham and QPR as to who I start with. Craven Cottage is one of the most iconic stadiums to me.
# 11 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 08/06/14 11:42 AM
Originally Posted by Hutton
Since Fulham was relegated I doubt EA will include an authentic Craven Cottage, but here's to hoping they also added some lower league authentic stadia.

I had forgotten they had been relegated. They had been up for what felt like forever, but I only really started following the PL ten years ago or so.

I has a sad now.
# 12 Murph @ 08/06/14 11:42 AM
It's great news! I'll put my obligatory request in for eventual MLS stadiums.
# 13 ZO @ 08/06/14 12:01 PM
As someone who in all my years of playing FIFA, has only played one single season in PL, this is kinda meh to me. But its better than what I thought it would be.
# 14 buckeyezombie @ 08/06/14 12:32 PM
Craven Cottage would've been sweet. But this is fantastic news. I heard EA bought the rights to all the Spanish League stadiums as well, to keep them away from PES. I'd love those in as well

Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2
# 15 BigTimeTimmyJim @ 08/06/14 12:46 PM
Originally Posted by buckeyezombie
Craven Cottage would've been sweet. But this is fantastic news. I heard EA bought the rights to all the Spanish League stadiums as well, to keep them away from PES. I'd love those in as well

Sent from my MB855 using Tapatalk 2

Fingers crossed that they can get all of La Liga in next year, I would love to play in Rayo's stadium for a CM.
# 16 GR5Noles @ 08/06/14 12:49 PM
this should be awesome, but I fear that it kept from working on the Bundesliga, Serie A, and La Liga, so those leagues will continue to be full of guys with generic faces.
# 17 Ermolli @ 08/06/14 01:27 PM
Not gonna lie, I'm pissed that EA renewed their exclusive license with the EPL, now we've to wait five more years to see if the deal is going to end; I hate exclusivity.

Despite that those stadiums look gorgeous; while I'm glad that they've scanned so many players I feel that face textures lack detail, they look really bland and also I'm not a fan of they player models.
# 18 Entiae @ 08/06/14 01:28 PM
I wasn't expecting this at all. Love it!
# 19 orion523 @ 08/06/14 01:42 PM
Simply awesome. For fans of English football, it really can't get much better than this. They've even got the real referees!
# 20 KennyJ1976 @ 08/06/14 02:23 PM
Damn!!! I wish this was coming out in August and Madden came out in September. So much more hyped for this game (and PES too) than Madden, and I'm a big time football fan.

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