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A couple of days ago, EA Sports and the FIFA 15 team announced all 20 Barclays Premier League stadiums and over 200 new player head scans would be in the game this year.

A few people asked whether or not the game would feature vanishing spray, which became very popular globally, during the 2014 World Cup and has been confirmed for the 2014/15 Premier League season.

The spray is used as a temporary visual aid, to make sure the kicker and defenders are 10 yards apart on free kicks. Unfortunately, it won't be featured in FIFA 15.

"Obviously it was something that was used at the World Cup and we'll definitely look at it but it's not in FIFA 15," Channon said. "We're not planning on putting it in the game right now," he added.

Source - CVG

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Member Comments
# 1 sportsuiguy @ 08/08/14 10:06 AM
# 2 ZO @ 08/08/14 10:42 AM
Well, even it if was we would rarely see it. Unless they fix the issue of the CPU never being called for fouls.
# 3 japsubie @ 08/08/14 11:46 AM
Originally Posted by oulzac
Well, even it if was we would rarely see it. Unless they fix the issue of the CPU never being called for fouls.
lol this is exactly what i was thinking. i pray to god they have made the fouls more even this year, nothing pissed me off more. ive played this fifa installment almost every day for the entire year, and i honestly think ive taken maybe about 8-10 free kicks in scoring position. if that...
# 4 Sparkles @ 08/08/14 12:32 PM
I could see it being patched if they really want it in. Not that big of a deal though hahah
# 5 robin2dl @ 08/08/14 02:42 PM
Originally Posted by Hutton
Ding ding ding.....and we have a winner.

Just think how cool it would be though if the ref used the spray on the one free kick that occurs each match!
Just another screen in which you'll to try to skip and accidentally pass the ball. lol
# 6 Shaffer26 @ 08/08/14 03:49 PM
Well, that's not cool.
# 7 malky @ 08/08/14 05:47 PM
Man ya'll got to do something about the picture, lol
# 8 ZO @ 08/08/14 07:14 PM
What is wrong with the image exactly?
# 9 SteelersFreak @ 08/09/14 03:36 PM
Originally Posted by oulzac
What is wrong with the image exactly?
His head is near the other guy's crotch tee hee
# 10 half-fast @ 08/09/14 04:14 PM
Originally Posted by jfrost32
Its ok, we understand that EA doesnt care about realism or the small things that can go a long way. If they added that in, yes it wouldnt affect the gameplay but it would be part of the small things that make this game realistic
I dont think its not that they dont care, i think its that they cant get it right. Too many people would get too good and score every time, and EA has a history of not being able to balance that out.
# 11 TheVinylHippo @ 08/11/14 01:35 AM
Pre-order cancelled.
# 12 willcoll @ 08/11/14 09:15 PM
This is pretty nit-picking if your disappointed about this.

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