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HB Studios has partnered with golf simulator specialist ProTee United, allowing golf enthusiasts worldwide to play the game all year round with their own golf clubs and a real golf ball in the comfort of their own homes.

I've seen a few of these in the local arcades and malls, but haven't ever tried it. Considering the price to have the system in your home, it probably isn't the solution for the average golf gamer. It looks like you can rent the system in California.

Read the full press release below.

The Golf Club Signs Exclusive Worldwide License Deal
With ProTee United

HB Studios Agreement Allows ProTee United a Version of the
Game to Appear on Golf Simulators

Canadian video game developer, HB Studios, today announced a global partnership with golf simulator specialist ProTee United. The simulator version of the The Golf Club will allow golf enthusiasts worldwide to play the game all year round with their own golf clubs and a real golf ball in the comfort of their own homes. Golf simulator users will also benefit from the thousands of courses created by TGC players on PC and console. Apart from enjoying the amazing graphics on a big screen players will be able to create their own course, play online with friends, and play in online tournaments worldwide.

”We are so excited about the greatness of the game and the SDK which will allow golf simulator users worldwide to immerse themselves further than ever before into one of the most technically advanced golf games ever created,” said Dennis van Drie of ProTee United. “Not only will we enable ProTee users to play TGC on ProTee simulators, we will also release an SDK for other golf simulator manufacturers to play TGC with real clubs and balls in online play and tournaments.”

HB Studios CEO Jeremy Wellard adds “it’s great to have the game reaching out to a wider audience and allowing people to play the game just like the real thing, with the leading simulator company in the world we’re confident that it’ll take golf to a whole new level.”

The Golf Club is a fully featured golfing experience where users can play against friends’ and rivals’ best rounds in turn-based/asynchronous competition modes enhanced by cloud-based technology. The game supports Tours & Tournaments, stroke play, match play, and 4-ball.

The Golf Club is due for worldwide release on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC Windows platforms in late August.

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Member Comments
# 1 Shaffer26 @ 08/08/14 03:49 PM
If only I had the money for this....
# 2 jmaj315 @ 08/08/14 03:59 PM

I have a new goal in life!

It used to be buying a Ducati...but now...
Especially since i live in Michigan. I might be able to convice my gf (one day wife if all goes well) that itd be saving money in the long run...

Gas, hotel, greens fees, food...starts to add up lolol
# 3 TheBleedingRed21 @ 08/08/14 04:40 PM
If we all pitch in $1K, we can get it...

Here is the catch..

# 4 baseballphanatic @ 08/11/14 07:12 AM
Def sweet...there is also a simulator just like this at DickSporting Goods for like $300 or $400 that u can plug into ur CPU. Has really good reviews.
# 5 Aggies7 @ 08/12/14 03:29 AM
I would love to have this for my house, but that thing looks huge don't know if it would even fit.

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