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With yesterday's announcement of MyLEAGUE in our interview about the new mode, we learned that we are getting Association Mode on Steroids. The details sound great, with a highly customizable experience along with no VC being required to operate the mode.

So how do you feel about MyLEAGUE? Are you excited? Are you just going to wait and see? Are you bummed?

Sound off by voting in our poll and leave a comment with your thoughts!

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# 1 billcard @ 08/08/14 12:35 PM
Exactly what a lot of us were asking for from 2K. Now if we could only get this mode online to play with our friends...

This is an awesome step in the right direction.
# 2 NoTiCe_O @ 08/08/14 12:38 PM
Good Servers. Good Deal.
# 3 Cowboy008 @ 08/08/14 12:43 PM
Was going to pass on it this year since I didn't like what they did with all the VC but now I will be picking this up when it comes out.
# 4 TheDeej @ 08/08/14 12:47 PM
VERY HAPPY!! This is the news I was hoping for. I wasn't expecting it and was ready to be disappointed.

I am so pleased that 2k has listened to the criticism and responded by giving players like myself what we hoped for AND MORE!!.

I am definitely going to preorder now and continue to be a day-one buyer and 2k loyalist.

I am glad I do not have to turn to move and and learn a new game(NBA Live15) just to play a true association mode.

I Give you big HUGZ 2K!!
# 5 SHAKYR @ 08/08/14 12:51 PM
I skimmed though it. I didn't see anything on create a team or did I miss something?
# 6 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/08/14 12:59 PM
Freakin Awesome. Exactly the type of mode I was looking for.
# 7 rgb3138 @ 08/08/14 01:16 PM
They needed this mode to be online though. Took away online associations and gave us online leagues which sucked you had no control over anything. This is exactly what i wanted but can't play it with my boys online... smh. Might give a real look at nba live this year if they stepped it up.
# 8 asu666 @ 08/08/14 01:22 PM
I'm an Association mode guy, so I literally couldn't care less. I just hope they unhitch single-player from the servers.
# 9 rkocjay @ 08/08/14 01:30 PM
Originally Posted by asu666
I'm an Association mode guy, so I literally couldn't care less. I just hope they unhitch single-player from the servers.
i believe that VC will not be involved in this mode so i think its offline
# 10 CavsNation @ 08/08/14 01:39 PM
I'm a big fan of this mode "Association" , so i'm really excited!

I know that we get better gameplay and all that stuff but please 2k plsssss ...

We are are now at 2k15, and i think we all want a better Intro at the start " player intro - Starting Lineup " like this -> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NqUR7JPW8KI

If that not in 2k15 its cool, but pls 2k bring this in 1-2 years in your game!

Thank you
# 11 supremeslang @ 08/08/14 01:54 PM
I'm happy overall, but it would be nice if they brought back the option of inviting friends to play against you in your season games. I get tired of playing the CPU every game.
# 12 Junior Moe @ 08/08/14 02:03 PM
Ecstatic! I am an offline "Franchise" gamer. This basically killed NBA 2k14 for me. This announcement alone has sold me on NBA 2k15, and this is just the beginning. They hit everything. It's gonna be a good year of NBA hoops for me.
# 13 BezO @ 08/08/14 02:09 PM

No VC and a host of new features. As an exclusive offline gamer, I'm good.

I'm anticipating some good gameplay improvements, so I'm finally shopping around for PS4 deals.
# 14 turty11 @ 08/08/14 02:22 PM
just gonna say this pole alone shows that the majority of OS is NOT crew/online only spammers as they claim to be.

id love to have been able to vote great, but still waiting to see
# 15 sticks323 @ 08/08/14 02:41 PM
So 2k ignores the fans in MyGM and now they reverse everything and call it MyLeague and act like it's something brand new? It's franchise mode the way it should be.
# 16 Number999 @ 08/08/14 02:57 PM
It's awesome.
# 17 SHAKYR @ 08/08/14 03:32 PM
Thank you Visual Concepts/2K! Us offline players are excited and there are a lot of us. Polls don't lie. I'm going to really enjoy myself getting envolved with the depth and possibilities. I have been a fan from nearly day one and this is what I wanted back. I can't stand the Limburger cheese online.

# 18 jeremym480 @ 08/08/14 04:51 PM
Some of the comments in this thread makes me think that the posters either
a) didn't read the interview
b) hate that this mode isn't online, so they're posting false info just to troll.

I mean for someone to say that they're an Association guy, but don't like this mode?


And for someone else to say that they're just adding it back in as new since they took it out last year? No that is not the case. They had to build this mode from scratch on next gen and it has so many more options than last gen's Association that they two modes aren't really comparable.

But, don't let the facts get in the way of you agendas/ignorance. Haters Gonna Hate, I guess.
# 19 Jakeness23 @ 08/08/14 06:24 PM
I was on the fence for 2K after 14, but after that news yesterday I went out and pre-ordered it. What I'm hoping will be added to MyLeague in the future will be Summer League, Training Camp, D-League, Expansion/Relocation, FIBA World Cup, and Olympics. There's still quite a ways to go for all of that, but I honestly think that 2K could do it. They seem to find a way to blow my mind every year.
# 20 loadedlux @ 08/08/14 06:29 PM
There should be a poll option that says "should be a mode in every sports game". Seriously, the user should have a large amount of customization options. We still need what bugs will be in this mode, because you know how 2k can be.

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