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About a month ago, 2K Sports announced Pharrell Williams would curate the soundtrack for NBA 2K15. Today, they have released it.

Along with the track list below, 2K released a Spotify playlist letting fans experience the music today.

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# 1 bpietro @ 08/12/14 09:24 AM
I was hoping for some Eminem. Well, at least 'Happy' insn't there.
# 2 cthurt @ 08/12/14 09:25 AM
Going to feel like 2k7 all over again with Planet Rock being on the soundtrack again, nice list though.
# 3 BezO @ 08/12/14 09:26 AM
Not mad at this.
# 4 jayman504 @ 08/12/14 09:26 AM
A good mix up of nice songs...not bad Pharrell not bad....!
# 5 Kodii Rockets @ 08/12/14 09:29 AM
I expected the soundtrack to be decent, and this looks like exactly what I was expecting. Very good job, pretty subtle, but pretty solid.

I think anyone who knew Pharell knew that there was a 110% chance of grindin' being on there, but we Public Enemy? Not bad Mr. Williams, Not bad at all.
# 6 Clappington @ 08/12/14 09:35 AM
I like it tbh 27 songs is not bad at all.
# 7 Rockie_Fresh88 @ 08/12/14 09:35 AM
Grinding and Drop it like its hot lol ok Then
# 8 eaterofworlds888 @ 08/12/14 09:36 AM
eh, mostly rap which I'm not a fan of but not terrible.
# 9 Shaffer26 @ 08/12/14 09:37 AM
A lot of good songs on this list. Good job, Pharrell.
# 10 @marcusjiles @ 08/12/14 09:41 AM
Will be on mute the third week. Maybe even out the box. And I like rap. It's great but... when we get to the day when you can upload your own music... THAT WILL BE THE FREAKING DAY.
# 11 Kodii Rockets @ 08/12/14 09:46 AM
Originally Posted by eaterofworlds888
eh, mostly rap which I'm not a fan of but not terrible.
8-10 out of 27 is not mostly. But who cares about something as miniscule as accuracy eh?
# 12 grodbetatted @ 08/12/14 09:52 AM
Ehh not a fan of this list however glad happy isn't there
# 13 turty11 @ 08/12/14 09:53 AM
see lorde on track list...guess 2k15 will be muted also

theres at best 3 songs on there i like.. smh soundtracks get worse every year after that jayz crap
# 14 grodbetatted @ 08/12/14 09:54 AM
And for people who say too much rap, I have to say basketball and hiphop go hand in hand
# 15 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/12/14 10:10 AM
I'm happy with the playlist. There were some songs I thought of that made the list. I'm looking forward to the drop date.
# 16 chubbster715 @ 08/12/14 10:18 AM
I remember most people were against Pharell doing the soundtrack, and now most people agree with it. I think it's a pretty good soundtrack, mix of old and new
# 17 iLLmatic @ 08/12/14 10:21 AM
"Shut Em Down"-Public Enemy (Pete Rock Remix)

# 18 The 24th Letter @ 08/12/14 10:24 AM
Man I really really like this soundtrack...my only issue is that 2k cuts and butchers these songs so much so that they're G rated

Dangerous from Busta is my ****
# 19 Rams_3 @ 08/12/14 10:34 AM
Thank goodness "happy" didn't make the cut.
# 20 cb1115 @ 08/12/14 10:35 AM
A Tribe Called Quest getting love in 2014? nice.

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