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The Golf Club is set to tee off for Xbox One and PC on August 19th for $34.99. The PlayStation 4 version arrives later this month, pending certification approval.

Read the full press release below.


HB Studios Announces Full Retail Release Date For Golf Simulator

Canadian video game developer, HB Studios, today announced that its golf simulation, The Golf Club will launch on Xbox One through Xbox Live on August 19, 2014. The Golf Club will also leave early access for a full retail release on Windows PC through digital download distribution service Steam the same day. The PlayStation 4 version of The Golf Club will launch later this month pending certification approval. Credited with making some of the most critically acclaimed sport franchises on the EA SPORTS label, HB Studios has developed the first golf title to bring procedurally generated courses to next gen console. The Golf Club is a highly realistic game that allows players to fully customize their golfing experience by creating and playing the course of their dreams with the built-in Greg Norman Course Designer.

“We are incredibly excited to give golf fans the game they’ve always wanted,” said Anthony Kyne, Producer at HB Studios. “No other golf game provides players with this level of customization and sophistication in course design on PC and next generation consoles. We’ve worked extremely hard to get The Golf Club ready for launch, so it’s really rewarding to officially announce the launch date and share that with our fans.”

The Golf Club is a fully featured golfing experience where users can play against friends’ and rivals’ best rounds in turn-based/asynchronous competition modes enhanced by cloud-based technology. The game supports Tours & Tournaments, stroke play, match play, and 4-ball.

The Golf Club’s Greg Norman Course Designer allows players to build an unlimited number of golf courses, which can then be shared and played with friends online. New courses can be generated in a matter of seconds by selecting a theme, terrain features, and number of holes. Players can then enjoy a full suite of editing tools from changing the time of day to placing hazards and objects to create the ultimate golf challenge. Players can also discover new courses built by friends and the community by filtering through rank and difficulty, as well as interact with new members of The Golf Club through the Message Center.

The game is due for worldwide release on Sony PlayStation 4, Microsoft Xbox One and PC Windows platforms priced $34.99.

The Golf Club comes complete with three modes: stroke play, match play and 4-ball, no loading times between holes, and the course designer feature.

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Member Comments
# 1 greenegt @ 08/12/14 02:14 PM
Been waiting for this game for months, gets announced for next week, and I'll be away on vacation. Hopefully, the August XB1 update comes out soon and I'll be able to purchase and download remotely, while I'm away.
# 2 Mabster @ 08/12/14 02:15 PM
PS4 later release feels so last gen. Bummer.
# 3 ManiacMatt1782 @ 08/12/14 02:24 PM
A week before Madden. Well, 2 days if you have EA access. I will probably play this longer than Madden though.
# 4 bluengold34_OS @ 08/12/14 02:28 PM
Of course Sony - fits your style over the last 30/60 days.
# 5 rspencer86 @ 08/12/14 02:28 PM
$35 price point = nice.
PS4 lagging behind on release date = not nice.
# 6 jbd345 @ 08/12/14 02:59 PM
Wow Sony's been dropping the ball this month. Oh well I can wait a few extra days.
# 7 PES3Paul @ 08/12/14 03:02 PM
What about the Steam folks who paid $19,95 for the early version?
# 8 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 08/12/14 03:09 PM
Excitement is through the roof!!!! Gonna be a helluva gaming week
# 9 krispykeith @ 08/12/14 03:22 PM
Great news! Picking this up for the xbox day one for sure. Price point sounds fair to me.
# 10 jyoung @ 08/12/14 03:27 PM
Resolutions and frame rates for each system:


Originally Posted by hbstudios
The PlayStation 4 will be running at 1080p with framerates of 30-40 fps. The Xbox One will be running at 720p with framerates from 30-45 fps (possibly a bit higher). Both will have the graphical equivalent of the ‘High’ settings seen in Early Access on the PC.

Allow me to address some questions from the get go: The reason the game is 720p on the Xbox One is simple -- we couldn't get the framerates we wanted at higher resolutions.

I also would like to discuss the framerates. Do not get bogged down in this number. These framerates run very smoothly on the consoles. Unlike many games, we have separate threads for the input and the graphics rendering on the consoles. So while the graphics threads render at the above numbers, the input thread runs at 60 frames per second on both consoles. So overall performance feels higher than what you may be imaging the number 30-40 fps represents. Framerates on the PC are not on separate threads, but they are also not capped.
# 11 bcruise @ 08/12/14 04:51 PM
Well, if there's one type of sports game that can get away with having a 30-40 FPS rate during its actual gameplay (meaning when your inputs are doing something on screen), it's golf...

It's going to have to be smoother than what I've seen in Early Access though - and I don't think the choppiness was due to my PC.

I hope it's received well by the masses.
# 12 bowld @ 08/12/14 04:57 PM
Sort of glad its coming to Xbox first so I can read reviews and watch videos before buying. Had it come out for PS4 same day I wouldn't have been able to wait
# 13 greenegt @ 08/12/14 05:25 PM
So glad it's releasing soon, even though I can't play it right away.
# 14 mgoblue @ 08/12/14 06:00 PM
Glad to hear it's soon. I'll wait for impressions, but sounds like a cool digital game to have forever. Especially with the course creator that lets you DL PC versions people made....
# 15 Hunkerdown @ 08/12/14 06:26 PM
Heck ya!!!!
# 16 ODogg @ 08/12/14 07:15 PM
Guess this is yet another game I'll get for the PS4.. Darn you MS and that non-1080p stuff!!
# 17 DirtyJerz32 @ 08/12/14 08:54 PM
Sooooo TGC on the 19th and Madden on 21st (Early Access) it's going to be a hard week to concentrate at work.

Cough... Cough... I feel like I'm coming down with someothing.
# 18 countryboy @ 08/12/14 09:08 PM
I guess I don't mind waiting.
# 19 CAMPBLACKMAMBA24 @ 08/12/14 09:30 PM
Originally Posted by 32
Sooooo TGC on the 19th and Madden on 21st (Early Access) it's going to be a hard week to concentrate at work.

Cough... Cough... I feel like I'm coming down with someothing.
I've been sick and there isn't an antibiotic known to man that can fix what I have and will continue to have come next Tuesday
# 20 brent3419 @ 08/12/14 09:37 PM

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