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IGN went hands on with WWE 2K15, and the results of the early play session seem to be pretty impressive.

  • WWE 2K15 feels 'different'. It's a 'wrestling sim'.
  • Grappling system is more realistic. You won't be opening up matches with DDTs anymore.
  • Striking system is more deliberately paced, more in line with how people really punch and kick.
  • The four intermediary grapple stances are gone. Once you’re out of the opening chain-wrestling phase, you just press or hold the grapple button along with a direction to launch right into a move.
  • The rings are characters are now properly scaled which results in believable pacing for Irish whips, running the ropes, etc.
  • A new stamina system will punish players who move too much to avoid attacks. You will see wrestlers get burnt out.
All in all, it reads like the game we'll be playing this fall will be a whole heck of a lot more like the TV events we see every week -- and that means it sounds like the game and series may have finally taken a crucial step in the a new, meaningful, and right direction.

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# 1 BDKiiing @ 08/12/14 05:18 PM
I like what I hear about chain grappling to start a match. Hopefully each wrestler has a different feel. That a CM Punk vs. Daniel Bryan match would feel differently than Rey Mysterio vs. Big Show.
# 2 Reed1417 @ 08/12/14 05:34 PM
It sounds like it's going to play as 2k has touted. A wrestling game and not a fighting game with wrestling characters.
# 3 bigbob @ 08/12/14 05:40 PM
I'm glad the ring is finally going to be regular size. I hope that someone the size of Rey Mysterio is going to bounce off the middle rope instead of the top rope.
# 4 Mercury112491 @ 08/12/14 05:46 PM
I hope that stamina system is regenerating somehow. Otherwise it'll act as basically a life meter.
# 5 EAGLESFAN10 @ 08/12/14 06:13 PM
Finally, idk what the hell THQ was thought they was doing when it to making a WRESTLING Game
# 6 MMChrisS @ 08/12/14 07:02 PM
This game is slowly creeping up my 'most anticipated titles this fall' list.
# 7 ZB9 @ 08/12/14 07:15 PM
I hope the weight detection is better and that it's rare to be able to suplex super heavyweights like the Big Show.
# 8 BEARYChi @ 08/12/14 07:48 PM
You had me at "Wrestling Sim"
# 9 Darkeus @ 08/12/14 07:52 PM
Wait, that is the old Yukes tap and a direction for light moves, hold and a direction for heavy moves.... All with a chain wrestling twist....

Sounds like I will be buying this.
# 10 RGiles36 @ 08/12/14 07:54 PM
This is just what I wanted to hear. When the talk started of going away from being a fighting game, I wondered how this would be executed. I'm intrigued.

Even as someone who plays the AI exclusively, this leads me to believe I can employ strategy against my opponent, rather than just button mashing and timing reversals.
# 11 HoundsOfHowl @ 08/12/14 08:00 PM
Gimme an "Oh HELL YEA!"

Honestly this read just got me really excited. With the lack of NCAA this year, and the extended wait to get Madden, and missing out on WWE2k14 due to buying an Xbox one on release date and didn't waste the money, it's been a long year or 2 of video gaming, and missing the last WWE game has me even more excited. Plus with me going to Night of Champions I'll really be craving some wrestling gaming.

Somehow I wish they could tie in the WWE Network with the games, maybe not this year, but in the future.

I can not wait til this game drops!!!!! Cena Sucks!
# 12 Reed1417 @ 08/12/14 08:01 PM
With this I just hope we can still set up some great spots while wrestling against the AI. Or even if the AI goes for setting up some awesome spots besides the announce table xD
# 13 Cowboy008 @ 08/12/14 08:31 PM
I'm liking what I hear. Now if I can see some gameplay that would be it for me.
# 14 bxphenom7 @ 08/12/14 08:47 PM
Thanks 2k! Can't wait to see how weight detection factors into the openings of matches. Also, hope a chokeslam to Rey Mysterio is different than one to Big Show, and repeated for all moves.
# 15 EAGLESFAN10 @ 08/12/14 08:58 PM
Wonder if they will release some gameplay videos leading up to SummerSlam
# 16 OriolesFanRD @ 08/12/14 09:30 PM
This game sounds too good to be true. I pray 2K, Yukes and VC don't dick this up. It sounds so promising. lol

Going to go reserve the Hulk Edition tomorrow.
# 17 victorkingchamp @ 08/12/14 09:47 PM
This is what I wished for when I got a PS4. This is a complete rebuilding of every core aspect of the WWE game series. New graphics, gameplay, myplayer mode, and 5x more animations. If 2K can nail the creative modes this will be a gem.

This is the only game I currently have preordered.
# 18 countryboy @ 08/12/14 10:02 PM
"Wrestling Sim"

that is what I wanted to hear.

Ready to see this game in action.
# 19 Sinner @ 08/12/14 10:08 PM
I can't wait for this, really want to see this in motion. Love this turn to a "sim" like wrestling game, should have been done a long time ago. Now I need this to be available for digital download and I'll be set.
# 20 AirJordanFan93 @ 08/12/14 11:35 PM
This is what I dreamed of when I heard 2K and VC got the WWE license last year. They have gone in and changed the core game play which had been plagued for years under THQ and its awful direction. Now we have a "sim" experience and not just a crappy fighting game posing as a wrestling title.

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