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Madden NFL 15's Ultimate Team is getting an overhaul in how lineups are handled and displayed. From what we're seeing, the changes this year are all towards the positive end of things, let's take a look.

New Lineup Screen

Just about everything has been redone, with every position now available to see seen on one screen. The depth chart is on the screen, which allows you to see your whole squad in one location.

Contracts Are Currency

Contracts are now a currency within Ultimate Team. The practical way this works is that you open up card packs and get more contract currency (or you can buy more). From here, you can add a point to any player and that adds an extra game to their contract. It's a simpler way to do things for sure.

Player Options

You will have two options for taking players out of your lineups. You can remove players from their currently selected position, which takes them out of their current lineup slot you have selected. Conversely, if you want to completely remove a player from all positions, you simply choose 'remove from lineup.'

Players not in your lineup which you own can be found in your item binder.

Lineup Tools

You can change your team's style and manage multiple lineups within the lineup tools feature. Perhaps the coolest feature is the 'best lineup' feature. You can build a lineup that suits the challenge you are trying to complete -- so if you need to complete short passes, you can choose to automically fill out your lineup to optimize for the best short pass game lineup.

You can read more about these features on EA Sports' official Madden NFL 15 website. What do you think of the new roster management options in Madden NFL 15 Ultimate Team?

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Member Comments
# 1 jaycortes2324 @ 08/13/14 11:45 AM
i never play ultimate team, so i really dont care. FRANCHISE is what im all about and even that is no longer the same as it used to be, but its all about being entertained for hours at a time so in the end ccm will have to do.
# 2 MAGboyswifT27 @ 08/13/14 12:29 PM
I've played some MUT here and there but there wasn't anything there to keep me on it like NCAA 14's Ultimate Team. For whatever reason I was hooked on that one! Hopefully this years MUT will keep me interested. By the look of things there's a possibility.

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