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Check out the new screenshot of Goldust in WWE 2K15.

Previously released WWE 2K15 screenshots:

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Member Comments
# 1 PhilliesFan13 @ 08/13/14 12:40 PM
# 2 IIITRE @ 08/13/14 12:42 PM
Next image needs to be Stardust on ropes behind him
# 3 King_B_Mack @ 08/13/14 12:44 PM
Good lord these images are incredible. I need this game yesterday.
# 4 PhilliesFan13 @ 08/13/14 12:46 PM
My PS4 may explode from all the play this game will be getting.
# 5 RyanLaFalce @ 08/13/14 01:24 PM
Originally Posted by PhilliesFan13
My PS4 may explode from all the play this game will be getting.
# 6 giantsharks @ 08/13/14 02:21 PM
Looks incredible, I really hope stardust is in even though his gimmick came along a little late. Would love if they had roster updates with costume changes and music changes whenever someone changed. Either way this game looks amazing
# 7 Cowboy008 @ 08/13/14 04:53 PM
Looks good
# 8 Reed1417 @ 08/13/14 04:59 PM
Yo that is amazing!!! I think we have found the cosmic key guys.
# 9 jaredsmith83 @ 08/14/14 07:50 AM
This....wow. No words for how awesome its looking so far. Surely with the NBA 2K crew behind it, they'll have roster updates that reflect character changes. I read that they waited until basically the last minute on some things, so hopefully it was late enough to include Stardust. But if not, I feel confident that we'll be seeing something similar to the roster updates.
# 10 Aggies7 @ 08/14/14 08:25 AM
Very impressive amount of detail and texture. Amazing is all I can say. Hope it looks that crisp in motion.
# 11 Baseballking888 @ 08/14/14 03:28 PM
The detail on Goldust is astounding.
# 12 almostbobsaget @ 08/14/14 05:35 PM
If Stardust is in the game please, please, PLEASE let this animation be included:


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