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If the video above doesn't show, try watching it on Twitch.tv.

We will post an archive link shortly after the stream is completed.

UPDATE: The archive is up, in case you missed it.

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# 1 jpdavis82 @ 08/13/14 01:38 PM
Did anyone see the gameplay? I only caught the last two or three plays
# 2 AmericasTeam @ 08/13/14 01:42 PM
Originally Posted by jpdavis82
Did anyone see the gameplay? I only caught the last two or three plays
Looks like gameplay starts at about 48 minutes in.
# 3 Cowboy008 @ 08/13/14 01:45 PM
The gameplay wasn't that great since he was playing on rookie.
# 4 SmashMan @ 08/13/14 02:34 PM
Looks interesting.

I'm the weird MUT guy who only plays the solo challenges (vs. CPU) and just likes the collection and fantasy team-building aspect to complement my CFM play. I've also never put any real money into it, so basically I'm playing this the exact opposite of the way you're intended to.

I was into MUT in Madden 10/11 and just kind of dropped off since then, but I like the layout (more consistent with the rest of the game) and eliminating most of the minor items and streamlining it means I'll probably give it more of a chance and try to get back into it again.
# 5 cytwbc @ 08/13/14 02:42 PM
from wha I saw on my twitter TL, sets & badges seem cool, game play seemed to be upgraded everything is stream lined, solo's and set seem worth doing this year. there is no more currency being used directly for packs it is more in the fifa model, Packs was bad very very bad ( like m25) they opened 40 packs and no 1 elite card. and your standard pro packs still only has 1 gold player
# 6 Moose Factory @ 08/13/14 03:09 PM
I really hope they keep a lot of the minor items out... Madden 25 MUT had holiday things like collecting Thanksgiving dishes. I mean really? Let's keep the candied yams out of MUT please.
# 7 l8knight1 @ 08/13/14 03:19 PM
Gameplay was BAD.
# 8 Biizz713 @ 08/13/14 03:52 PM
they put in the chew clock from NCAA.... they better raise the quarter length for online games to at least 6-7 minutes. who wants to play a game where if you're down at halftime the other guy can just clock you for 2 quarters.
# 9 hanzsomehanz @ 08/13/14 04:45 PM
Someone please share a YouTube version of this stream.

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# 10 jpdavis82 @ 08/13/14 05:59 PM
# 11 redkumar @ 08/14/14 08:18 AM
yup just like i suspected, its even more of a cash grab than last year. well looks like mut 12 will remain the best and 13 right behind it. mut is pointless now.
# 12 warin @ 08/18/14 02:38 AM
I can't describe how useful this post is!!!

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